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Live resin and distillate are two of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates due to their high potency and versatility. If you are new to the cannabis world, you should know what you are looking for before buying something. Both of these products are extracted differently, and each has its own distinct characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. Read on the comparison between live resin and distillate, their differences and similarities, as well as the best applications for each.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from fresh, live cannabis plants. The plant material is harvested and immediately frozen, preserving the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute to the distinct flavor and effects of each strain. This method differs from traditional concentrates made from dried and cured plants.   The high potency and terpene content of live resin is one of its main advantages. Terpenes are flavorful and aromatic compounds found in hemp plants that contribute to the plant’s overall effects. When compared to traditional concentrates, live resin has a higher terpene content, allowing for a more flavorful and aromatic experience. This can also result in a more pronounced effect as terpenes interact with the cannabinoids to create the “entourage effect“.  

What is Distillate?

Distillate is a purified form of cannabinoid oil made by removing all impurities such as waxes, lipids, and plant matter. This procedure yields a pure, tasteless, and odorless oil high in THC and CBD. Distillate, as opposed to live resin, is created through a multi-step process that involves the use of solvents, heat, and pressure to extract the essential oils from the plant. The process of distillation involves heating the plant material to vaporize the cannabinoids and terpenes, and then collecting the vapor and condensing it back into a concentrated form.   One of the primary advantages of distillate is its high potency. Distillates are frequently more than 90% THC, making them one of the most potent concentrates available. Because of their potency, distillates are an excellent choice for people who require immediate and long-lasting relief from their symptoms.  

Differences between Live Resin and Distillate?

  • As mentioned earlier, the main difference between live resin and distillate is the extraction method used to produce each product. Live resin is a cannabis extract made from fresh, frozen cannabis plants. The process involves freezing the plants immediately after harvesting and then extracting the compounds from the plant with a solvent such as butane. This method retains the terpenes and other volatile compounds lost during the drying and curing of traditional cannabis buds. As a result, the aroma and flavor of live resin is more complex and potent than that of traditional hemp extracts.
  Distillate, on the other hand, is a highly purified form of cannabis extract created through the short path distillation process. This method involves heating the extract to a specific temperature and then separating the various compounds in the extract using a distillation column. As a result, the hemp extract is highly concentrated and pure, with virtually no impurities. Because distillate is easy to work with and can be used in a variety of applications, it is frequently used to make vape cartridges, edibles, and other infused products.  
  • One of the main differences between live resin and distillate is the taste and aroma. Live resin has a strong and pungent aroma and flavor, whereas distillate is almost odorless and tasteless. As a result, live resin is a popular choice for those seeking a more flavorful and aromatic experience, whereas distillate is better suited to those seeking a more neutral flavor.
  • Distillate is typically more potent than live resin, with THC levels ranging from 70-99%, whereas live resin has THC levels ranging from 50-80%. As a result, distillate is a better option for those seeking a stronger, more intense high.
  • Live resin has a sticky, gooey consistency similar to sap or honey, whereas distillate is a thin, viscous oil commonly used in vape cartridges.

Similarities between Live Resin and Distillate

  • Live resin and distillate are both known for their high potency, with THC levels ranging from 50-99%. This makes both products popular among those looking for a strong and intense high.
  • Live resin and distillate can both be used in a variety of ways, such as dabbing, vaporizing, and infusing edibles. Because of their versatility, both products are popular among users looking for a convenient and versatile form of cannabis. Live resin gummies are well-liked by hemp enthusiats. 
  • Both live resin and distillate are discreet and easy to use, making them popular for those who prefer to consume their cannabis in private.
  In conclusion, live resin and distillate are both great options for individuals who are looking for cannabis concentrates. Live resin provides a high potency as well as a flavorful and aromatic experience, whereas distillate provides a high potency as well as a fast-acting and long-lasting effect. To make an informed decision, consider your personal preferences and needs when deciding between the two. Whether you use live resin or distillate, both products provide a distinct and pleasurable experience that can enhance your overall cannabis experience.
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