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Our mission is to help you achieve holistic well-being through all-natural products that reset your mind, body, and spirit and empower you to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

CBD Gummy Cubes

With these CBD gummy cubes, you can enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of blueberry, kiwi, mango, watermelon, and strawberry as the soothing benefits of CBD wash over your mind and body.

Delta-9 Gummies

Get ready to build your buzz brick by blissful brick with our ALL-NEW 100 mg Delta-9 THC Brick Gummies! These potent soft chews are infused with pure Delta-9 THC hemp extract for maximum THC elevation and benefits.

Amanita Mushrooms

It’s time to defy boundaries, expand conscious thought, and embark on an adventure that will reshape the very tapestry of existence? Experience the stuff that dreams are made of with Amanita Gummy Cubes!

Delta-8 Gummies

Delta 8 (Delta 8 THC or D8) is all the rage! Ever since this hemp-derived cannabinoid burst onto the scene, enthusiasts can’t get enough of it. One of the easiest ways to receive the benefits of D8 is to eat some Delta 8 THC Gummies!

CBD Vape Carts

Our broad spectrum CBD vape pens are specifically formulated using a hemp extract that is refined using clean CO2 extraction methods. We only incorporate one thing, natural terpenes from natural hemp, into our highest-quality, hemp-based CBD vape cartridges.

Shop THCa

Known to enthusiasts as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) is finally here to take your hemp experience to the next level!

CBD Flower

CBD flower comes from the hemp plant. Hemp is part of the cannabis family and contains very high levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and low levels of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). People have started to enjoy CBD more for its mellow, soothing effects that keep them relaxed and very few side effects!

Cheef Success Stories

Pat Holeman
Pat Holeman
I like them!
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I've been taking CBD myself, for a year or so and it does help me. I recently switched to the Full Spectrum CBD gummies. I like that they are less sweet than the regular CBD gummies and if you check the ingredients, you will see there are quite a bit less ingredients and that is a good thing for us. I'll definitely will continue to order the Full Spectrum CBD Gummy cubes. Thank you!
Bernie C
Bernie C
The only product that helps me sleep!
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I've had trouble sleeping for YEARS. Used to wake up 10+ times a night. Did a sleep study.. no sleep apnea.. just decided I would be miserable forever. Finally decided to try this product and it has changed my life. I only wake up a few times now (which is probably normal) BUT, finally having a deep sleep in the night. Don't feel groggy in the mornings either. Best sleeping gummy hands down!
Jason Ranallo
Jason Ranallo
Great gummies
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These are good. Really good actually. Slightly "sharper" feeling than the non-live resin variety. That being said, the non-live resin was is also really good, but just not quite as sharp, which I do occasionally prefer. Considering that, these are both good to have on hand to give you the perfect recipe for the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD Gummmies FAQ

Yes, ingesting CBD is 100% safe. We wouldn’t be selling CBD edibles if it wasn’t! Ingesting CBD is one of the most popular and effective ways to benefit from this cannabinoid.

Check out our handy dosing guide to determine how many CBD gummies you can ideally take. The general dosing recommendations are 2 gummies every day or 2 gummies every 8 hours.

You can also use the following formulas to calculate an estimated range of exactly how much CBD you can take:

  • Low Dose of CBD = (Your body weight in pounds) x (0.25 mg of CBD per pound)

Example: If you weigh 125 pounds, multiply your weight by 0.25 mg of CBD per pound to get 31.25 mg CBD as your low dose. (125 lbs x 0.25 mg CBD/lb = 31.25 mg CBD).

  • High Dose of CBD = (Your body weight in pounds) x (0.50 mg of CBD per pound)

Example: If you weigh 125 pounds, multiply your weight by 0.50 mg of CBD per pound to get 62.50 mg CBD as your low dose. (125 lbs x 0.50 mg CBD/lb = 62.50 mg CBD).

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD Oil).

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates for Color (Apple, Carrot, Pumpkin, Blackcurrant), Spirulina (Spirulina, Sucrose) (Color), Expeller Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil, Granulated Sugar. Natural Apple, Grape, Orange, Pineapple, and Strawberry Flavors.

Yes, CBD gummies are 100% federally legal! The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, better known as the 2018 Farm Bill, garnered bipartisan support and was signed into law in December of that year. The landmark piece of legislation finally legalized hemp and hemp-derived products as long as they contained no more than 0.3% THC. As a result, consumers can now attain the many holistic benefits of CBD through various products.

