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About CBD for Cancer & Tumors

CBD is a derivative of the Cannabis plant.  It doesn’t get you high and is known to have magical healing properties that allow the body to fight back when consuming regular doses of CBD for Cancer and tumors.  It works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), which has receptors specifically designed to receive Cannabis derivatives.


Does CBD Fight Cancer?

Yes, it does.  CBD has been verified in countless research studies and guides as having anti-cancer properties.  CBD is often used as a holistic therapy where it is administered in conjunction with restricting other anti-cancer lifestyle choices, like quitting smoking.


Can CBD Shrink Tumors?

Yes, it can.  CBD is commonly explained to kill off cancer cells by “starving” them of the nutrients they need to survive or by encoding messages to the tumors to commit suicide.  Research and studies are finding CBD to cause the body to reject, or effectively eradicate tumors with CBD in numerous cases. Patients report to see reductions in tumor size, and many miracle recoveries have sworn by their use of CBD for Cancer and Tumors.


Does CBD Affect Chemo?

The medical profession concedes to the fact that CBD is effective in treating the symptoms of Chemotherapy, particularly how it manages the pain from surgery.  CBD does not conflict with prescribed medications or have drug interactions.  It actually enhances chemotherapy effectiveness.


How To Use CBD Oil For Cancer:


Using CBD for Pain Management

CBD works for managing pain throughout the body and the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  It helps relieve chronic pain and inflammation as well as neuropathic pain.  It has a high reactivity level with pain receptors in the nervous system known as TRPV1 and CB2 receptors, which work to decrease levels of inflammation in the body.  These receptors transport the cannabinoid nutrients to receptor sites throughout all of the main organs of the body, helping with a variety of conditions.

Using CBD To Fight Against Cancer

Taking mega doses above the recommended dose is the best surest way that CBD will work to fight against Cancer.  Consult your doctor first and consider starting slow so, even minimal as they are, there are no side effects.  There have never been reported overdoses from CBD, but taking it in healthy doses over time sublingually is more advisable than drinking a whole bottle of Cheef 3000mg CBD oil tincture on an empty stomach before bed for 2 weeks straight while fasting and drinking a ton of purified water.


Numerous studies and research papers conclude that CBD shrinks tumor size & stops Cancer growth.


CBD For Cancer And Tumors Cancer Cell


Reducing Inflammation With CBD

CBD is also known to reduce inflammation by providing nutrients to receptors that manage pain in the nervous system.  Reducing inflammation is good for the body regardless of whether a patient is fighting against cancer or making a recovery after chemotherapy.


Route of Administration: CBD Products


CBD Hemp Powder Capsules:

Administering doses of CBD for Cancer and Tumors via capsules is ideal for those who prefer to swallow capsules.  Swallowing a capsule allows body will work with the CBD from the inside out.  It also helps heal the digestive system, especially useful for bladder, prostate, and colon cancer.  CBD helps with digestive issues as well as Cancer and tumors.  Making sure CBD gets to the desired area in the body is an important thing to many people, especially those who use CBD tinctures directly on their skin for skin Cancer.


Hemp CBD Oil Tincture Drops:

Administering doses of CBD for Cancer and Tumors via drops of oil is the most efficient method of delivery available”


Topical Administration

Using CBD tincture oil topically, or on the skin directly will allow it to absorb directly through the pores of the skin.  This is ideal for those using CBD for localized pain management like for muscle pain or Arthritis, as well as for putting directly on skin cancer.  Drip the recommended dosage of drops labeled on the back of the dropper bottle in the size you chose directly on the area in need.  Rub it into the area.  Let it sit for a minute before rubbing it in more.  Add some of your favorite lotion at this point to lock the CBD into the pores underneath it.


Oral Administration

For ingestion and digestion, CBD tincture drops should be taken under the tongue sublingually.  Not onl