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Granddaddy Purple CBD — Your Fruity, Classic Favorite!

Granddaddy Purple (a.k.a. “Grand Daddy Purple,” “Grand Daddy Purp,” or “GDP”) is a highly popular Indica-dominant strain of cannabis flower. It emerged on the scene nearly 20 years ago and swiftly rose to achieve iconic status. Although it primarily comes in the form of marijuana flower with a large amount of THC, you can now purchase a nearly THC-free hemp version of this popular strain with Granddaddy Purple CBD!

Granddaddy Purple CBD Strain: Lineage

Grandaddy Purple comes from crossbreeding two highly popular strains: Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This means that Granddaddy Purple is a cultivar. This term refers to plant strains that come from human breeding efforts rather than independently cross-pollinating in the wild. The opposite of cultivars are landrace strains, which are generally less potent and harder to come across than cultivars.

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Strain Type

There are three standard types of cannabis strains: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. If you love smoking cannabis flower, you probably know these terms pretty well. However, if you are just beginning your CBD journey, you should take a moment to get familiar with these words.

The distinction between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains has a significant impact on the overall effects of the CBD flower.

  • Indica strains are known for delivering a highly relaxing effect. This means that Indicas are great bedtime companions. The first Indica plants were native to the high mountains of the Middle East and Central Asia, making them hardy crops in general. They tend to grow very dense, thick buds with a very high cannabinoid content.
  • Sativa cultivars usually offer a more energizing effect than Indicas. This makes them popular for daytime enjoyment. Sativas are native to hot climates around the equator, and they tend to reach great heights while sprouting tall, thin buds.
  • Hybrid strains come from breeders’ efforts to cross-pollinate Sativa and Indica strains. Most cannabis strains on the market today are Hybrids. However, most Hybrid strains are either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant.

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica strain. Since both of its parent strains (Big Bud and Purple Urkle) are Indicas, Granddaddy Purp qualifies as a “true” or “pure Indica.” This gives it a deeply relaxing impact. We will discuss the full effects in more detail later in this guide.

Strain History

Granddaddy Purple has a particularly inspirational history that reminds us why cannabis means so much to so many lives. It began in the 1970s with Ken Estes, a San Francisco Bay Area resident. Estes had involvement in a car accident that made him a wheelchair user. He transformed his hardship into inspiration and started researching the potential for cannabis to help people deal with issues similar to his.

After decades of experimenting with crossbreeding different strains, Estes finally hit upon the idea of cross-pollinating Purple Urkle with Big Bud. He unveiled the first harvest of Granddaddy Purple flower in 2003. The new cultivar soon became a California staple, and it now ranks among the most popular Indica strains worldwide.

What Does This Strain Smell and Taste Like?

The smell and flavor of Granddaddy Purple can vary from one cannabis grower to the next. High-quality crops of this strain typically offer a fruity aroma that many people liken to grape juice and berries. When you smoke Granddaddy Purple, you will experience a complex array of flavors. The taste is primarily earthy, with distinct notes of pine and sweet grape candy.

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Strain Terpene Profile

Have you ever wondered why each strain of cannabis smells and tastes the way it does? The answer lies in natural chemicals called terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give many plants their flavors and aromas.

We usually think of terpenes in the context of cannabis, but you can find them throughout the natural world. Many terpenes in Granddaddy Purple hemp flower also appear in common household items like perfumes, detergents, scented candles, and culinary spices. Let’s meet the terpenes in GDP right now!


Researchers have identified over 400 terpenes in cannabis, but myrcene is the most common one by far. Myrcene is present in nearly every strain of hemp and marijuana on Earth. It makes up just about 20% of the total terpene content of most cannabis cultivars. Myrcene has a musky aroma that plays a big part in forming the “skunk”-like smell we associate with cannabis flower. Even if you are new to cannabis, you probably know myrcene firsthand because it also appears in common kitchen herbs such as bay leaves, lemongrass, and thyme.


After myrcene, caryophyllene ranks as the second-most common terpene in the cannabis plant. Most people describe caryophyllene as smelling like black pepper and having a slightly spicy flavor. Its peppery presence is an excellent complement to the sweet flavors of Granddaddy Purple. Caryophyllene is a common terpene in kitchen spices, appearing in cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, and black peppercorns.


Myrcene may be the most common terpene in cannabis plants, but when we talk about the natural world, no terpene is more abundant than pinene. As its name suggests, pinene is a major component in the sap of pine trees and other conifers (trees that produce needles and seed-bearing cones). Pinene smells like Christmas tree needles and has a zesty, woodsy flavor.


If you love beer, humulene might be your favorite terpene. It is the primary terpene present in hops, which are used to make all kinds of beer, especially IPAs. Here’s a fun fact for you: beer hops are the closest known relative to cannabis plants. Hop plants even grow flowers (called “cones”) that look a little bit like the tight buds of the hemp bush. Humulene is also responsible for the slight zing of spice that you taste with ginger and ginseng.

How Much CBD and THC Are in Granddaddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower?

