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I recently got word that my recent stomach sickness was Cancer and I’d have to start treatment, right away. Due to early detection I had higher odds of beating this thing. Great news, right?! Well, not if you know what it’s like to have to go through chemo. This was not only the scariest experience but it was also the most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had. I couldn’t get up out of bed some days without throwing up or my bones ached all day. Since I was a recovering drug addict (hippie in the 70s) I didn’t want to depend on medication.

My daughter’s husband had bought me some CBD from you guys, so I started using it before I went to bed and night. Gradually, I started feeling less sick in the morning. I was happy to tell my doctory that I was doing better and could now leave the house to visit my grandkids.

Barbara D

Las Vegas, NV