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CBD Hemp Flower - Goliath CBD:CBG 1:1

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(6 customer reviews)


  • Strain: Goliath
  • Top Shelf CBD Flower
  • Total CBD: 5.17% / CBG: 5.76%
  • Glass Jar with Child Resistant Cap (4g & 7g sizes only)
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant


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The Goliath CBD strain is a hybrid strain that provides a diverse flavor profile along with its eclectic range of benefits. This strain’s powerful aroma combines an earthy pine fragrance with a sweet fruity scent accented with spicy undertones. The Goliath CBD strain boasts the same complex array of flavors, dousing the palette in tones of spice, fruit, and foliage. This top shelf flower strain provides a feeling of euphoric creativity, but may also induce a sedated numbness depending on the dosage. 


Percentage Levels: Total CBD: 5.17% / CBG: 5.76% / Delta 9 THC <0.3%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon

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4g jar, 7g (1/4 ounce) jar, 28g (1 ounce) bag, 114g (1/4 pound) bag, 227g (1/2 pound) bag, 454g (1 pound) bag

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CBD Flower

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6 reviews for CBD Hemp Flower – Goliath CBD:CBG 1:1

  1. nicole_hodge826 (verified owner)

    Goliath is a very nice stress buster. The smoke is light and the effects are pretty instant. It helped me capture back my serenity with long lasting effects that didn’t make me too sleepy. But when ready to go to sleep, the relaxation made getting a deep restorative rest easy.

  2. Debbie Rivera-Collins

    I don’t smoke cannabis but I have in the past. I have MS and smoked Lavender strain and it was like magic. It took my tremors away almost immediately. It worked great for a long time until it didn’t. I started vaping because I really don’t like smoking due to health reasons. I received my Cheef order and had to wait for my new vaporizer to arrive since my old one stopped working. I tried Goliath last night and BAM! instant relief from my MS. I wasn’t having tremors at the time but in general, I never feel completely well. Goliath had me feeling great in no time. I was upbeat, a lot less achy, and in a good headspace. I’m so glad I got a subscription to it. Great job, Cheef. Thank you for providing great healing products.

  3. adenth (verified owner)

    Nice strain – absolutely great for long working days.

    Its a very unique and potent smell but my favorite so far for my knee pain. Burns well. Pretty. Smooth smoke.

  4. Chad Taul

    I’m very curious to see the Lab Report on this strain. Not only am I curious to see just how high the THCa result is but even more curious to see what terpenes are most dominant. I suspect to see upwards of 0.6% THCa and Humulene and Caryopholene as 2 of the highest Terps found as well. Mainly because of the more euphoric effects and the high peppery taste 🌶 that I get upon smoking a bowl of Goliath. Regardless it will likely remain one of my all-time favorite Hemp strains in existence. 🌲
    I’ll continue to try other strains as the industry makes them available but I’m sure I’ll always return to Goliath Smalls for the most relief i could ever expect to receive from ANY affordable smoke available to me to purchase legally off the web in the mail here in the “blewgrass” state. 😉

  5. Chad Taul

    I’ve tried every single strain CHEEF has to offer and all but a couple have been really nice in their own unique way and I will review each one over the next month. But I wanted to immediately speak about this absolute favorite strain for me: GOLIATH, it has the best aftertaste and effects that I’ve been searching for. I used to smoke actual MJ for about a decade and there was a few particular strains that did me the best but was hard to come by. They featured peppery herbal and earthy notes with a spice similar to black pepper on the exhale. The effects that the entourage effect gave me from the high Humulene and Caryopholene Terps gave me were the absolute best I could get. Well, this Goliath strain is the same way almost exactly, minus the high THC and anxiety, nervousnous and paranoia that generally comes along with high amounts of THC. So, this hemp strain has hit the nail on the head for me. I plan to save up and buy a pound of smalls ASAP before it sells out. I HIGHLY recommend everyone try every strain until you too find that IDEAL one for you also. It’s out there, and with the amazing selection CHEEF has to offer, you’ll likely find it eventually. Do t give up until you do. Besides, they are ALL great in their own way so you won’t be disappointed in your journey to discover that new favorite strain of your own. Good luck and Happy Trails!… Be watching out for my in depth reviews of each and every strain soon in the upcoming weeks.

  6. David (verified owner)

    Another new fire strain! You gotta get this one.

    The smell is a mix between a purple and fruity apples, absolutely amazing.

    Taste very tropical!

    I didn’t even realize that this is a 50/50 of CBD and CBG!

    Effects range from a mix of very relaxing to great pain relieving properties.


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