CBD will possess some of the same therapeutic benefits that THC has but without the disorienting psychological effects that come along with it. Want to enjoy the same benefits of medicinal marijuana, but without getting high? Try smoking the best CBD flower on the planet.

Unlike THC gummies, which are marijuana-derived, hemp-derived CBD gummies will not get you “high.” These gummies contain an extremely low amount of THC (0.3% or less), so they should not produce any significant effects. Instead, the small amount of THC that’s present will benefit you by enhancing the positive effects of CBD via the entourage effect we mentioned earlier.

Yes, shipping is 100% free on all orders. Spend $80 to qualify for free shipping. So whether you decide to order one bottle of gummies or several, you’ll receive your order delivered right to your door promptly and without any shipping fees.

Delta-9 Gummies FAQ

You’ll feel very uplifted and inspired when you consume Delta 9 Gummies. In addition to the stimulative mental benefits, you’ll feel deep, full-body relaxation. Delta 9 THC Gummies are completely safe to take and only produce mild, temporary side effects, such as lethargy, drowsiness, thirst, and nausea, when consumed in large amounts beyond your tolerance. 

Delta 9 provides consumers with cerebral stimulation and powerful clear-headed euphoria. Enthusiasts also appreciate the soothing, full-body calm that follows the cannabinoid’s uplifting, mood-boosting characteristics.

Delta 9 produces a stimulating effect on your mind by demolishing mental barriers that hinder creativity. The cannabinoid’s effect on the body is more subdued, easing the consumer into a more relaxed physical state. You can consume Delta 9 during the day or night. 

Delta 8, however, is best left for evening or nighttime consumption due to the cannabinoid’s powerfully soothing effects. You’ll feel a mild euphoria that will slowly settle your mind and body into a tranquil state. As you succumb to dreamlike euphoria, you will receive deeper, more restful sleep that will have you feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning.  

Yes, Delta 9 Gummies are 100% federally legal as long as they contain hemp-derived D9 and have a total THC content of 0.3% or less. Our gummies are 100% hemp-derived and do not exceed the federal government’s allowable limit of Delta 9 THC. However, you might live in a state that limits Delta 9 products, regardless of the federal government’s stance. This is why it’s important for you to research your state’s laws regarding D9 before purchasing any products that contain it. 

If you have never tried Delta 9 THC before or have used it sparingly, then it’s best that you start with a low amount, like half a gummy, and gradually increase it as you get used to its effects. If you have experience with Delta 9 THC, we recommend taking one full gummy a day or as needed. 

Delta-8 Gummies FAQ

Delta 8 Gummies provide head-to-toe relaxation and clear-minded euphoria. Our gummies are perfectly safe to take and produce next to no side effects. However, if you consume more than your recommended amount of Delta 8 Gummies, you’ll experience a few minor side effects like upset stomach, nausea, and drowsiness. But there’s no need to worry — these side effects are temporary and will subside within a few hours. 

Delta 8 will provide you with a soothing, clear-headed, and controlled euphoria. You’ll also feel deep, full-body relaxation as you settle into a tranquilizing and restful state. 

Both Delta 9 and Delta 8 share the same chemical formula but differ in the placement of double bonds in their actual chemical structure. As a result, Delta 9 and Delta 8 are isomers of each other and impart similar yet different effects to the consumer. 

Whereas Delta 9 provides consumers with intense and stimulating euphoria punctuated by deep relaxation, Delta 8 imparts a soothing, controlled euphoria that slowly settles the consumer into a restful and satisfying state. Delta 9 may be consumed during the day or night, but Delta 8 is best saved for evening or nighttime consumption due to its sedating effects.

Yes, Delta 8 Gummies are 100% federally legal. The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp and hemp-based products as long as they contain 0.3% or less THC. Our Delta 8 products are 100% Farm Bill compliant and federally legal. However, a handful of states have set restrictions on Delta 8 that counter the federal government’s stance. This is why it’s important for you to research your state’s laws regarding the sale and possession of Delta 8 products before making a purchase.

The amount of Delta 8 gummies you can eat depends upon your personal experience with D8 and how it affects you. We generally recommend starting at a low dose, typically 5-15 mg of Delta 8, and slowly working your way up to an amount that’s right for you. For more experienced Delta 8 enthusiasts, we recommend taking one gummy per day or as needed.


Cheef Botanicals’ vape carts are not the same as refillable vape pens. These are disposable CBD vape carts that should be tossed after use. The only way to open a disposable vape cartridge is to break it (this probably goes without saying, but we don’t recommend doing so). There is a good reason companies do this, as refilling CBD vape cartridges on your own is risky.

