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Cheef Botanicals Cbd Vape Carts No MCT Oil
Cheef Botanicals Cbd Vape Carts With No Mtc Oil

What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural occuring compound found in the Hemp plant. It comes in many product forms including Vegan Gummies, CBD flower & Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Our CBD will not get you “High” and has NO intoxicating effects.

Why Use CBD?

CBD works within your body and helps support recovery from exercise & activity-induced soreness and helps to manage your everyday stress levels. Take our quiz and find out which CBD product is right for you!

Is CBD Legal?

Yes our CBD is fully Farm Bill compliant and legal in all 50 states. We infuse our CBD edibles with hemp extract containing <0.3% THC or less so you won’t feel high. How much CBD shoud you take? Visit our CBD Dosage Chart.

All Natural Organically Grown Cannabidiol

See our array of wellness products including our very high potency CBD concentrates. Indulge in a daily rub-down with some CBD body lotion for beautiful skin. If you’re experiencing tenderness from a workout, soreness from physical exercise, our CBD Salve is designed to give you the relief you need to keep going strong!