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CO2 Extracted CBD Oil: The Cleanest CBD Oil Available

Have you ever wondered how CBD oil is made? You might already be aware of the fact that CBD is found naturally in both hemp and marijuana plants. If you are familiar with CBD products such as CBD vape pens, CBD oils, organic CBD gummies, or any CBD goods other than the flower, chances are it was made with CO2 extracted oil. One of the main questions curious consumers have is, how do you convert the plant to an oily substance?


What is CO2 Extracted CBD Oil?

This oil is made by combining a carrier oil with a CO2 extracted CBD concentrate. The initial purpose of CO2 extracted CBD oil is to create a clean versatile product that covers a range of potencies. CBD oil highlights all the beneficial components of hemp and provides a product that is suitable for the masses. To create this oil manufacturers must first start with a hemp concentrate that was extracted using the CO2 method. This extraction method is the purest form of commercial extraction.

In order to make a CBD concentrate, you must use a high CBD strain. However, it must be derived from hemp plants for the CBD oil to be federally legal. The 2018 Farm Bill requires all CBD products to be created from hemp rather than marijuana plants, even though there are marijuana strains with a high CBD to THC ratio. 

The bill states that hemp cannot have more than 0.3% THC (which is the psychoactive cannabinoid). Therefore, federally compliant CBD oil will not have THC levels above this limit. Consequently, legal CBD oil will not get consumers high. 

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How is CO2 Extracted CBD Oil Made?

There are three categories of CO2 extraction, supercritical, subcritical, and mid-critical. Supercritical extraction is not only the most common way to extract CBD, but it is also the safest. It produces some of the purest products on the market. 

This extracted CBD oil uses CO2 as a clean solvent. Liquid CO2 is pressurized and it becomes supercritical at room temperature, which means it is a mixture of liquid and gas. When the pressure in the chamber is over 75 pounds per square inch, and the CO2 temperature drops to -69 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressurized mixture is released into the cannabis material and the extraction process begins. 

The properties of supercritical CO2 allows the solvent to completely coat all the material and it freezes the trichomes which causes the cannabinoids and terpenes to release. What you get at the other end of this process is a full spectrum CBD concentrate. At this point, the extractor can use the full spectrum concentrate or perform additional filtration processes to eliminate specific elements.

Once the concentrate is extracted, it needs a carrier oil to make the CBD more absorbent and efficient for the body to metabolize. A carrier oil also dilutes the CBD concentrate to make it more pliable and less concentrated.

CBD concentrates can come in three formulations which are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Once the concentrate is ready you can use the different variations to make full spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD oil. Let’s examine what differentiates each one.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Full spectrum CBD oil is the ideal choice for those who want to receive a “full” synergistic effect. A full spectrum CBD oil contains high levels of CBD and 0.3% or less THC. A low dosage of THC can provide beneficial attributes. It also contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that contribute to regulating the endocannabinoid system. 

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Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum CBD oil is very similar to a full spectrum CBD oil, except it does not contain THC. Meaning that the benefits one may receive from THC is not evident in broad spectrum products. However, it does still provide a partial synergistic effect!

Isolate Formulation

CBD Isolate made from Hemp are ideal for those who are regularly drug tested at work. Isolates are pure CBD concentrates. There are no other cannabinoids present, including THC. Isolates also do not include any beneficial terpenes or flavonoids that are found in broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oils. Do not be mistaken, CBD on its own can be beneficial to your wellbeing. 

Some theories suggest that isolates aren’t as effective as full spectrum CBD oil. The lack of terpenes and other cannabinoids make isolates inferior to the full spectrum CBD oil.

What Are The Other Ways to Extract CBD Oil?

Although CO2 extraction is the safest and most efficient way to extract CBD, there are other ways.

Olive Oil Extraction

The olive oil extraction method can be done at home. After you have chosen your strain, you would need to decarboxylate it. Decarboxylation applies heat to convert the non-active acidic forms of cannabinoids into the activated form of cannabinoids. 

