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Suver Haze CBD: Puff Away to Peace of Mind [Strain Review]

Suver Haze CBD is the best of the best when it comes to relaxation. This dynamic, down-to-earth CBD-dominant hemp flower strain is loaded with CBD and sensational terpenes that can detangle even the tightest nerves! It’s safe to say that Suver Haze is a fan-favorite for a reason. Let’s dive into what makes this unique CBD flower so beloved!

Suver Haze CBD Strain: Lineage

To create Suver Haze, breeders at Oregon CBD crossed the Suver 8 and Early Resin Berry strains. Suver 8 is a high-performance flower bred from Neville’s Haze and Krishna’s Special sauce. It was crossed with Early Resin Berry to increase CBD levels and reduce THC.

Eventually, the breeders succeeded in creating an aromatic, effective, high CBD strain: Suver Haze. The strain is mold-resistant, resinous, and loaded with glistening trichomes. One glimpse of Suver Haze, and you won’t be able to resist trying this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Suver Haze CBD Strain: Terpene Profile

Suver Haze has a warm, earthy, slightly sour flavor highlighted by notes of citrus and pepper. If that sounds like an odd mix, that’s because it kind of is. But for many Suver Haze enthusiasts, it’s their favorite flavor and aroma in the world. People either love or hate this potently aromatic strain.

Suver Haze’s unique flavor and aroma come from its interesting terpene profile. This rich, effective strain contains myrcene, farnesene, and caryophyllene terpenes. Let’s dive into how each compound adds to the flower’s scent and beneficial effects.


Caryophyllene naturally occurs in black pepper, which explains the hemp strain’s peppery taste. It’s also the only known terpene that acts as a cannabinoid by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Through this action, caryophyllene exerts powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

wooden spoon with whole black pepper


Farnesene is an incredibly soothing terpene. Seeing as it’s found in green apple skin, grapefruit, and sandalwood, it’s easy to see how farnesene contributes to the earthy, sour flavor of Suver Haze.


Myrcene has powerful calming effects play a role in Suver Haze’s relaxing effects. The terpene also contributes a delightfully earthy yet citrusy aroma and flavor. Myrcene is present in lemongrass, hops, thyme, mango, and a variety of edible/smokable plants.

How Much CBD and THC are in Suver Haze Hemp Flower?

Suver Haze typically rings in between 14% and 19% CBD, which is a fairly high concentration. Its THC levels commonly fall under 1%, but some crop yields have levels labeled as “LOQ,” which means “limit of quantitation.” Essentially, LOQ is the lowest detectable level of THC.

As we mentioned, Suver Haze hemp was specially cultivated for high CBD and low THC levels. The breeders’ goal was to produce a non-intoxicating strain with supreme relaxing effects. Needless to say, they succeeded.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis must contain 0.3% or less THC to qualify as hemp, which is federally legal in the United States. If a cannabis plant contains more than 0.3% THC, it’s classified as marijuana, which is federally illegal. But, some states permit recreational and medical marijuana use.

Based on the Farm Bill’s regulations, Suver Haze could qualify as hemp or marijuana depending on the THC levels in any given crop yield. Suver Haze CBD hemp flower will always contain 0.3% or less THC. That level is so low that it isn’t enough to make you feel intoxicated or “high.”

If your state has legalized marijuana, you may come across Suver Haze strain with more than 0.3% THC. Even up to 1% THC is a very small amount, and it’s doubtful that you would experience intoxicating effects from that low of a THC level. If you want to avoid THC altogether, look for Suver Haze CBD hemp flower.

Suver Haze CBD Flower Effects

Although Suver Haze is genetically a Sativa-dominant hybrid flower, it tends to produce Indica-like effects for many people. Suver Haze is known for its ability to soothe, relax, and calm its consumers. Many people use it for nervousness, trouble sleeping, or to help focus their minds.

When you inhale this earthy, sweet and sour strain, you can expect to feel the tension in your mind and body begin to melt away. Suver Haze is overarchingly a therapeutic hemp flower, meaning it works throughout the entire body to combat physical and mental discomfort.

While Suver Haze shouldn’t exactly put you to sleep, it’s definitely known for making people so comfortable they could easily drift off to dreamland. The vibrant, homey aroma soothes the senses as the CBD and terpenes tackle the ailments that have been bothering you all day.

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Similar CBD Strains:

If you can’t find Suver Haze or you’re interested in trying something else, we can recommend some other amazing strains. These won’t act exactly like Suver Haze, nor will they smell exactly the same. However, they will produce similar soothing effects for the body and mind.

Hawaiian Haze

If Suver is a bit too earthy for your taste, Hawaiian Haze offers a delightfully bright alternative. Hawaiian Haze is bursting with tropical fruit flavors, and it has more energizing effects than Suver Haze. At 18% CBD and 0.3% or less THC, it has similar therapeutic properties to Suver Haze.

Special Sauce

Our Special Sauce hemp flower is a beauty to behold. At 17.85% CBD and 0.3% or less THC, this super special strain offers super soothing effects with a side order of pine and berry aromas. Known for its calming properties, Special Sauce definitely affects consumers in a similar way to Suver Haze.

Cherry Wine

Inhaling Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower is just about as relaxing as listening to the Hozier song with the same name. Ringing in at 16.48% CBD and 0.3% or less THC, Cherry Wine soothes and centers all those who enjoy it. In addition to its cherry aroma, this strain has a bit of the earthiness of Suver Haze.

Final Thoughts

Suver Haze’s woodsy and bright flavor profile combined with its high CBD levels will impress everyone that inhales this beautiful flower. If you’re lucky enough to come across Suver Haze, we cannot recommend it enough! Once you try it, you’ll know exactly what all the hype is about.