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CBD For Nausea & Digestive Conditions

Gut health is a hot topic today.  It is raising awareness of the importance of what foods have an impact on our body from the inside out.  It looks at digestion as the bigger picture of what it does to the body and what the body has within it at any given moment.  Nausea and digestive conditions are either chronic like with Crohn’s disease or temporary and can be due to poor lifestyle choices like getting a hangover after partying all night.  The benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Nausea and Digestive Conditions are:


  • CBD reacts with cells that reduce pain and inflammation.
  • CBD has natural anti-emitic (anti vomiting) properties.
  • Interacts with Serotonin receptors promoting wellbeing and happiness.
  • Increases Appetite.

CBD For Nausea And Digestive Conditions Nauseous Girl

Common Nausea & Digestive Conditions:


What is CBD?

CBD is a plant-based substance that is used as a remedy for conditions ranging from neurological conditions to skin and allergic reactions.  CBD is a chemical that activates receptors in the brain and throughout the body.  These receptors, called CB1 and CB2 receptors, are located along a series of channels that send and receive messages between every major organ in the body.  They affect both the receptors designed to receive the Cannabis derivatives and other receptors that regulate pain, known as TRPV1 receptors.


Using CBD For Nausea and Digestive Conditions Reduces Symptoms Of:


How Long Does It Take For CBD To Take Effect?

It takes CBD up to 30 minutes to begin working.  Results take time to achieve, and CBD is the most beneficial when it is taken over a period of time and is stored in the body.  Taking CBD tincture oil sublingually, or under the tongue is the fastest way to ingest CBD.  The CBD is absorbed through membranes under the tongue before it makes its way into the digestion process, expediting absorption.


Best CBD Oil For Nausea & Digestion Conditions:

Hemp CBD Tincture Oil Drops

Cheef Hemp CBD Tincture Oil Drops are optimal for nausea and digestive issues because they are digested quickly and easily under the tongue.  They stimulate appetite, which is beneficial for those suffering from nausea and digestive issues.


How Many Drops Of CBD Oil For Nausea Should I Take?

Cheef recommends taking between 15 and 30 drops of CBD oil depending on the size bottle chosen.


Other Cheef Botanicals CBD Products:

CBD Isolate Capsules

CBD Capsules are a great alternative to CBD tincture oil because they are easily swallowed, getting the CBD directly to the area in need: the gut.  They also mix better with drinks when opened because hemp powder mixes with water while oil doesn’t.


CBD Gummies For Nausea

CBD gummies are great for getting a small bite and quickly digesting a nutritious piece of food into the body. The gummies are vegan and use the CBD to counteract vomiting while stimulating appetite.  CBD may help you keep down some food for those who can’t eat because they’re so sick.