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CBD For Insomnia & Sleep Disorders [REVEALED]

CBD for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders [REVEALED]

Most people will experience an occasional sleepless night. Sometimes it’s because we are worried about something. Other times, there seems to be no explanation for it. Experiencing one or two sleepiness nights is called acute insomnia. It’s annoying, and it will make you feel tired during the day, but it won’t do you any long-term harm. Whatever the case may be it seems like there is a rising concern if taking CBD for insomnia really works.


If you regularly have difficulty falling asleep, it’s called chronic insomnia. That can have long-term implications if not treated. If you often go without a good night’s sleep, it can lead to mental exhaustion, depression, and anxiety.


There are plenty of medications that you can use to treat insomnia. Some are off the shelf medications, some must be prescribed by a doctor. The strong medications that are available are only meant to be used in the short-term. Prolonged use can lead to addiction. The milder medications are often not very effective.


This leaves people with sleep disorders in a dilemma. They either must use the potentially addictive medications, or they must live with their insomnia. Many people with chronic insomnia have turned to natural alternatives like Cannabidiol.


If you regularly have trouble sleeping and are looking for a natural solution, CBD oil could be the answer. To help you decide if CBD can be right for you, read more in our guide to taking CBD for insomnia and sleep disorders.


CBD Can Help You Relax and Reduce Anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance that is derived from the hemp and cannabis plants. It is one of a range of substances that are known as cannabinoids. These substances interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body to produce a range of therapeutic effects.


One of the very first therapeutic effects of CBD discovered was its ability to relax a person. One doesn’t get high from CBD like you do when taking THC. CBD does, however, promote a calm sense of well-being in a person.


Studies have now shown that CBD can be used to treat a range of anxiety-related conditions. These include social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and depression. Research has also shown that these same effects of CBD can be very beneficial for people suffering from chronic insomnia.


Is CBD Sedating or Is It Mildly Alerting?

There is often confusion over whether CBD is a sedative, or it is mildly alerting. The truth is that small doses of CBD are mildly alerting. This causes further confusion as to how it is possible to use CBD for insomnia.


It is true that some cannabis products are sedating. That, however, is down to a compound in cannabis called Myrcene. Small doses of CBD will, in fact, make you feel more alert during the day. The way that CBD helps people sleep is that it promotes a healthier sleep cycle.


Research has shown that the sleep cycle is very dependent on the level of alertness during the day. A person suffering from chronic insomnia is likely to feel fatigued and drowsy during the day. Their reduced alertness and subsequent lower activity levels during the day make it harder for them to enter a deep sleep at night.


When a person takes CBD oil for insomnia, it improves daytime alertness and performance. That, in turn, improves the quality of sleep at night. Research is still ongoing to this effect of CBD. However, early test results suggest that CBD is an effective treatment for sleep disorders.




Best CBD Products For Insomnia

CBD For Insomnia: Research & Studies

Studies into the effect of CBD oil for insomnia indicate that CBD could be an effective form of treatment for sleep disorders. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Modern medicine is only now catching up and learning exactly how it’s the CBD in cannabis that improves the sleep/wake cycle.


A study was published in the Permanente Journal, which is a peer-reviewed journal of medical science.  The Researchers investigated the effects of CBD oil for insomnia on a young girl with PTSD. The girl had been treated with conventional drugs, but the results were not long lasting and there were side effects. When the girl took CBD oil, it was found that she experienced less anxiety and a steady improvement in sleep.


A research study conducted on rats found that CBD oil induced longer periods of REM sleep. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. The study concluded that CBD oil for insomnia increases overall sleep time.


Other studies have shown that CBD can be used to treat the underlying causes of insomnia. CBD is an effective anti-anxiolytic. It calms anxiety, which is one of the most common factors responsible for sleep disorders.


How Much CBD Should I Take to Help Me Sleep?

It is advisable to consult a doctor before you take any medications. This is especially important if you are already taking medication for other conditions. The amount of CBD oil for insomnia that will be effective will vary by individual. It will depend on the nature of the sleep disorder, as well as factors such as a person’s weight and body chemistry.


It has been found that low doses of CBD are alerting, while larger doses may have a mild sedative effect. A typical serving of CBD oil for insomnia is 10 to 20mg. The best way to find out what will be the best dosage for you is to try small doses first and then see how your body reacts.


CBD oil for insomnia is nontoxic and it is generally accepted as safe to consume. As is the case with all supplements, though, taking only what you need to improve your sleep is preferable to taking unnecessarily large doses.


When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

The answer to the question of when to take CBD oil for insomnia is much that same as how much CBD oil you should take. It will depend on the individual.


If you find it difficult to stay awake during the day, a small dose of a just few milligrams of CBD oil in the morning will make you more alert. This will help you perform better during the day, and that will, in turn, help you sleep better at night.


If you are still finding it difficult to get sleep at night, a larger dose of CBD oil for insomnia before bed will help you to relax. It will reduce any anxiety that you might be experiencing. Once again, it is advisable, to begin with, a relatively small dose and gauge how your body reacts to