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CBD Lube: Experimenting With Cannabidiol Into the Bedroom

CBD… lube? Oh yes, it’s a thing — but you don’t need to go and buy a fancy CBD-infused lubricant to enjoy this new use for CBD. Did you know that our CBD oil is safe to use as a sexual lubricant and massage oil? While it is not safe to use with condoms, CBD oil can be used to increase sexual pleasure.



What is CBD Lube?

CBD lube is essentially what it sounds like: lubricant with CBD in it. Several brands produce specially formulated, CBD-infused lubes — some of which are safe to use with condoms and others that are not. But you can also use some types of good old CBD oil as a sexual lubricant.


Sexual lubricant, in general, is used for sexual intercourse between partners or during solo play. It can be used as a massage oil, but most people use it to make vaginal penetration more pleasurable. Did you know that ≈ 17% of women aged 18-50 report struggling with vaginal dryness and pain during sex?


Women going through menopause and post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness at a much higher rate, and lube has been a saving grace for many of them. There can be many causes for vaginal dryness, including a lack of sexual stimulation. It’s essential to have open conversations with your partner about what will help you feel comfortable and happy.


So we know that lube can assist with vaginal dryness, but did you know it could also increase sexual pleasure for all genders? Adding CBD into the mix can increase that pleasure even more for some people. CBD has therapeutic properties that can make sex more satisfying and last longer.


Is CBD Lube Legal?

Yes! CBD and CBD lube are 100% legal. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid extracted from hemp, made federally legal with the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the Bill, hemp and its extracts are legal as long as they only contain 0.3% or less THC — the cannabinoid known for inducing intoxication.


Mandating that hemp/CBD only contains 0.3% or less THC ensures that CBD products remain non-intoxicating. CBD-infused lube — or CBD oil as lube — won’t make anyone feel “high” or groggy. It will simply add to the sexual experience by providing lubrication and increasing sexual pleasure for some people.



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How Does CBD Lube Work?

Lubrication, in general, makes the gliding motions during sex easier by reducing friction. It can work for solo play and many types of sexual partners/interactions. Lube isn’t just for heterosexual vaginal penetration — it can also be used for anal sex, playing with toys, and as a sensual massage oil.


CBD is commonly used as a topical relief agent for things such as stiff joints and sore muscles. It can help alleviate discomfort because it penetrates the skin and interacts with our cannabinoid receptors, which are a major component of our endocannabinoid systems (ECS).


The ECS regulates functions such as mood, pain responses, temperature, appetite, sleep, and more. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining our homeostasis by keeping our bodies balanced and running smoothly. To do so, it relies on its cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the body and the skin, including the sexual organs. Another crucial factor is endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that mammals naturally produce.


When CBD is applied topically, it interacts with our cannabinoid receptors and may increase our endocannabinoid levels. This interaction improves ECS function, promoting a sense of balance, contentment, and wellness throughout the area where the CBD topical was applied.


CBD lube is a type of CBD topical. When you use CBD lube for sexual intercourse, apply it on and around the genitals. When used as a massage oil, you can apply it all over the body. 


So when you use CBD lube, it acts both as a sexual lubricant and as a CBD topical. It may make sexual intercourse more pleasurable for women and men, as well as make other forms of sexual play more enjoyable. CBD lube can help decrease discomfort and potentially make you last longer.



What Are the Benefits of CBD Lube?

Adding a CBD lubricant to your intimacy routine may improve your overall sexual experience, both on your own and with a partner. By interacting with the ECS, CBD can potentially increase sexual pleasure. Research indicates that CBD is a vasodilator, meaning it can dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow.


Good blood flow is a critical factor in sexual health for both men and women. Did you know blood flows to the vagina and clitoris during sexual stimulation? On top of potentially aiding the necessary blood flow for sexual intercourse, CBD can soothe and prepare sexual organs for more comfortable and pleasurable sex.


CBD lube can also help reduce discomfort and swelling for some people during and after sex. Thanks to its naturally calming, therapeutic properties, many people have found that CBD in lube has improved their overall enjoyment of sex. CBD may even lead to more intense and pleasurable orgasms.


Can CBD Lube Increase Sexual Pleasure?

Yes, CBD can absolutely increase sexual pleasure. Besides the benefits that we’ve already gone over, CBD lube can help decrease general nervousness around sex. Men (and some women!) sometimes worry about “finishing too quickly.” Many women worry about not being able to get “wet.”


Often, worrying about these issues can cause them to happen more frequently or be more prevalent. When you know that you have CBD lube to help you mitigate those concerns, you can breathe easier and go into sex feeling more confident and ready to enjoy yourself.


According to Remedy Review, a CBD review site, “For women, orgasm happens at the intersection of high arousal and high relaxation.” The more relaxed and comfortable a woman feels, the easier it will be for her to reach climax. CBD lube relaxes the area it’s applied to, which may lead to better, more intense orgasms. Knowing that CBD lube will likely help can mentally relax you before sex.


Eating/Swallowing/Inhaling CBD May Also Increase Sexual Pleasure

When you ingest CBD in some form, it interacts with your internal cannabinoid receptors throughout your body. By taking CBD before sex, it can have an overall positive effect on your mind and body. Ingesting CBD can:


  • Decrease nervousness
  • Improve moods
  • Relax muscles
  • Reduce tension
  • Reduce swelling
  • And much more!


According to the same Remedy Review article from above, 68% of people surveyed said that “CBD improved their sexual experience, regardless of their method of use.” Oral ingestion, inhalation, and topical application (CBD lube) of CBD seem to positively affect many people’s sex lives.



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Can You Use CBD Oil For Lube?

You can use some CBD oils as lubes, but not all. Additionally, just because a CBD oil works for one person as a lubricant does not mean that it will be effective or safe for another. One of the most important things to keep in mind about CBD oil as lube is that it is not safe to use with condoms.


Even if they are safe for use on/around the genitals, most types of oils will break down latex condoms, rendering them ineffective. If you’re using a condom with your partner to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you should not use CBD oil (or any oil-based lube) as a lubricant. Opt for a water-based lubricant instead.


If you and your sexual partner are on the same page about safely not using a condom, then CBD oil is a viable option for lubricant. But it’s important to note that not all CBD oils are safe to use around the genitals. Some CBD oils contain artificial ingredients, fragrances, or other components that can cause irritation, infections, and allergic reactions in some people.


When looking for a safe CBD oil to use as lube, look for simple, organic, natural formulations. Also, check for any ingredients that you may be allergic to. The last thing you want when trying to increase your pleasure is irritation or inflammation around your genitals.


We make our CBD oil with only two all-natural ingredients: hemp-derived CBD extract and hemp seed oil. Since our CBD oil comes from one plant, it is easy to determine whether you’re allergic to what is essentially the only thing in the bottle. It is possible to be allergic to hemp or its seeds, so be sure to test the oil in a dime-sized spot on your wrist before applying it to a larger area (especially the genitals).



Final Thoughts – CBD Lube

CBD lube can be an awesomely beneficial way to improve your sex life or solo playtime. By promoting muscle relaxation, blood flow, and natural vaginal lubrication, CBD lube may be a game-changer for sexually active adults. Whether you need help to relax, get in the mood, or physically prepare yourself for the experience, CBD lube could be the right move for you (and your partner)!