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can drug dogs smell carts

It’s no secret that drug dogs are trained to sniff out drugs. But can drug dogs smell carts? It’s a question that many fans of vape pens and CBD cartridges have. First, it’s important to understand how law enforcement personnel train drug dogs to detect certain substances. They typically undergo months of training, during which they learn to associate certain scents with drugs. So, it’s possible that trained dogs can smell certain ingredients that might be present in vape cartridges.


Furthermore, it’s worth noting that not all vape cartridges contain illicit substances. Many people utilize them for vaping CBD, which is perfectly legal. If you have a vape pen, you owe it to yourself to read this article. Find out everything there is to know about drug-sniffing dogs and whether or not they can detect vape cartridges.



Do Carts Smell?

Yes, vape cartridges can smell. However, the scent is usually not very strong or noticeable. The main reason people use vape cartridges is to avoid the strong smell of cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including many that may cause life-threatening diseases. Vapes eliminate most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, which also makes them smell much milder.


If you’re worried about the smell of your vape cartridge, try using a different vape juice flavor to mask any unpleasant smells. Just be sure that you don’t buy vapes with synthetic aromas or flavors. You can also try more discreet CBD products, like gummies, capsules, or CBD oil.



Can Drug Dogs Smell Carts?

Yes, most drug dogs can smell vape carts. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can interpret and separate distinct smells. Most police dogs undergo training to detect the scent of cannabis, particularly THC, which is present in many vape carts.


It’s also important to note that all hemp-derived vape cartridges must contain 0.3% or less THC.


However, it is worth noting that not all drug dogs can smell vape carts. This is because the scent of THC can be masked by other scents, such as citrus or mint. As a result, it is possible that a dog may not be able to detect the scent of a particular vape cart.


It’s also important to note that all hemp-derived vape cartridges must contain 0.3% or less THC. This is the legally allowed amount per the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and hemp-derived products.


So, if a drug sniffer dog smells the vape cartridges you possess, they are not after you or your vape pen but the extremely small amounts of THC present in it. As long as you have a Farm Bill compliant cart, there is nothing to worry about.


obedient dog on a leash



How Are Drug Dogs Trained?

Law enforcement officers train drug dogs to use their sense of smell to detect the presence of illegal drugs. They undergo intense training to learn how to identify the distinct smell of various drugs, and they also learn to alert their handlers when they detect certain smells.


The first step in a drug dog’s training is to teach them to associate the scent of drugs or other dangerous substances with a positive reward.


The training process for drug detection dogs is very similar to the training process for other types of detection dogs that look for harmful or dangerous objects, such as explosive detection dogs or search and rescue dogs. Drug sniffer dogs typically start their training when they are puppies. Their training never stops, and they undergo regular training throughout their lives.


The first step in a drug dog’s training is to teach them to associate the scent of drugs or other dangerous substances with a positive reward, such as a toy or a treat. The name of this type of training is operant conditioning, and it helps the dog to understand that finding the scent of drugs is a good thing. Once the drug dog has learned to associate the scent of drugs with a positive reward, they will then alert their handler when they detect the scent of drugs. Trainers call this type of training passive alerting. It helps the dog to understand that they need to let their handler know when they smell something suspicious.


Highly trained sniffer dogs are an important tool in the fight against crime. Without their training, drug dogs would not be able to effectively detect the presence of drugs. By using a dog’s sense of smell to interpret distinct smells, law enforcement agencies gain a valuable tool to help them keep a leash on crime.


Are Drug Dogs Trained To Smell Carts?

Yes, drug dogs are trained to smell vape cartridges. But it’s not the carts themselves that dogs are trained to smell. Rather, they’re trained to smell THC, which is present in concentrations of 0.3% or less in full-spectrum vape cartridges. This means that these sniffer dogs can find vape carts that contain THC, even at very low amounts.