The exact cannabinoid content of these buds will vary somewhat depending on where you purchase your flower. The hemp version of this cannabis strain typically contains these concentrations of CBD and THC:

  • CBD: 18-20%
  • THC: >0.3%

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Strain Effects

CBD offers numerous potential wellness benefits. It accomplishes this by interacting with the receptors that make up your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a network that regulates sleep, mood, memory, immune response, appetite, digestion, and many other vital functions.

Some of the benefits you may experience from CBD include:

  • Relieves aches and physical discomfort
  • Promotes natural sleep
  • Eases mental distress
  • Calms racing thoughts
  • Encourages natural appetite and digestion

Hemp flower contains extremely low levels of THC, which is the primary active component in marijuana. According to federal law, hemp and hemp-derived CBD products cannot contain any more than 0.3% THC. This amount is so small that it should not get you “high.”

Even though there is not enough THC in hemp flower to get you high, it’s good that a trace amount is present. When all of the compounds naturally present in hemp plants come together, they give us the entourage effect. This refers to the synergistic power of multiple cannabis compounds working together and amplifying one another’s benefits.

CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any serious medical condition or disease, including the conditions printed here: insomnia, anxiety, and pain relief. The FDA has not approved CBD as a substitute for prescription medications. The information presented here is not a substitute for a doctor’s advice. We encourage you to consult a physician to determine the best CBD products for you and how much of them to take.

What Are the Best Ways To Use Hemp Flower?

Now that we have introduced you to the Granddaddy Purple strain, its origins, and its effects, let’s talk about how you can get the best experience possible from it. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis flower, but the most popular and common consumption method is smoking it.

However, there are many devices you can smoke from. Let’s take a brief look at the options at your disposal for enjoying your hemp flower.

Joints, Pre-rolls, & Blunts

If you want the classic cannabis experience, you can’t go wrong with smoking a joint or blunt. You can find rolling papers and blunt wraps at any smoke shop, and they also sell them at most gas stations and convenience stores. We recommend buying rolling papers that come with filter paper. You can roll the filter paper up in one end of the joint to prevent any bits of ground cannabis flower from getting in your mouth. For an even more convenient option, try Cheef Botanicals’ CBD pre-rolls, which are ready-made joints tightly packed with premium CBD hemp flower for your convenience.

Pipes, Bongs, & Bubblers

Pipes and water pipes are the second most popular way to smoke cannabis after joints. Cannabis pipes are slightly different from your stereotypical Sherlock Holmes tobacco pipe because they have a small hole (called a “carb”) on the side that you cover and uncover with your thumb to control airflow. Water pipes are similar, but they contain an extra chamber filled with water to filter and cool off the smoke. Types of water pipes include bongs, bubblers, and hookahs.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Most people these days are familiar with vape pens. These come with a pre-filled cartridge of e-juice that you attach to a battery pack. You can buy a Granddaddy Purple CBD cartridge for these vapes, but you can also purchase a dry herb vaporizer to enjoy Granddaddy Purp in its flower form. If liquid vapes are your thing, check out our wide selection of CBD vape carts at the Cheef shop.

Similar CBD Strains

Unfortunately, Granddaddy Purp is almost exclusively available as a marijuana strain. Marijuana contains a large amount of THC, which will get you high, and it is federally illegal (although a few states have contradicting laws to permit its sale and use). This means it can be hard to find a CBD-rich strain of Granddaddy Purple hemp flower.

Fortunately, many other hemp strains with high CBD content are similar to Granddaddy Purp. Better yet, you can buy these varieties right here at Cheef Botanicals. Let’s check out some great strains, which we have listed along with their CBD content:

  • Cookies (18.01% CBD): Cookies also goes by the names “Girl Scout Cookies” and “GSC.” It is an Indica-dominant Hybrid, introduced to the cannabis market around 2012. It also contains myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene, giving it a similar terpene profile to Granddaddy Purple.
  • Zkittles (20.38% CBD): Zkittles has a sweet, fruity flavor like GDP, but without such a strong “grapey” presence. It’s more like the sweet and tart candy it gets its name from. In addition to myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene, Zkittles contains linalool, a terpene with a bright, floral flavor found in lavender and citrus.
  • Northern Lights (20.73% CBD): Another Indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights delivers deeply calming effects that are perfect for encouraging rest. It shares some of the same terpenes as GDP but has an overall more diverse and complex flavor profile. It primarily features deep earthy notes accented by hints of citrus and spice.

Final Thoughts – Granddaddy Purple CBD Hemp Flower

Granddaddy Purp is one of the more famous marijuana strains in the modern world, and you’re bound to hear its name come up again somewhere down the line. However, Granddaddy Purple is rarely available in its CBD hemp flower form. Therefore, it would be wise to consider a wider selection of hemp flower strains, like the ones we discussed in the last section.

When you are ready to try CBD hemp flower for yourself, either in pure buds or ready-to-smoke pre-rolls, visit the Cheef Botanicals shop! To satisfy everyone’s tastes, we carry a wide array of hemp strains, both Indica and Sativa-dominant. Try our premium CBD products today and get 25% off your first order!