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How to calm a hyper dog

All dogs love playtime and enjoy going on walks with their owners. It helps strengthen the bonds between people and their pets. Sometimes your dog can get a little too energetic, and you begin to wonder how to calm a hyper dog.


A dog with excess energy might not be satisfied with the amount of stimulation it is getting. A hyper dog is not a highly serious problem, and it is easily addressable with tips and tricks. If you want to know more about how to calm a hyper dog, read on further to learn about the signs of an energetic dog, home solutions for a hyperactive dog, and more!



How To Tell If Your Dog is Hyper

A dog with high energy depends on the type of breed, its age, and size. Before you check for signs of a hyper dog, make sure you become informed about your dog breed’s normal energy levels.


Dogs find a way to be effective communicators even if they are not capable of human speech. Hyper dogs can bark, whine, howl, or even whimper if they are seeking your attention. Here are other signs to help you identify why your dog is hyper and how to calm them going forward.


  • Impulsive Behavior: Your dog could be dealing with hyperactivity by constantly chewing up household items or digging holes in the yard. When a dog lacks physical and mental exercise, it can make it difficult to regulate energy levels. Some dogs might drool excessively from having too much energy.
  • Easily Startled: It is normal for dogs to bark, howl, or whimper when trying to communicate and seek their owner’s attention. Dogs with too much high energy can become more sensitive to people and noise and bark excessively.
  • Difficulty Staying Relaxed: Dogs do not normally spend their whole day running around and jumping. They take breaks to relax and calm down. If you are home all day and notice that your dog is not showing calm behavior, it could be too hyperactive.
  • Hyperkinesis: In rare cases, your dog might display hyperactivity due to a condition known as hyperkinesis. A dog with hyperkinesis can have trouble focusing or completing training sessions. Treatment is available once there is a confirmed diagnosis from a veterinarian.


If your dog still displays signs of hyperactivity after trying different home remedies, it might be best to consult with a professional animal behaviorist. A vet can diagnose a dog and offer different treatments to alleviate a hyper dog.



hyperactive puppies playing



Why Are Some Dogs More Hyper Than Others?

With so many dog breeds available, dogs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and excitement levels. Aside from their appearances, dogs also have different personalities and exercise needs. Sometimes the biggest dog can be the laziest, and the smallest canine is impossible to calm.


The reason why some dogs are more hyper than others comes down to their dog group. Dogs in each group share some characteristics. Dogs are classified into a group based on their breed. Decyphering which dog is hyper and how to calm them may be a consequence of their breed group.  Here are the seven major recognized dog groups.


  • Working Group
  • Hound Group
  • Herding Group
  • Sporting Group
  • Terrier Group
  • Toy Group
  • Companion Group


Some dogs are more hyperactive because of the following reasons.


  • Natural Instinct: Some dogs have an innate drive to chase animals. Dogs in the hound, working, herding, terrier, and sporting groups help hunters catch smaller animals or work as police dogs. These dogs require plenty of physical exercises and mental stimulation to keep them from bouncing off the walls.
  • Evolution: Some of the canines in the hound and sporting groups have been around for hundreds of years. These dog breeds developed the capacity to have enough excess energy to run across large distances all day to keep up with their owners, who spent all day hunting. Some dog breeders sought to breed different dog breeds to create a breed that can handle all kinds of physical and mental demands.
  • Role: Some dog groups like working and herding types of dogs have high intelligence. These dogs understand that an assigned task needs to be completed. They require physical exercise and activity that keeps their minds sharp.
  • Personality: Some dogs can’t help but be full of high energy regardless of breed or dog group.



Home Remedies to Calm a Hyper Dog

Home remedies to calm a hyper dog are easy to find and complete. If your four-legged pet is displaying too much high energy, it is important to ask yourself the following questions before finding ways to calm your dog.


  • How often is the dog receiving physical exercise?
  • Has the dog been trained?
  • Is there enough stimulation for the dog to enjoy?


Whether you answered yes or no, chances are your dog is bored and in need of something to do. Here are a couple of things to help calm a hyperactive dog.


Physical Exercise

Every dog has different exercise requirements ranging from 30 minutes to at least an hour of exercise required. Most dog owners meet their pet’s physical activity needs by going on a walk. Regardless, exercising is a great way to calm a hyper dog. 


If your dog is still full of high energy, increase the time and distance of their walk. Or, If you are an active person, have your dog join you on a bike ride or run around the neighborhood. These bouts of exercise should encourage your dog to get its physical frustrations out, leaving them satisfied for the day.


Mental Stimulation

Dogs are smart animals. They use their intelligence to complete tasks. Giving your dog puzzle toys is a great way to calm its hyperactive behavior. Dog puzzles are available at most pet stores. Some dog puzzles are designed to reward your dog with a small treat each time they correctly figure out a puzzle. Besides the physical, your dog’s brain requires some exercise too.


Dog Training

Dogs are just animals you keep in your home to feed and walk. They also require training to become disciplined family pets. Obedience training, socialization, and crate training provide mental and physical exercise for your dog to expand its high energy. Dog training can teach your dog appropriate behavior as well.


Dog Sports

One of the best ways to keep your dog from becoming too hyper is by introducing it to dog sports and competitions. Popular dog sports include rallying, agility courses, obedience trials, frisbee catching, and lure coursing. These activities require a lot of high energy and can be the most active dog to relax after. Some dog breeds excel at these sports better than others. If you feel like your dog can compete with other dogs, enroll it in sports competitions.


CBD for Dogs

Another way to calm a hyper dog is through supplements. CBD is a natural compound from hemp plants that interact with a dog’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), responsible for maintaining overall mental and physical balance (homeostasis). Thus, CBD is highly regarded for providing multiple positive effects, such as alleviating physical discomfort and soothe restlessness.


Cheef Botanicals has a wide variety of CBD for dogs, available as the following products.


CBD dosage for pets is largely dependent on body weight. The effects of CBD for dogs can take 30 to 60 minutes to take into effect. It can last four to six hours.


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omg dog with big stick



What is the Most Hyper Dog?

The title of the most hyper dog is shared between different breeds. Ultimately, a dog’s nature, personality, and upbringing affect its energy levels. Here are some of the most hyper dog breeds in no particular order. These dogs are the ideal companions for people who enjoy being active and have enough time and space to provide their dogs with physical and mental stimulation.


  • Border Collie
  • Golden Retriever
  • Russell Terrier
  • Poodle
  • Beagle
  • Siberian Husky
  • Dalmatian


There are plenty of dog breeds, but all dogs can be amazing companions that can fill your life with joy and affection. Ensure to research your specific dog’s breed care requirements before choosing to adopt a puppy or rescue.



Final Thoughts – How to Calm a Hyper Dog

No matter how big or small, dogs are great pets with plenty of energy to show affection and an eagerness for playtime. Sometimes, dogs can be a little too hyper than usual due to a lack of exercise. Knowing how to calm a hyper dog will provide your dog with so much comfort.


Some of the home remedies used to address an energetic dog involve increased exercise, dog sports, and CBD products for dogs. If you want to learn more about CBD products for dogs, check out Cheef Botanicals!


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