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CBD Hemp Flower – Gorilla Glue

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  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower
  • Total CBD: 18.277%
  • Strain: Gorilla Glue
  • Glass Jar with Child-Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant
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  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower
  • Total CBD: 18.277%
  • Strain: Gorilla Glue
  • Glass Jar with Child-Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

Gorilla Glue CBD Flower

Gorilla Glue CBD flower is a deeply restorative, non-intoxicating twist on a classic cannabis strain. True to its name, Gorilla Glue boasts soothing effects and gives your mind the strength to tackle the day’s tasks. This Gorilla Glue flower strain is powerful and sticky, but it’s completely safe to use. It has pleasant earthy, diesel-like aromas with strong hints of chocolate and coffee. After you exhale, taste the light flavors of citrus and pepper that are sure to jumpstart your day. This pungent Gorilla Glue hemp flower strain is going to keep you going all day long.

Percentage Levels: Total CBD: 18.277% / Delta 9 THC: 0.601%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon


Gorilla Glue CBD Strain Lineage

Gorilla Glue’s lineage is stacked with well-known, top-performing cannabis strains. Sour Dubb, Chem Sister, and Chocolate Diesel provide the genetic makeup for Gorilla Glue, all three of which are Sativa-dominant hybrid strains. They each lend unique benefits and aromas to the beloved Gorilla Glue flower.


The resultant Gorilla Glue flower is also a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but it tends to provide Indica-like, relaxing effects for consumers. Gorilla Glue’s buds are coated with resinous trichomes, making it super sticky to the touch. The powerful effects and tacky feeling led to this strain’s famous name.



Gorilla Glue CBD Strain: Terpene Profile

As strong as (if not stronger than) Gorilla Glue’s soothing effects are its pungent yet sweet and enticing aromas and flavors. To understand where all of these features come from, we need to take a look into Gorilla Glue’s diverse terpene profile.


Just like CBD, many terpenes have therapeutic properties that can add to the various soothing effects of cannabis strains. Terpenes are also found in a myriad of plants (edible and non-edible) all around the world! Let’s look at what makes Gorilla Glue taste and smell as good as it does!



Caryophyllene is most commonly found in black peppercorn, though it’s also found in other herbs and spices like cloves and cinnamon. It’s also fairly prominent in many hemp strains and adds a peppery earthiness to Gorilla Glue hemp flower. Caryophyllene also has anti-inflammatory properties.



Myrcene, sometimes called the “couch-lock” terpene because of its ultra-calming effects, is one of the most abundant cannabis terpenes. It’s also found in a somewhat random array of fruits, plants, and herbs, including mango, lemongrass, and thyme. Myrcene expresses a spicy, balsam aroma and flavor.



Humulene has a gloriously pleasing herbal and woodsy fragrance. It’s commonly found in hemp’s close family relative, hops, which are used for making beer. Humulene is extensively researched for its therapeutic properties, which include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.



Terpinolene is an unusual terpene for two main reasons. Firstly, it has a very interesting amalgamation of fragrances that includes citrus, flowers, herbs, and pine. Secondly, it’s found in many cannabis strain varieties but is almost always in very low levels. Terpinolene generally provides uplifting effects.



Pinene is a delightfully pine-scented terpene that’s found in much more than just pine needles and various cannabis strains. It’s also found in rosemary and basil! In addition to its refreshing, woodsy aroma, pinene provides anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving properties.


So, What Does Gorilla Glue Smell and Taste Like?

From the combination of those aromatic terpenes emerges the rich coffee, chocolate, diesel, and earthy-scented hemp flower, Gorilla Glue. It takes the aroma of classic cannabis and intertwines that with sweet, citrusy, and gasoline-like aromas that explode on the tongue as it’s inhaled.


How Much CBD and THC are in Gorilla Glue Hemp Flower?

As mentioned prior, Gorilla Glue is an ultra-relaxing CBD flower strain, which comes from its impressive 18.277% CBD levels. On occasion, Gorilla Glue flower can reach more than 20% CBD, which is considered super high CBD content compared to most strains on the market.


Like all of our other CBD flower, Gorilla Glue is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill’s federal hemp regulations. The Bill denotes that hemp flower can only contain 0.3% or less THC to qualify as federally legal in the United States. This prevents hemp from being psychoactive, unlike marijuana.