This means you would need to heat the hemp in an oven at about 280˚F for about 30 minutes. Next, the material is added to some olive oil and heated again at 212˚F for no more than 2 hours. Although this method is easy and not very costly, you will not produce much CBD from olive oil extraction.

Dry Ice Extraction

The dry ice extraction method is also a method that can be performed at home. However, the quantity of the CBD will not be the best return. And depending on where you live, it may be challenging to find three pounds of dry ice. 

First, place on safety glasses and gloves. Next, cut up the hemp strain of your choosing and place it in a bucket. Add dry ice until your bucket is halfway filled and leave it for three minutes. Then, fit a 73 micron bubble hash mesh bag over the bucket and shake the mixture for four minutes. 

The agitation will cause the frozen trichomes to fall off. Later, flip the bucket upside down on a Plexiglas and waggle the resin through the bag. You can repeat this process with 160 and 220 micron bags to filter out more plant material. Once satisfied, scrap and store in glass jar containers. 

Dry ice extraction dramatically lowers the quality of the CBD oil. As the hemp is shaken, the dry ice chips off the lightly dusted trichrome, which contain beneficial terpenes. The longer the flower is shaken with the dry ice, the lower the quality of the oil. 

Solvent Extraction

The most popular form of extraction, other than supercritical CO2 extraction, would be solvent extraction. This would require either ethanol, propane, isopropyl, alcohol, or butane. The most popular solvent extraction is butane extractions. It was the main way to extract CBD before the CO2 extraction method was found. Although the most inexpensive, it is a hazardous form of extraction because of the highly flammable content. 

This method dissolves the waxy layer protecting the plant. It extracts not only the cannabinoids but also the chlorophyll, which can leave a very bitter aftertaste. If the chemicals do not evaporate properly, it can leave solvent residuals which can be very toxic to consumers. 

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Is CO2 Extracted CBD Oil the Safest?

As we’ve stated earlier, the supercritical CO2 extraction method has been found to be the safest and most effective way to extract CBD oil. Although there are a wide variety of methods for extraction, the supercritical CO2 extraction process produces the greatest return and leaves zero harmful residues. Furthermore, the FDA found supercritical CO2 extraction safe for industrial food-grade purposes instead of the controversial solvent extraction methods. 

What is the Best CO2 Extracted CBD Oil?

Cheef Botanicals has the cleanest CBD oil. Our product only has two ingredients: CBD oil and hemp seed oil, which works great as a carrier and it’s all from the same plant. The CO2 extraction method maintains full-spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids to add to the beneficial aspects of CBD oil. Cheef Botanicals has competitive pricing on all our products and verified customer reviews! Our oil is lab-tested, organic, non-GMO with no additives or preservatives!

What to Look for When Searching for CO2 Extracted CBD Oil

You should look for a reputable company to purchase CBD oil from, such as Cheef Botanicals! Within the last five years, there has been a CBD craze that many companies wanted to be a part of. Unfortunately, not every company is as ethical as Cheef Botanicals. 

The FDA has found Dextromethorphan and 5F-ADB chemicals in some CBD oils. Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant that can blur vision, cause drowsiness, nausea, unsteadiness, and much more. Some doctors have associated its sedative properties with morphine. 5F-ADB is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been constantly been sold online as a designer drug. 

Furthermore, some people have found that this chemical can cause confusion, agitation, psychosis, altered consciousness, headache, dizziness, mydriasis, and vomiting. You should always do your research on the company you are purchasing from to avoid faulty products. Also, be sure to check for lab tests from third party companies.  


About Cheef Botanicals

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Final Thoughts: Supercritical CO2 Extracted CBD Oil 

It is excellent that you want to learn about the different types of CBD oil extraction methods. After reading this article, we hope that you have a better understanding of the supercritical CO2 extraction method and how different types of CBD oil extractions significantly affect the quality of the product. Also, bad CBD oil can be detrimental to your health. So, please pick a high-quality CBD product from a brand you can trust!