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What CBD Strength Is Right for You? It All Depends on These Factors!

CBD strength is a fairly straightforward concept, but the assortment of CBD products on the market (and their varying dose recommendations) can make it hard to determine just how strong a product might be. Many companies seem to make their own rules about what their products can be used for, how much CBD you should take, and how it will affect you. Unsurprisingly, your true experience with these products might differ widely from the company’s description. So what CBD is strength is right for you? Let’s find out how to figure that out!

Taking CBD shouldn’t feel like a gamble, so this article will provide some education about what factors determine the strength of a CBD product. Being a more knowledgeable CBD consumer will save you time, money, and confusion. Most importantly, if you use CBD to address personal discomfort, this information will guide you towards the right products to give you the relief you seek.

What Is CBD Strength?

The “strength” of a CBD product describes the power of its effects. Pretty self-explanatory, right? It’s easy to get confused by the various terms CBD manufacturers use to market their products, so it’s helpful to clarify this fact. The strength of a product is sometimes referred to as the product’s “potency”, which also describes how much CBD is in the product.

The terms “strength” and “potency” are interchangeable because products that are more potent (contain a higher amount of CBD) will induce stronger effects. Conversely, products with a lower concentration of CBD will produce milder effects. However, several other factors besides CBD concentration determine the strength of a product.

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Does Container Size Determine Strength?

Don’t let yourself be fooled by packaging! The size of a bottle does not necessarily influence the strength of a CBD product. The bottle size just indicates the amount, or volume, of the product. A large bottle can contain a weak product, and a small bottle could contain a very strong product. The concentration of CBD in the product is the most reliable indicator of its strength.

How Do You Determine CBD Strength?

When determining CBD strength that’s right for you, it’s important to understand the difference between the CBD value per unit versus the CBD content of the entire bottle. Most CBD products will have the concentration printed somewhere on the label. Look for a total CBD amount or a CBD amount per unit somewhere on the bottle. The CBD value per unit indicates how much CBD you will ingest in one gummy, capsule, etc. CBD content refers to how much CBD is in the entire package. If you cannot find the CBD concentration on the package you might have a poor quality product (shame on that company!).

The strength of a product is determined by the total overall amount of CBD included, or by the amount of CBD per unit. To find the amount of CBD per unit simply divide the total amount of CBD in the bottle by the serving units (the total number of milliliters [mL] or the total number of gummies).

Calculating CBD Strength

Your brain might not be in the mood for math, so we’ll demonstrate these equations for you. Say you have a bottle of Cheef Botanicals Full Spectrum 300mg CBD Oil. This product contains 300mg of CBD in a 0.5 liquid ounce (15 milliliter) solution. To figure out the exact CBD concentration per ml, divide the total CBD content (300) by the number of mL in the bottle (15). The same equation works for calculating per ounce:

  • 300mg / 15ml = 20mg of CBD per 1 ml of product
  • 300mg / 0.5oz = 600mg of CBD per 1 oz of product (there isn’t a whole ounce of product in this bottle, however)

Thankfully, all of Cheef’s CBD products like Cheef Botanicals CBD Capsules or Cheef Botanicals Vegan Gummies clearly print the CBD concentration on the label. However, this isn’t the case for all the products on the market. If you were trying to calculate the concentration of another company’s capsules that contain 750mg of CBD per bottle, with 30 capsules per bottle, you would divide the total CBD content (750) by the serving unit (30) to find the CBD concentration per capsule.

  • 750mg / 30 = 25mg of CBD per capsule

CBD Strength Examples

CBD products come in different strengths to fit the various needs of consumers. Some consumers may require stronger products, and some may benefit from lower-strength products, which may be preferable or right for them to enjoy a mellow relaxation.

Your body weight, severity of discomfort, and the type of product you use will all influence your body’s response to CBD. To keep it simple, just remember that a product will be either a low, medium, or high strength. Each strength fits the needs of a certain consumer.