Our CBD vape cartridges are filled with a premium blend of broad spectrum CBD distillate and terpenes — nothing else. This liquid e-juice is specifically designed to be inhaled, but other forms of CBD products are not meant to be put in a CBD vape pen. In particular, you should be cautious of products called “CBD oil” since this term can mean a few different things. Also don’t fill your device with any liquid called just “CBD” because this could potentially be oil.

If you have a refillable CBD vape pen with a tank, you may want to look for CBD vape juice refills. Some brands also sell disposable vape pens, when you should toss the entire pen out after use. Unfortunately, we do not currently sell CBD vape juice refills or disposable vape pens at Cheef Botanicals.

There is a chance that vaping will make you cough. Many people without years of experience cough the first time they try a vape pen because they are not yet accustomed to the way it feels. You are much more likely to cough if you take big hits off your pen. Taking shorter puffs or small amounts can save you from a coughing fit, especially if you have never vaped CBD before.

A good CBD vape pen should be smooth and flavorful. If it contains other things like additives, it may cause throat irritation and eventually coughing. Make sure your CBD vape products are clean and natural for the perfect CBD experience!

Yes, all hemp-derived CBD products are legal! Under federal law according to the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp products containing 0.3% or less THC are legal. However, Cheef Botanicals CBD vapes are broad spectrum, which means you have nothing to worry about!

Some of them do, and some of them don’t. It depends on which CBD vape cart you buy. Just CBD or THC on its own does not have much of a smell, but the strains themselves do. Each cartridge has a unique terpene profile, which determines how it smells. Terpenes are natural chemical compounds found in every plant species that determine its scent and flavor.

If the CBD vape juice is named for a flower strain such as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, or Gorilla Glue, you bet it will smell like that strain. If you aren’t a fan of how cannabis smells, or don’t want the attention that the scent can draw, you can choose a fruity aroma like Mango, Watermelon, or Lemonade.

CBD vape cartridges can be found in various sizes, typically ranging from 200 to 400 mg cartridges. Now you might wonder, approximately how long will a cartridge last? A good rule of thumb is that each puff will give you 1 to 2 mg of CBD. If you do the math, this would mean a 200 mg cartridge would give you 100 to 200 puffs, depending on the strength and duration of each pull. Obviously, the longer your pulls, the shorter the lifespan will be of your cartridge.

People use their CBD vapes differently. Some people use them only before bed to help them sleep, so they probably take one or two puffs. In this case, their vape cartridge could last them for over a month. Others might use their CBD vapes throughout the day, so their cartridge would definitely not last as long.

The lifespan of your CBD cartridge all depends on your preferences and specific needs. You will likely fall into one of the two categories mentioned above.


THCa, or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, is a non-euphoric cannabinoid found in high concentrations in the raw cannabis plants. In particular, the hemp plant, which contains large amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol), can be bred to contain high concentrations of THCa. The cannabinoid is the acidic form of THC (Delta-9 THC, Delta-9, D9, or D9-THC), the world’s most popular euphoric cannabinoid.

THCa flower (sometimes referred to as “THCa flowers”) is often used to describe hemp flower that has been specially grown to have high THCa concentrations. In its natural state, this powerful hemp flower offers a distinct cannabis experience without the euphoric effects of THC. But when heated, a significant amount of THCa can convert into THC, unlocking blissful, stimulating, and relaxing effects.

There are multiple ways to enjoy THCa flower. Whether you prefer to smoke, vape, eat it raw, or incorporate it into edibles, each consumption method offers a unique experience and potential benefits. Let’s examine these a little more.

If you’re a traditional smoker, you might prefer to inhale your THCa flower for an immediate onset of effects. Grind your preferred THCa flower strain, roll a joint or blunt, pack a pipe, or use a bong or bubbler for a smoother experience.

Vaping THCa flower provides a discreet and clean inhalation method. Many consider vaping to be a preferable option to smoking, as it avoids combustion. To vape THCa flower, you’ll need a high-quality dry herb vape pen designed for vaporizing flower. Simply load your dry herb vape with the desired amount of flower, activate it, and experience the benefits of THC in seconds. There is no smoke, just a smooth, flavorful vapor.

Functional Mushroom FAQ

A functional mushroom blend is a special combination of several functional mushroom species. These mushrooms synergistically work together to provide benefits that support your brain and body health. 

