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Smokable CBD: The Most Effective Ways To Inhale CBD

There’s no denying it: cannabis is having a moment right now. It’s everywhere these days! That includes cannabidiol (CBD), the potent cannabinoid that has all the positive benefits of cannabis but none of the intoxicating effects. So, you may be asking yourself: “What is smokable CBD?” Well, let’s take a look at some facts about CBD products! 



What Types of Smokable CBD Products Are There? 

Smokable CBD can also be referred to as smoking hemp, hemp flowers, CBD flower, CBD buds, CBD dabs, or CBD concentrates. In some cases, it can even be known as industrial hemp flower (or IHF, for short), but this is most frequently used for products available on the cannabis market in the UK and Europe. That being said, there are several different ways to smoke CBD, including: 


  1. Using a bong or pipe – In these cases, you can simply buy CBD in the form of buds or plant material and smoke them out of a regular pipe or water pipe. 
  2. Smoking CBD rolled in papers – This can be done either with pre-rolled CBD cigarettes (sometimes called hempettes or pre rolls) or by using rolling papers to roll the CBD buds like a joint. 
  3. Dabbing CBD – Dabbing cannabis concentrates is popular among consumers. Dabbing involves a dab rig where you heat up the bowl or nail and apply the concentrate to the heated element so you can inhale the smoke. Consumers can dab CBD concentrates as well. Concentrates are the most potent form of CBD.   
  4. Vaporizing (vaping) CBD – You can add CBD vape juice (not to be mistaken with CBD oil) to a device called a vape pen. Technically these are vapors being inhaled but this method is very similar to smoking. You can also find pre-filled CBD vape cartridges for sale.


It’s important to remember that smoking CBD is not the same as smoking marijuana. In essence, CBD flower looks and smells virtually the same as marijuana and CBD concentrates look identical to THC concentrates with one crucial difference.


CBD flower and CBD concentrates do not contain enough THC to cause intoxication! Legally, CBD products and hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% of THC, which is a negligible amount.



flower wax and vapes



CBD Concentrates

That being said, there are also various types of smokable CBD that fall under the general categories of CBD concentrates. They are extracted using a variety of methods that may use solvents such as hydrocarbons (butane or methane) or alcohols (like ethanol). The purest and safest way of extraction, however, is an ultra clean CO2 method. These CBD concentrates come in several forms such as:  


  1. Dabs/Wax 
  2. Shatter
  3. Isolate
  4. Budder 
  5. Rosin


There are over 100 different beneficial cannabinoids in cannabis. If you are looking to only smoke CBD (and not THC), it’s important to choose products that are isolates or broad-spectrum formulations and not full-spectrum. 


Isolate products have been manufactured so that only the CBD is present. Full-spectrum includes all the other parts of the cannabis plant, including trace amounts of THC.
Broad-spectrum products find a balance in-between, and contain all of the cannabinoids in cannabis except for THC.



What Are the Benefits of Smokable CBD? 

So now that we’ve established what smokable CBD is, let’s take a moment to go over its benefits. CBD works with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help optimize a number of physiological processes. It’s important to note that the ECS is a network of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and their receptors that are found all over the human body. 
As a result, people who have used smokable CBD have reported: 


  1. An overall sense of relaxation (without feeling narcotic or druggy). 
  2. Less tension or worry. 
  3. A better ability to focus and/or concentrate on various tasks. 
  4. A decrease in sleeplessness and an increase in rest (without the hangover associated with narcotic sedatives). 
  5. A balance in appetite. 
  6. Help in soothing soreness and discomfort. 


Higher Bioavailability 

This is an important one. Basically, bioavailability refers to how well a given compound is metabolized by the human body. When you ingest CBD orally, it has a bioavailability of only about 15%


This lowered percent is due to first-pass metabolism in which your liver breaks down most of the CBD before it even enters your bloodstream. In other words, let’s say you eat 50 milligrams worth of CBD, only about 7.5 of those milligrams will make it to your ECS. However, smoking the CBD completely bypasses the liver (it goes straight from your lungs to the blood). In fact, according to this 2009 study, smokable CBD has much higher bioavailability: anywhere from 50 to 60%. 


It’s a Quick & Effective Method

According to a landmark study from 2017, smoking [CBD] provides a rapid and efficient method of delivery. This means that it’s a convenient and easy way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD with none of the drawbacks of THC. When consumers smoke CBD they usually should feel the effects within 30-90 seconds. In comparison, when people eat CBD edibles the effects can take between 30-90 minutes to kick in. For a lot of people who are looking to use cannabis to boost their ECS and overall wellness, this makes smokable CBD a highly appealing option.



Is It Safe? 

So we’ve answered the question: what is smokable CBD? Now the question remains: is smokable CBD safe? Luckily for you, CBD is very tolerable!  In fact, a study from 2011 took a close look at the safety of CBD. Researchers examined a wide range of concentrations, and determined that the compound is okay for human consumption. In fact, it’s very tolerable and it comes with very few side effects.


Additionally, there is little doubt that none of the compounds in cannabis are even remotely as toxic or carcinogenic as nicotine. However, there is always the possibility that smoking anything may not be ideal for an unhealthy adult. If in doubt, you can always consult your physician.



man smoking a joint



Where to Find Smokable CBD

So now that you know what smokable CBD is, it’s time to figure out where you can actually find it. There are many CBD providers who sell CBD buds or flowers. Be sure to always follow these tips when choosing your CBD product: 


  1. Only purchase hemp that was grown in the U.S. – Some companies import their hemp in order to save money and offer consumers lower prices. Imported hemp may come with a lower price tag. It should be noted that it is not held to the quality standards hemp farms have to abide by within the U.S.
  2. Ask for a certificate of authenticity (CoA) – All legit CBD companies will have these documents available, they act as proof of clean lab results, so you can be sure that you’re buying the best quality product. Online CBD companies should offer consumers easy access to COAs for all their products.
  3. Avoid companies that make unbelievable claims – As with buying any other product, trust your gut: if a company is promising outrageous results, then it’s almost certainly too good to be true! 
  4. Consult the label – Any legit CBD provider will include all the other ingredients on the label, so be sure there’s nothing else in there that you may be allergic to! 


That being said, Cheef Botanicals offers premium quality organic CBD flower, CBD pre rolls,  premium CBD vape cartridges, and a number of different types of CBD concentrate. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have or visit our online store to see our available products!  


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