Gorilla Glue contains 0.226% delta-9 THC, which is the variety of THC that provides psychoactive effects. This minuscule level is nowhere near enough to make you feel intoxicated or high. It adds to the soothing effects of the hemp flower, but it simply isn’t a high enough level to be psychoactive.



Gorilla Glue CBD Flower Effects

Because of its mind-calming and uplifting effects, Gorilla Glue is commonly used to relieve nervous thinking and melancholy moods. Consumers often report that Gorilla Glue allows them to “break free” from the mental chains that might be holding them back.


Thanks to its soothing terpenes and high-CBD content, Gorilla Glue can also provide relief from physical ailments. This strain is particularly adept at soothing aches associated with joint discomfort and other irritations. It is even said to help some people with appetite concerns.


Gorilla Glue is such a high CBD strain that you might have you feeling its calming effects almost immediately after inhaling. Without psychoactive effects, you can puff on this soothing strain at any time of the day to help balance you out and keep you motivated.



Similar CBD Strains

If Gorilla Glue sounds like an awesome hemp flower strain to you, you’ll love these similar strain suggestions. They provide similar effects and some of the same aromatic qualities as Gorilla Glue. But they each boast their own unique characteristics, benefits, and fragrances.


Golden Sour

Golden Sour hemp flower is a pleasantly tart yet earthy Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Although Gorilla Glue is also Sativa-dominant, Golden Sour offers more energetic and creative effects. It has an admirable 16.14% CBD and emits a fruity, sour, slightly piney aroma.


Durban Diesel

Durban Diesel is similar to Gorilla Glue, although it doesn’t have much of an earthy flavor as our featured strain. CBD Strain Durban Diesel features 16.645% CBD. It holds an illuminating aroma and flavor profile of sweet fruit, zesty citrus, and pungent diesel. It’s best known for clearing minds and uplifting moods.


Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer (15.07%CBD) is also a Sativa-dominant hybrid CBD strain that offers calming effects to help you stay focused and engaged throughout your day. It has a bright aroma and flavor profile that explodes with notes of fresh blueberries and finishes with a soft, earthy aftertaste.



Does Gorilla Glue CBD Come in Different Product Types?

Yes! In addition to the densely resinous flower buds, we also make a Gorilla Glue CBD vape cartridge! CBD vape cartridges are made by extracting the CBD and other hemp plant compounds from the hemp flowers.


The extracted CBD and other compounds are then combined with other ingredients to make vape juice. Our fantastic manufacturing team then fills vape cartridges with the juice, and the last step is sending them to you! The finished Gorilla Glue vape cartridges are super concentrated at 200mg and 400mg.


Because of this concentration, you only need to inhale a couple of puffs of a Gorilla Glue vape cartridge to feel the effects. It might take you several puffs before you feel the effects from flower. But one or two puffs of a Gorilla Glue CBD vape will most likely get the job done and adequately relax you.


The aroma, taste, and beneficial effects of our Gorilla Glue vape are incredibly similar to those of the Gorilla Glue hemp flower. Both share the eclectic mix of citrus, sourness, earthiness, and diesel aromas and flavors. The main difference is that the vape pen dispenses vapor while the flower burns smoke.


Whether you choose the flower or the vape, you’re sure to experience the somehow uplifting AND calming effects of Gorilla Glue CBD. If you’re a fan of the classic cannabis consumption method, we encourage you to try the flower. If you need something a little softer on the throat, try the vape!



Final Thoughts – Gorilla Glue CBD Flower

Gorilla Glue is the go-to hemp strain for many people who need relief from cluttered minds, trouble sleeping, and generally grumpy moods. Its pleasantly uplifting effects also help to relieve bodily tension! If you enjoy hardy, resinous, deeply effective, and restorative strains, you definitely need to try our Gorilla Glue CBD hemp flower.

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6 reviews for CBD Hemp Flower – Gorilla Glue

  1. Ashton (verified owner)

    My favorite strand. Tastes great and give you a relaxing feel. I feel a high without the psychoactive effects.

  2. Ashley Neville (verified owner)

    Loved it so much I’m back for more Great strain. Energizing.

  3. Ashley (verified owner)

    Was Skeptical at first but this is amazing. I highly recommend cheef botanicals and I love gorilla glue.

  4. derek.v123 (verified owner)

    One of their best flowers yet, smells great, smokes great and taste pretty good. Would recommend!

  5. Louis

    Only one emoji to describe this! 💣

  6. Mikhi Bennett

    Best one yet the taste was amazing and smoke was smooth after i felt calm but energized and will buy again.

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