At Cheef Botanicals, we strive to provide options for what may work best for you. Here’s a quick guide about our superior functional mushroom blends:

  • Brain Boost contains Lion’s Mane and Reishi fruiting body extracts for good brain health, supporting mental clarity, and helping to reduce brain fog.  
  • Immunity includes Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail fruiting body extracts to help support a strong immune system, ease joint swelling, and help to promote a healthy gut.
  • Wellness contains Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail Mushroom fruiting body extracts. This super blend supports brain, immune, and gut health while also providing extra energy.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are any functional mushroom species that help us manage stress, anxiousness, or fatigue. They may also play a pivotal role in supporting our immune system response. 

Functional mushrooms that showcase adaptogenic qualities include:

  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps 
  • Lion’s Mane 
  • Reishi
  • Turkey Tail

A nootropic mushroom is a functional mushroom that specifically supports brain health and cognitive function. Some nootropic mushroom species also have adaptogenic properties, as they also help deal with the harmful effects of stress on the body. 

Some popular functional mushrooms species with nootropic properties include:

  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps 
  • Lion’s Mane 
  • Reishi

When enjoyed in moderation, functional mushrooms are safe, and most people never experience any ill effects. However, if you happen to overconsume, you may experience mild, temporary effects such as:

  • Digestive discomforts such as nausea or diarrhea
  • Dryness in mouth, throat, or nose
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping

There’s no need to worry. Any unpleasant side effects will soon pass within a few hours. 

One of the most important aspects of functional mushrooms is that while they provide specific health benefits on their own, they become a full-blown nourishing part of your wellness routine when you combine them. When blended, these functional mushroom gummies synergistically work together to provide several benefits.

Amanita Mushroom FAQ

Amanita muscaria is a must for anyone seeking new avenues of personal and spiritual growth. From unlocking creativity to gaining deeper insights into emotions and experiences, Amanita muscaria has the potential to be a powerful tool for life-changing self-exploration and artistic expression. 

Hidden deep within the loamy woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere is a little red and white mushroom that many feel holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, has served as a conduit to the farthest reaches of the mind, helping to elevate it to spellbinding dimensions of vibrant fantasy and relaxing, lucid euphoria. 

Amanita muscaria mushrooms are very safe when prepared correctly. In fact, people have been using Amanita muscaria for thousands of years, dating back to prehistoric times. However, starting slow and staying within personal comfort zones is always a good idea. 

Like any new experience, taking it easy will help avoid unwanted side effects. Our Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms and Gummy Cubes come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), so consumers know they’re receiving pure and potent products that are safe.

Cheef Botanicals Amanita muscaria mushroom products are completely natural and made with the consumers’ best interests in mind. Our Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms are grown with expert knowledge, ensuring their natural purity. While our Amanita Muscaria Gummy Cubes are entirely plant-based with no animal products, perfect for those on vegan diets. With us, everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature in every bite!

Yes, Amanita muscaria is 100% legal to possess and cultivate at both the state and federal levels. The only exception is the state of Louisiana, where it was outlawed in 2005. But don’t worry, fans can still use Amanita muscaria for decorative landscaping purposes in The Bayou State!

If you are interested in buying vegan CBD edibles, it’s important that you know exactly what it is that you are buying. You should understand the difference between THC and CBD. Cannabis has been used for centuries. It’s used in things such as cookies, brownies, and chocolate, but a CBD infused edible is very different from something like a pot brownie.

There are more than 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp plants. The two most abundant cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a cannabinoid that binds to and stimulates the CB1 cannabinoid receptors. These are located primarily in the central nervous system and the brain. One of THC’s effects is that it causes the high that is associated with the recreational use of cannabis.

CBD, on the other hand, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that doesn’t bind to the cannabinoid receptors. It does, however, stimulate both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This effect provides the many therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol, but without the high that THC causes. In fact, CBD is known to reduce the psychoactive properties of THC. Some people will eat CBD edibles to reduce the negative effects that marijuana can cause.

It is important that you are aware of the CBD / THC content when buying vegan CBD edibles. Also, be aware of the concentration of CBD that is in your product, as well as checking that the edible is truly vegan. You may find some products that contain up to 0.3% THC, but this is normal! These are called full spectrum products that produces the “entourage effect”, an effect that boosts the benefits of CBD even more.

If you’ve never consumed a CBD product before, it’s reasonable to wonder how much CBD might be in a particular product. We designed our edibles so that users have many strength options depending on the specific product purchased. This gives you the ability to decide the strength of the CBD products you are comfortable consuming.

