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Everything You Should Know About Cooking With CBD Oil

Everything You Should Know About Cooking with CBD Oil

CBD oil comes in many shapes and forms, including tinctures, capsules, and edibles, but the newly emerging way of using CBD oil is in your cooking. The versatility of CBD oil can allow you to add it into your morning cup of coffee or to your avocado toast. With more and more CBD recipes popping up once you try cooking with CBD oil you just might fall in love with this creative and effective experience.


Can You Really Cook with CBD?

Cooking with CBD oil is a fairly new innovation that is sparking the curiosity of people. Why? Because it’s new, and it seems practical. It’s a similar idea to CBD water, except with food.


Think about it. You make food pretty much every day. So you can just add in CBD oil and gain all CBD has to offer through a delicious meal instead of having to take a CBD product separately.


CBD oil can come in a few different ways, including raw CBD oil, pure CBD oil, and CBD tinctures. You can use any of thee forms to cook with. Let’s look at some of their properties and what differentiates them.


Raw CBD oil

Raw CBD oil is the extract of the entire plant and has an earthy taste. It is not heated so all the ingredients and vitamins of the plant remain intact. Raw CBD oil may still contain fibers or particles from the plant.


Pure CBD oil

This is oil extracted only from the top shoots of the plant, where CBD is highly concentrated. In addition, the extract is heated until all other plant components, including other cannabinoids, are removed and the only compound remaining is pure cannabidiol.


CBD Tincture

This is a full-spectrum CBD extract that is diluted with a carrier oil. Carrier oils include coconut or hemp seed oil. This dilution process helps to mask part of the earthy taste of CBD oil, making it more desirable to use. Also, something to consider is the fact that these carrier oils can be a great addition to your diet because they are full of healthy fats that are good for your body.


CBD infused foodWith most foods, you can use CBD oil in the place of the regular oil you use. For example, CBD oil would be great for sautéing vegetables. On the other hand, something like CBD isolate might be useful for mixing into a cake batter for baking. 


In any case, it’s important to consider many factors when cooking with CBD oil, including the temperature, amount, and food itself.


Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil


Temperature Ranges

When using CBD as an alternative for typical cooking oils, it is important to note the differe