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Using CBD For Acne: It Really Works!

Using CBD For Acne: It Really Works!

Acne is the second most common skin condition.  Many people, especially as teenagers, suffered from acne, and some have it as adulthood.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “50 million Americans deal with acne annually”.  This epidemic can be very difficult to live with.  This ailment is not only affecting people physically, but it can also lead to lower self-esteem.  These feelings can lead to
depression and anxiety.  Finding treatments for this skin condition can be very expensive. In 2016, Americans spent $600 million in acne prescriptions. Worldwide, acne solutions are a $4.35 billion
dollar industry.  Obviously, people are desperate to find a solution! Could the use of CBD for acne be the solution?

Cannabinoids exist in the human body. Via receptors found in the brain, organs, nervous system, and immune cells. Each receptor handles different functions. The goal in the body is to sustain a stable internal environment.


CBD Treats A Variety Of Medical Conditions:


Using CBD oil for acne is useful thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Research has shown
that CBD can reduce sebum production (National Institute of Health). As well as stop
sebaceous glands cells from secreting excess sebum.

So WHY don’t we see more of a push for CBD products to combat acne? Perhaps it’s
the lack of consumer education or lack of marketing dollars. These may be the reasons
why the average person may not know the power of CBD.


CBD for Acne: A Brief Summary

85% of people between 12 – 24 years of age reported having serious acne issues.  CBD is an anti-inflammatory. This gives CBD treatments an advantage. Due to its ability
to “calm” over active glands from producing components which cause acne. It has also
been known to ease dry or itchy skin or eczema.

Tamas Biro (Medial Researcher at University of Debrecen Department of Physiology)
uncovered that CBD is more effective than prescribed medications.  Medications
containing Vitamin A can have side effects associated with those from Accutane.


CBD Has No Known Side Effects!

Traditional treatments often have side effects that lead to skin that is irritated, dry, and itchy.
Leaving those infected with acne more worried about the side effects than the acne.  A large part of Americans deal with acne and have spent a lot of money on acne treatments. There have been a lot of new advancements in CBD studies and vast testimonials. People are starting to see that CBD may be the answer.


What Exactly Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant.  CBD does not contain THC (mind-altering chemical) and is legal in the United States. It has also been deemed safe by multiple medical research organizations.

These oils can be taken orally in a variety of ways. Some people will use a tincture to place drops of CBD oil under the tongue. This Sublingual application allows the CBD oil to directly absorb through the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Taking the oils like this is done to help bypass the liver which allows it to get into your blood system faster.  It’s also a great alternative for those who don’t like swallowing capsules.  Some people put CBD oils in their morning coffeeor favorite beverage.


What Generally Causes Acne?

Generally, acne occurs when hair follicles produce an excess amount of oil.  They become
plugged with oil and dead skin cells.  This condition often leads to whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Acne is often on the face, forehead, chest, arms and back.  These areas are primary targets for acne since they have the most amounts of oil glands.  There are also a large number of hair follicles in those areas.  The combination of both oil glands and hair follicles are a perfect environment for acne.  There are other things besides these that contribute to Acne flare-ups.


Traditional Factors That Can Contribute To Acne Flare-Ups Can Be:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Hormones
  • Menstruation
  • Stress
  • Medications


Non-Traditional Factors That Can Contribute to Acne Flare-Ups:

  • Hair gel products – Absorbs into the skin and can clogs pores
  • Skin care products – Can cause rashes or blemishes
  • Traveling – Changes in weather can affect your skin causing breakouts
  • Cell phones – Bacteria collects on your cell phone which can then transfer to your face


MYTH: Eating greasy foods will lead to acne. This is not true.  Everyone’s body works differently, so greasy foods might not be the culprit in your case, but diet is a huge factor with acne, so choose your meals wisely.

There are many things that contribute to acne.  Taking CBD for acne helps improve a variety of conditions in the body which targets and alleviates the causes of acne directly from its many sources.

CBD for Acne featured image


How Can CBD Help My Acne?

Using CBD for acne can be an effective treatment. It has the ability to reduce inflammation in
hair follicles.  It has also been discovered that CBD works with your body’s natural Cannabinoid receptors that wouldn’t otherwise be stimulated in the same way as by taking CBD in its concentrated form.  CBD triggers the body’s anandamide (a transmitter that regulates cell growth).  This stimulation naturally switches on the production and maintenance of healthy cells in the body.   CBD also works with the body’s natural receptors to reduce stress levels and reduce pain.


The body accepts with natural treatments with greater ease compared to chemicals foreign to the body.  Prescribed medications can lead to increased acne and even other side effects.  Side effects can outweigh benefit(s) and leave you with dry skin or irritating rashes.  CBD has NO known side effects and doesn’t conflict with prescribed medications.


CBD may look like prescribed medicine in its capsule form, but it is far from it.  There are many forms of CBD that can be taken with the same benefits.  CBD is used for Acne in a variety of ways.


How To Use CBD For My Acne?

The use of CBD for Acne works with the body’s CBD receptors. They allow the body to maintain a healthy balance in the body.  With regular use, CBD can be very effective against acne by reducing stress, anxiety, as well as combatting other ailments that contribute to acne.

The best way to ingest CBD for Acne and let the benefits come from within are by orally taking drops of CBD oil or by swallowing CBD Capsules.  The capsules can also be taken apart so the powder inside can be mixed with beverages, sprinkled on or mixed with food.


Best Way To Use Topical CBD For Acne

Typically, topicals are used for acne because they can be localized to the exact spot needing relief.  Topicals are creams or ointments that can be massaged into the skin.  Add a few drops of CBD oil to your squirt of lotion and mix it together in your hands before applying it to your skin.  Apply the CBD infused lotion to dry skin and problematic areas like where there are signs of inflammation.  You want to make sure you use an appropriate amount to cover the desired area.  Depending on the amount used, how often the topical is used, and the condition of your skin can dictate how long it will take to see results.  Some topicals can be effective immediately, especially for pain.


Acne is a troublesome experience.  Using CBD for Acne and general well-being works wonders.

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