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Flavored CBD Oil: Make Your Own Flavored Oil at Home

flavored cbd oil

Flavored CBD Oil: Make Your Own Flavored Oil at Home

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabidiol, a hemp-derived compound that’s revolutionizing the wellness industry. While flavored CBD oil isn’t as frequently seen as flavored e-liquid in vape pens, it does have several advantages.

Flavored CBD oil is not a new concept. It’s actually been around for quite some time. It was only recently brought to the public’s attention by companies such as Cheef Botanicals. Our oil has a natural flavor, ensuring that it is as pure as possible. This article will explain the differences between regular and flavored CBD oil and how you can flavor your own at home!

What Is Flavored CBD Oil?

Flavored CBD oil (tincture) is a flavored liquid made of CBD (cannabidiol) and a carrier oil. It may also contain flavorings, such as natural or artificial flavors. Throughout this article, we’ll explain why natural flavoring is much better than the fake stuff.

People enjoy flavored CBD oil because it has a pleasant taste. If you aren’t a fan of the natural taste of cannabidiol oil, flavored CBD oil may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic chemicals found in a variety of plants. They produce the various odors in flowers, fruits, and numerous other plants. Terpenes are thought to be a plant’s defense against particular insects, but we humans love them!

Terpenes are often the cause behind that peculiar cleaning spray or the flavor of sweets that taste like oranges. Of course, this is only true if the manufacturer is concerned about natural flavor (like us at Cheef). Because the terpenes utilized to flavor CBD oil are all-natural, the product retains its potency far longer than artificially flavored e-liquids. Why use artificial flavoring when there are terpenes available?

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Is Flavored CBD Oil Less Effective?

Flavored CBD oil retains its efficiency for a long period. It has a pure extraction technique that allows it to last significantly longer than conventional e-liquids. It also includes terpenes, which add taste and fragrance to the mix.

Flavored CBD Oil Vs Regular CBD Oil

CBD oil is already one of the most versatile products out there. Whether you use it in a vape pen, drop it under your tongue, or add it to your food and drinks, there are lots of ways to enjoy CBD oil.

While many prefer natural, unflavored CBD oil, some prefer flavored oil due to the following reasons:

  • CBD oil with flavoring has a more robust flavor and is therefore easier to use in food and drinks.
  • CBD oil that has been sweetened may be more palatable for those new to consuming natural cannabidiol.
  • It is possible to develop your own CBD oil flavors at home with a little practice!

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

The flavor of CBD oil is nutty, grassy, and earthy. While high-quality CBD oils are smooth and easy to swallow, some consumers find the taste off-putting. Furthermore, because different CBD oils are made to higher standards than others, low-quality or synthetic CBD oil may taste unpleasant.

Hemp extract is slightly bitter by nature, but we can improve it through filtering and purifying. If the hemp extract is properly extracted, manufacturers may also enhance the flavor of a product. The quantity of chlorophyll in an extract will be reduced when prepared correctly, resulting in improved taste.

CBD products are frequently made to emphasize hemp’s natural characteristics. While vape cartridges and other CBD products are often flavored, high-quality CBD oil is designed to be easy to consume, with a natural flavor. This makes it adaptable; you may tinker with the taste if you don’t like the all-natural flavor.

Benefits Of Flavored CBD Oil

CBD oil may provide a variety of advantages. It could benefit individuals suffering from discomfort, worry, racing thoughts, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? CBD oil might promote natural sleep. You may use it in conjunction with your daily routine to improve the quality of your sleep or try it in the morning to potentially help you get up. When it comes to CBD oil, the most noticeable effect is often relaxation.

What To Look For When Buying Flavored CBD Oil

When it comes to selecting any CBD oil, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, be sure that the brand only uses all-natural terpenes and extracts; they should use no artificial flavors or scents. Some companies use chemical flavorings, which can diminish the potency of your flavored CBD oil more quickly than a natural product.

It is also worth checking just how sweet your CBD oil is. The more flavored the oil, the less pure it is likely to be. If you’re ever unsure, choose something with a shorter list of ingredients.

Certificates of Analysis

Before you buy flavored CBD oil, consider requesting a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document will help you determine the quality of your CBD oil by listing how much of each cannabinoid it contains.

Domestic Hemp

CBD is legal in all 50 states, making it simpler for US-based manufacturers to create CBD oil items. However, some flavored CBD oils are produced overseas, where there may be fewer rules. On the other hand, the cannabis plant is strictly regulated in America. Because hemp grown in the United States is best, double-check where your CBD oil comes from before purchasing!

Popular Flavors Of CBD Oil

Essential oils are one of the most popular methods to flavor oil. However, it should be checked to see whether the product is food-grade. Some essential oils are intended for their scent rather than consumption. Spearmint, peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon bark essential oil are just a few of the most well-liked edible essential oils.