Here at Cheef Botanicals, we create our products with varying strengths to suit the needs of all kinds of people. Formulated using broad spectrum CBD, we provide our customers with the best CBD gummies to relieve stress, take it easy, or treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

Our delicious CBD gummies are available in 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg & 3000mg containers. So even those needing a super-strong dose will be satisfied! In these containers, each gummy contains 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg, respectively.

For the bakers, creatives, and DIY hackers out there, creating CBD edibles at home can make for a fun way to create different types of edibles. Making CBD edibles at home is easy with Cheef’s organic CBD oil as your main ingredient! Bake it into delicious brownies for the classic experience, try your hand at relaxing CBD gummy bears, or take things to the next level with recipes of your own creation.

You can also make edibles using the classic way of decarbing (heating to activate) hemp flower. Just make sure you buy hemp that’s grown organically and safely!

Because CBD and THC come from the same family of plants, namely cannabis Sativa, many people often confuse the two cannabinoids. Furthermore, for those without any experience with CBD, they may appear as the same thing based on their scent and appearance. But what about the smell of CBD products like CBD infused gummies or other edibles?

You’ll be glad to know that despite hemp’s similar visual appearance and scent to marijuana, neither of these qualities should be noticeable in an edible. While some scent may be coming from the product, it should only become noticeable when one practically has their nose over the product. If that is not the case, no noticeable smell should be clear.

So, although CBD edibles can carry a scent that is mistakable for a THC product, this is unlikely because most edible products carry the scent of their food-based components. There should still be no noticeable scent for products that do not have a food component, such as soft gels and pure CBD isolate capsules.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It is used worldwide to manage a wide variety of issues and conditions, such as those who seek natural relief for their digestive system or if they would like to encourage natural sleep, among many other amazing benefits.


THC-p comes from the hemp plant. Interestingly enough, low concentrations of the cannabinoid are naturally present in all cannabis plants. One example is the FM2 strain originating from Italy, which contains trace amounts.

We can make sufficient amounts of THC-p from CBD (Cannabidiol). Because of its scarcity, isolating and obtaining THC-p from hemp is extremely hard and not cost-effective. However, we can take significant quantities of CBD from hemp and convert it into THCp through a safe and clean process. We use similar methods to convert CBD into Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, HHC, and various other cannabinoids.

THCp is not a synthetic cannabinoid. It’s important to understand that THCp is a natural compound in cannabis plants. Synthetic cannabinoids are cannabinoids that do not exist in nature. They are artificial and manufactured in a laboratory. Spice/K2 is an example of a synthetic cannabinoid. Even though THCp is produced safely and cleanly by converting hemp-derived CBD, it still comes from cannabis and remains a natural cannabinoid.

Yes, THC-p is a natural cannabinoid. THC-p is a naturally occurring cannabinoid present in small quantities within cannabis plants. While THCp production involves converting CBD, it is important to note that THCp still comes from the cannabis plant and remains a natural compound.

Yes, THC-p surpasses traditional THC in its potency, delivering more powerful effects. If you’re seeking an elevated THC experience, prepare to be amazed and potentially overwhelmed by the incredible euphoria that THC-p offers. Remember to consume THC-p responsibly and in a safe environment to avoid any unwanted outcomes or unforeseen circumstances.


Finding the perfect dosage is a personal journey. We understand that everyone is unique, and what works for one person may not work for someone else. Factors like your activity level, medical history, body size, weight, and THCp experience influence your dose. The key is to find what works best for you. It’s essential to start with a smaller amount of this potent cannabinoid for a manageable experience.

If you consume too much THCp, expect to feel some mild but temporary side effects. Consuming THC-p in excess may cause upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, lethargy, and drowsiness. If you feel these side effects, don’t worry. Find a quiet place to relax, drink some water, and rest. These side effects will subside in a few hours.


To help prevent and limit any side effects from occurring, it’s important that you consume THC-p products responsibly. Never forget that THCp is the world’s strongest cannabinoid discovered to date. If you have never tried THCp before, we recommend you start with a really low amount. Gauge how you feel and gradually move up to higher doses without overdoing it.

There are several THC-p products to suit all preferences. Vape cartridges offer quick results and a smokeless experience. Edibles, such as THCp gummies, provide a discreet and precise approach. Tinctures offer accurate dosing and versatility. No matter your desired method of consumption, there is a THCp product just for you!