Low Strength

Low strength CBD products contain a relatively small amount of CBD (about 300-500mg in the whole bottle). These products are best suited for “microdosing”, which is the practice of taking small CBD doses on a regular basis to optimize the function of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Low strength products can also help new CBD consumers adjust to the cannabinoid and find their preferred method of ingestion. Finally, because body weight determines the amount of CBD your body requires, low strength products can provide sufficient effects for consumers with lower body weight.

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Cheef Botanicals Full Spectrum 300mg CBD Oil is an example of a low strength CBD product. Made from organic hemp oil, the entire bottle provides 300mg of CBD. You can take the drops daily as needed – the low dose will provide very mellow effects.

Medium Strength

Medium strength CBD products could be right for you because they’re in the middle of the road when it comes to potency and concentration. They typically contain between 600-1200mg of CBD in the whole bottle, but the range is definitely not set in stone.

Just remember that mid-tier products can induce fairly tangible effects, but they may not provide enough CBD to soothe tension or discomfort in consumers with a higher body weight.

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Cheef Botanicals 750mg CBD Vegan Gummies are an excellent medium strength product. These gummies are infused with full-spectrum CBD oil, and each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. Since there’s no such thing as a CBD overdose, feel free to take as many as you like! But beware, stuffing yourself full of gummies can make your stomach hurt.

High Strength

High strength products contain CBD concentrations upwards of 1000mg per bottle. These products are ideal for consumers that have a higher BMI, or are using CBD to alleviate moderate discomfort or tension.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Tincture Bundle 3000mg

Cheef Botanicals 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a high strength product. Keep this bottle on hand for extra-strength doses. There might come a day when you need some help falling asleep, or recovering from that soccer ball you took to the face!

What CBD Strength Is Right for You?

So, the question of the hour still remains: what strength is best for you? Well, hopefully, you now have a better idea of what different strengths there are, and who benefits the most from each level. When choosing which strength to go with, you should consider your body weight, your level of discomfort, and the method of delivery/type of product.

Bodyweight is the most important factor in deciding what strength to purchase. The more you weigh, the more CBD your body needs to feel its effects. If you weigh more, you should consider medium or high strength CBD products.

Your level of discomfort is also worth considering when choosing a product. Some consumers use higher CBD strength products that’s right for them to help manage specific concerns like soreness and tension. Some issues need more CBD to feel relief, so if this describes your case, be sure to choose a high strength product! Another benefit of purchasing high potency products is that they are usually more cost effective. For example, our 300mg tincture sells for $24.95 which breaks down to $0.08 per mg of CBD. Now compare that to our 3000mg tincture that sells for $124.95. The 3000mg is the better buy because it offers $0.04 per mg of CBD.

Finally, the type of CBD product is key to determining how strong its effects will be. Your body doesn’t process all CBD products in the same way. CBD oil is metabolized differently than a gummy. CBD that’s applied topically is not metabolized at all but can target muscle soreness directly. You can read more about the metabolic differences between CBD products here.

Can You Build a Tolerance to CBD?

Many people are familiar with the concept of tolerance when it comes to THC use. While it’s reasonable to assume the same notion applies to CBD use, this assumption is incorrect. You cannot develop a tolerance to CBD. In fact, research shows the opposite is true. Some research suggests that people who consume CBD for long periods of time can actually develop a “reverse tolerance.”

Reverse tolerance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a situation in which a person requires less of a substance over time to feel the same effects. This means that the longer you use CBD, the less CBD you will need to feel its effects. More research on the subject is necessary, but the current hypothesis is that CBD helps your ECS work more efficiently over time. The improved ECS function results in higher processing of cannabinoids you consume.

Final Thoughts

Understanding what CBD strength is right for you is a critical step in finding the best solution for you. Being aware of how much CBD is in your product, and how it affects your body, will guide you in choosing the most appropriate product for your personal needs. Whether you go with a low, medium, or high strength product, you’ll get the most out of your choice if you weigh all the factors carefully before making your purchase.