An alternative is to use flavored extracts. Many manufacturers utilize their own flavored extracts to provide CBD oil with an advantage. The following are some of the most popular flavored extracts:

  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Lemon eucalyptus
  • Helichrysum

What if My CBD Oil Tastes Terrible?

There are a few ways to reduce the strong taste of hemp oil, even if you don’t want to add any additional flavoring to the product itself. Below are some of our top tips for cutting the flavor of natural CBD oil.

Sweet & Sour Flavors

Try taking your hemp oil dose then eating something sweet or sour. Generally, we recommend waiting as long as you can before washing CBD oil out of your mouth so that its effects can take place. If you don’t want the taste to linger, hold the oil in your mouth for approximately 30 seconds, then try eating chocolate or drinking orange juice.


You can also consume hemp oil with a beverage. Drinking something stronger, such as coffee, can remove the earthy flavor of hemp oil. CBD oils taste great in hot beverages like tea and even cold drinks like smoothies. Add CBD oil to a cup before heating to make your morning drink even better. You can also drop the oil under your tongue, then take a sip!

Or Chase Your CBD

You may also take a sip of something immediately after placing CBD under your tongue to avoid mixing it into another beverage. Though, keep in mind that some of CBD’s effects come from it lingering in your mouth (especially under your tongue), so rinsing it away may reduce its effectiveness.

Brush Your Teeth

Before taking CBD oil, brush your teeth to disguise the flavor. The minty taste of toothpaste will distract your taste buds, making it simpler for you to swallow hemp oil. Furthermore, a clean mouth will absorb less CBD oil, resulting in thinner films covering your lips that do not stay long. Chewing on a mint may also help.

Try CBD Isolate On Its Own

The flavor of isolate is less powerful than a full spectrum CBD oil. This is because it lacks all of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in a full spectrum hemp oil. If you’re new to consuming hemp extract products, isolate can help you get acclimated to the flavor.

Sublingual Administration

You may choose from a variety of mints, sweets, or other sweet things to hide the flavor of your CBD oil once it’s placed under your tongue. This procedure is great for taking hemp oil without sacrificing any of its advantages. Raw honey or a tiny square of chocolate might help you focus on the new, sugary-sweet taste.

Can You Make Your Own CBD Oil?

Yes, you can flavor your own CBD oil at home as well. To make CBD oil with flavoring, you’ll need flavorless CBD isolate.

If you want to modify the flavor of CBD oil with terpenes, we recommend buying terpene isolates. There are also “terpenes mixes,” but these can contain other, unnecessary chemicals. We just need the flavorful terpenes. Multiply the amount of oil in the container (in milliliters) by 2% to determine how much terpene concentrate to use.

How To Add Flavor

Baking some hemp edibles is always a great way to add some flavor, but it’s not for everyone. You can add CBD isolate or oil to existing baked goods if you’re not interested in making some CBD cookies. Isolate is flavorless and blends in with any dish well. Oil has a more earthy, plant-like flavor than isolate does.

CBD oils aren’t only for eating. You may also add a few drops (or more) to your favorite drink. You can use CBD’s restorative powers to enhance your smoothie or protein shake!

various sizes of tincture bottles

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

To give our flavored CBD oil a distinct flavor, we use 100% all-natural terpenes and extracts. Many people describe the taste as natural, earthy, and nutty, and it blends effectively with other flavors.

Our CBD oil comes in three sizes and four potencies:

  • 300mg or 600mg CBD (15ml bottle)
  • 1200mg CBD (30ml)
  • 3000mg CBD (60ml)

Hemp oil is made out of the all-natural hemp plant. We only use CBD hemp oil, and we never add any synthetic substances, artificial flavoring, or preservatives to any of our products. All-natural relief is what we’re looking for!

Why People Choose Cheef

Cheef Botanicals is one of the most popular destinations for CBD oil, concentrates, and other hemp products because we only use the highest-quality ingredients. We want as pure CBD oil as possible, so we never use any chemicals, preservatives, synthetic additives, or artificial flavors.

Our FDA-certified CBD hemp oil comes from 100% pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp. We send our products for lab tests and display the results of those tests (Certificates of Analysis) on our website. You can find them under the “Why Cheef?” section of our website.

Final Thoughts – Flavored CBD Oil

CBD oil comes in a variety of flavors and combinations. An essential thing to remember when using flavored CBD oil is that it shouldn’t lose its effectiveness. All-natural flavorings such as terpenes are the best approach to prevent this. If you can combine soothing effects with a great taste, we say go for it!

Cheef Botanicals’ 100% all-natural, American-grown and produced CBD oil is the finest on the market. Many individuals, however, want sweet or fruit-flavored CBD oil. If this is the case, you may add isolate powder or essential oils to flavor the oil. And as we’ve seen, as long as you purchase CBD oil made with natural ingredients, there’s no wrong way to enjoy CBD!

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