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How to Store CBD Gummies [Keep Them Fresh & Flavorful!]

There isn’t much instruction on how to store CBD gummies. It’s almost as if most CBD companies expect you to have finished the bottle of their tasty, healthy cannabidiol (CBD) – filled sweets before you should worry about them going bad. However, did you know that the fridge might be the best place for you to store them?

When it comes to storing your CBD gummies — an amazingly beneficial snack — keeping your candies fresh should take a little more consideration. So, how do you store CBD-infused gummies? Let’s find out with some facts about CBD!

Do CBD Gummies Need to Be Stored Properly?

Yes! If you want to extend the shelf life of your CBD gummies, you should consider storing them properly. Whether you are trying to protect your gummies from the heat or if you don’t eat them every day, keeping them as fresh as possible is in your best interests! There’s nothing worse than a stale, or half-melted gummy that ruins the entire candy.

Which Factors Affect the Taste & Quality of CBD Gummies if Not Stored Properly?

Whether you’re a long-time CBD lover or dabbling for the first time, storing your product should be of utmost importance. Various factors can affect the overall taste and quality of your CBD gummies! Instead, the best way to store your CBD is to keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place that will keep each bottle fresh for as long as possible. Here is a quick rundown of certain conditions that will affect your CBD gummies negatively:

Moisture and Humidity

Making sure your CBD gummies stay juicy and flavorful may be the toughest part of maintaining your gummies long-term. A stable balance is needed between keeping your treats from getting too wet or drying out. A gummy that is too wet may be hard to chew and get stuck in your teeth, while a dried-out gummy is never pleasant to eat.

Too much moisture in your CBD products will also heighten the risk of contamination by mold or mildew. Overexposure to air can dry out the gummies, leading to the cannabinoids slowly losing potency and effectiveness.

Sun Exposure or Direct Light

Leaving your CBD gummies or even CBD oil out in the sun is never a good idea. Even keeping your gummies on a counter that receives sun rays is not good. Any direct exposure to the elements (light, heat, dense air) can also degrade the cannabinoids within your CBD, effectively destroying your precious gummies.


Most CBD gummies contain sugar. The entire world loves sugar, even bugs. Try not to leave your cannabinoid candies exposed because the ants will come marching! Leaving your CBD gummies out at room temperature might also increase the chances of mold growth.

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Are CBD Gummies Hard to Store?

No, CBD gummies should not be hard to store! The great thing about CBD gummies is the convenience. They typically come in nice packaging and are super easy to store.

How to Store CBD Edibles

Figuring out how to protect your CBD-infused edibles or CBD oil is a problem not many people think about. You might end up putting them on the kitchen countertop or in your room and forget about them. As long as you have access to a pantry, cupboard, or fridge away from the heat and light, you should be able to store your gummies with ease!

Do CBD Gummies Expire?

Unfortunately, yes. All foods (including CBD) have a shelf life and expiration dates. However, if stored properly, your CBD gummies can last up to a couple of years!

What Happens if My CBD Gummies Expire?

When your gummies expire, you should throw them away. If you’re like us and you hate to see good CBD edibles go to waste, here are some potential questions and answers if you plan to eat your gummies past their expiration date.

Can CBD Gummies Lose Flavor?

Yes, if your CBD gummies are expired, they may even taste off or even rancid. Consumers describe most edible CBD products as tasting nutty or earthy. Not only will the CBD taste different, but the fruit flavors of the gummies might also be affected.

Can CBD Gummies Lose Potency?

Yes! Your CBD edibles can lose their potency because, over time, your CBD gummies will begin to lose their moisture. This moisture is partly responsible for the juicy and vibrant taste in each piece. In addition, too much exposure to air or heat can cause the cannabinoids to break down and lose effectiveness.

Do CBD Gummies Go Bad?

They sure do. Again, like any edible product out there, your food is temporary. Most packaging labels will tell you how long your gummies should last, so be sure to review these guidelines before you decide what to do.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

The shelf life for most CBD oils is between 14 – 24 months, depending on the ingredients. Here at Cheef Botanicals, our gummies are made with all-natural, vegan, organic ingredients and typically have a shelf life of one year.

Where Are the Best CBD Gummies?

Here at Cheef Botanicals, we take extra care to make sure all of our products are safe to consume and play a major role in your wellness journey. Our CBD gummy products are 100% all-natural, vegan, and organic, so you won’t need to worry about consuming harmful ingredients.

Every one of our products is made with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives that could potentially damage your health. If you are looking for a quick boost to your daily lives, check out our amazing line of products on our site!

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Final Thoughts – How to Store CBD Gummies

If you’re seeking a quick and easy answer on the proper way to store CBD gummies, here it is: put them in your refrigerator. Your fridge may be the best way to ensure your CBD products last past their expected shelf life. A cupboard may also be a good option if your household’s temperature stays in a dark, cool place, but even then, it won’t be your best option.

If you haven’t found your go-to CBD gummy, check out our vast selection right here at Cheef Botanicals!

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