That depends entirely on you and your preferences! You can experience the potent effects of THCp via several products. These include THC-p vape cartridges, disposable vapes, tinctures, and edibles.


However, we feel the best THCp product is gummies. THCp gummies allow you to receive a precise dose of the cannabinoid in a discreet and compact edible. Plus, many THCp gummies come in various cannabinoid blends that provide greater effects. Be sure to visit our shop to get the best THCp gummies online!

THCp consumption has many options for enthusiasts to explore. At the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preferences. Vaping provides rapid effects. Tinctures are well-suited for those who seek an exact dosage and versatility. And edibles, like THCp gummies, provide a tasty, predosed, and convenient experience. We recommend trying various ways of consuming THCp to find out which form factor is right for you.

Is THCp Strong?

That depends on the type of THC-p product you are taking. For those looking for quick relief, vaping THCp has become a popular choice as the effects can be felt immediately to within 30-90 seconds. Tinctures taken sublingually can take effect within 15-30 minutes. Edibles and tinctures take longer to kick in, usually 45-60 minutes. You should always consider these differences before purchasing to get the best results for your needs.

THCp is renowned for being a much more powerful cannabinoid than traditional THC, possessing a potency that is 33 times greater. THCp’s ability to interact more effectively with your ECS receptors than Delta-9 THC is responsible for this enhanced effect. Taking advantage of this increased strength will cause one’s experience of taking THCp to be far superior to Delta-9 THC. Remember: THC-p products are not for the uninitiated. Always use caution when taking THCp products and start with low doses.

THC and THCp are both cannabinoids, but their chemical structure is different. Specifically, THC-p has longer alkyl side chains than traditional THC. This difference in carbon atoms makes THCp more potent than THC when it binds to cannabinoid receptors within the body.

Yes, THC-p is stronger than THC. In fact, many refer to THC-p as “the world’s strongest cannabinoid.” With its longer alkyl side chain, THC-p stands out from traditional THC due to its potency and effectiveness in binding with the CB1 receptors of your ECS receptors, specifically those in your nervous system. This means you’ll experience stronger effects than THC, making it a unique option for those searching for a more powerful experience.

THC-p can be up to 33 times more potent than Delta-9 THC. Research shows that THCp binds up to 33 times more strongly than regular THC to the CB1 receptors or your ECS, resulting in a much stronger and more intense experience. This is because THCp works better at attaching itself to endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

What is THCp?

THC-p can be up to 33 times more potent than Delta-9 THC. Research shows that THCp binds up to 33 times more strongly than regular THC to the CB1 receptors or your ECS, resulting in a much stronger and more intense experience. This is because THCp works better at attaching itself to endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the body.

Before you buy THC-p or partake in consuming THCp products, it is essential to be aware of the regulations in your state since legality varies from place to place. Conducting thorough research on local laws surrounding THCP will go a long way toward ensuring an enjoyable and safe experience with these products. Always research your state’s laws regarding THC-p, THC-p products, and products that contain THC derivatives.

Before embarking on a trip with THC-p products, it is important to be aware of local laws to avoid any legal troubles. Research and comply with federal and state regulations surrounding traveling with cannabis-derived items before taking off. Although THC-p products may be legal in your state, they might not be in the state you’re going to.


Always research hemp laws in states you plan to travel to. And remember, it’s best to avoid taking any THC-based products or cannabis plant products, whether they are derived from hemp or not, when traveling outside of the United States. International regulations are not as tolerant towards cannabis as we are here.


You cannot take THC-p and drive. Consuming THCp responsibly and in a safe, non-mobile environment is the best way to avoid dangerous situations on the road. It’s essential that you use caution when taking THCp so you don’t put yourself or others in danger while behind the wheel of a car. To remain safe, consume THCp only in an appropriate environment with no distractions from the operation of vehicles.

Yes, there is a chance that THC-p may show up on a drug test. It’s important to note that typical drug tests look for the presence of Delta-9 THC. And since THC-p has structural similarity to THC and is considered to be a THC compound, there is a chance that it may result in a false positive. Therefore, you should always exercise caution when consuming THCp as it could be picked up in a drug screening.


Rest assured that our THC-p products comply with the law. With less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, they meet the federally allowed limit and are federally legal to take. 


Consumption amounts, ingestion methods, metabolism, and the type of drug test you take can all affect whether or not THCp will show up on a test. Please consider these factors prior to consumption. If you are subject to drug testing at work or other places, we recommend you stop taking all THC-p products and THC products.