However, it is worth noting that not all vape carts contain THC. Some carts, such as broad-spectrum vape carts, may only contain CBD, which is something they do not train dogs to detect. But a dog’s trained snout shouldn’t discourage you from consuming vape carts. Remember, drug dogs undergo training to detect hard drugs and identify marijuana, which is still federally illegal and contains THC well above the legal threshold of 0.3%.


Can Drug Dogs Smell Dab Pens and Vape Pens?

Not only can drug dogs smell vape cartridges, but these dogs smell vape pens and dab pens, too! But there’s no need to worry. Drug dogs are not after these vapes, just like how they’re not after your carts.


As we previously mentioned, sniffer dogs are trained to detect THC, which might be present in these vaping devices as a remnant of past consumption. There’s no need to worry since these devices are legal, just like the hemp-derived products they’re used with.


If you’re looking for a high-quality vape pen, you’ll be happy to know that you can find it right here at Cheef Botanicals! We have a 510-threaded vape pen that you can attach to any one of our CBD vape cartridges! If you want something more potent, we offer CBD wax to use with your favorite dab pen.



vape cart filled with juice



Can Drug Dogs Smell A Vacuum Sealed Cartridge?

Even vacuum-packed wrapping cannot deter highly trained dogs and their detecting skills. Although your vape cart is 100% federally legal, it still may contain very small amounts of THC (0.3% or less). This could pique a drug dog’s smell. So, if you’re vape cartridge is in a vacuum-sealed bag, a highly trained dog will be able to sniff it out.


What Can Happen If A Drug Dog Smells Your Cart?

If you’re carrying a legal hemp vape cartridge, you may be wondering what could happen if a drug dog smells it. After all, hemp and marijuana are both members of the cannabis family, so we understand if you’re concerned that dogs might mistake your CBD cartridge for illegal drugs.


Fortunately, there’s no need to worry. Drug dogs undergo training to smell for specific compounds found in illegal drugs like marijuana. Even if a drug dog does take a sniff of your cartridge, they won’t alert their handler to anything illegal. Of course, it’s always possible that someone might mistake your legal hemp product for something else. It’s important to be careful and discreet when using it in public.


Always keep a copy of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on you at all times. This is especially important if you feel you’re going to run into a drug dog at the airport or other locations. A COA is a third-party lab-tested document certifying the contents of your vape cart. At Cheef Botanicals, we provide a COA for each of our products and have it ready to download right here on our website.


Are Carts Illegal To Have In Airports?

If you love vaping, you might wonder if it’s legal to take your vape cartridge on an airplane. The answer is: it depends. While there are no federal laws specifically prohibiting vaping in airports, many individual airports have implemented their own rules and regulations surrounding the use of vape pens and cartridges.


Some airports may allow vaping in designated areas, while others may prohibit it altogether.


So, before you travel with your vape cartridge, be sure to check the policies of the airports you’ll be flying out of and into. Some airports may allow vaping in designated areas, while others may prohibit it altogether. If you’re unsure about the policy, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Leave your vape cartridge at home to prevent a customs dog from sniffing you out and causing a fuss over nothing.



Final Thoughts – Can Drug Dogs Smell Carts?

Most drug dogs can detect carts. Unfortunately, even the small amount of THC present in CBD vape juice can attract their attention. To be safe, we recommend that you do not take a vape to locations where drug-sniffing dogs patrol, like security checkpoints at concerts or airports.


You should be fine to travel with CBD in the U.S. because it is federally legal. However, some drug dogs may not be able to tell the difference between legal hemp products and illegal marijuana. If you want to avoid attracting any attention, you can buy Cheef’s CBD isolate, which has no odor. Or you can just wait until you are in a secure place to enjoy your CBD vape!


TLDR: Drug drug dogs can smell vape carts. Even though hemp-derived CBD products are legal, most drug detecting dogs cannot tell them apart from illegal marijuana products. To be safe, don't take your vape to places you anticipate drug dogs will be.

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