Sativa Bundle: OG Kush, Tangie, Hawaiian Haze
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Sativa Bundle: OG Kush, Tangie, Hawaiian Haze

$79.95 $71.95 available on subscription from $74.85 $52.39 / month


Sativa Bundle: OG Kush, Tangie, Hawaiian Haze

  • Top Shelf CBD Sativa Flower Bundle
  • Strains: OG Kush, Tangie, Hawaiian Haze
  • 4 grams per jar (12 grams per bundle)
  • 3 Jars in the Bundle
  • Glass Jar with Child Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant
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This tasty bundle offers a hand-picked variety of our most popular Sativa hemp flower strains. CBD Sativa flower will not make you tired, instead, it will complement your daily routine. These strains will ease your thoughts and allow you to focus your mind while simultaneously relaxing the body. Feel your mood elevate while any stress or tension dissipates with these three flavors.  


OG Kush

This OG Kush CBD strain is a slim, mid-sized plant with a fragrant, zesty, and woody scent. Its large leaves seem as if they are presenting her flowers on a platter. Once cured, OG Kush CBD produces a beautiful flower with dark green hues along with orange twirls hugging its curves, and white feather-like trichomes protecting it. The dense, sticky buds of OG Kush provide powerful relaxation to help you calm down when most needed. 


Percentage Levels: Total CBD: 18.08% / Delta 9 THC: 0%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon



Tangie CBD is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is engineered for the morning person. This strain is known to influence feelings of alertness and uplifting serenity. The aroma and taste are often compared to a bowl of citrus fruit salad. Tangie CBD carries a potent aroma that blends tangerine with a hint of a skunkish fragrance. Brownish tendrils stretch throughout the base of the deep green leaves of the Tangie CBD strain to create a somewhat olive appearance where the two colors intersect.  


Percentage Levels: CBD ~ 11.19%, Delta-9 THC: <0.3%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon


Hawaiian Haze

Earthy in appearance, this CBD flower strain is not as subdued as its colors would make you think. It’s actually quite uplifting. Our Hawaiian Haze flower delivers a smooth, balanced, sun-kissed floral taste that’s invigorating as well as refreshing. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect solution to a social gathering or needed daily revitalization. This delicately light hemp flower is known for it’s thin leaves and its understated light green color. Sometimes you’ll see thin orange streaks around the nug, hinting at what’s actually in store for Hawaiian Haze users.


Percentage Levels: Total CBD ~18% / Delta 9 THC <0.3%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon

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