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CBD for Focus and Work: Boosting Productivity with Cannabidiol

CBD has become popular over the years because of its many soothing benefits and applications. Did you know one of those benefits is improving your focus? Taking CBD for focus can be as simple as smoking CBD flower or dropping CBD oil under your tongue. Whatever method you prefer, you’ll feel an enhanced sense of focus, inspiration, and creativity in a matter of minutes.


Many people need extra focus at work, while collaborating on a project, or even while trying to read a book they want to finish. No matter your reason, CBD can boost your attention and energy and help you knock down your to-do list. Here is how CBD helps you stay focused and get things done!



How Does CBD Work?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of about 100 known cannabinoids found in hemp. It’s non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. CBD products are growing in popularity because they provide a multitude of wellness benefits without any of the negative side effects of THC. So, how does CBD actually work in your body?


CBD interacts with the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS helps maintain your homeostasis or internal balance. To do this, the ECS influences bodily functions through receptors in all of the main systems, including the nervous, immune, and digestive systems. Because CBD can interact with these receptors across all systems, it may have a positive influence on your physical and mental well-being.


Is CBD Legal?

Because CBD has so many positive benefits, several people are worried it may not be fully legal. Rest assured that this is not the case! CBD is completely legal in all 50 states, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.


Part of the reason CBD is legal is that it has no intoxicating qualities and is non-addictive. Plus, it’s also impossible to overdose on CBD! Some studies claim you’d have to take over 20,000 mg all at once to reach a “toxic” dose, which is unachievable.


Again, the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp products legal throughout the United States. This bill made it legal to manufacture, produce, sell, purchase, and use CBD in all 50 states. The Farm Bill also established strict regulations for farmers and manufacturers, ensuring that the products are clean and of high quality.



What Are the Benefits of CBD?

So what happens when CBD interacts with the receptors in your ECS? What does CBD do? Here are some of the most common benefits people experience when using CBD.


Soothes Discomfort

Several people use CBD because it can soothe physical discomfort including aching muscles and joints. CBD has anti-swelling properties that can further target and reduce this kind of discomfort. This makes CBD a fabulous option for people who work long hours doing physical labor, sit at an uncomfortable office chair, or run after kids.


Calms Negative Thoughts

CBD is popular for people who want to help reduce negative thoughts. Whether you’re scared, nervous, stressed, or upset, CBD can help break the thought cycle by uplifting your mood and unraveling tension. You can take CBD every eight hours to help balance mood or 30 minutes before triggering events that you know will bring on negative feelings.



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Regulates Sleep

Some people take CBD before bed because it can naturally promote deeper sleep. This leaves consumers feeling well-rested and rejuvenated the next day. Without physical discomforts and mental frustrations to keep you distracted, it’s even easier to slip into a dreamy, uninterrupted sleep. That’s why people with trouble sleeping often turn to CBD.


Promotes Appetite

CBD won’t give you the “munchies,” and it’s not known to make people gain weight. But, CBD can improve queasiness that prevents you from eating. Without feeling this discomfort, you can regulate your appetite and eat a healthy amount without feeling sick or uncomfortable.



Does CBD Help You Focus?

Yes! Many people don’t realize that CBD actually improves mental clarity, especially when taken consistently. As CBD continues to interact with your ECS, your body and mind reach a more balanced state. Specifically, your energy and mood become more stable. This balance definitely boosts your focus!


CBD not only soothes nervous feelings but improves focus and concentration as well. A study in 2014 showed that CBD promotes wakefulness in some people. This is especially true if you select an energizing CBD product.


For example, there are two strains of CBD hemp flower: Sativa and Indica. Each type has different cannabinoid and terpene profiles, giving them slightly different effects. The terpene and cannabinoid levels in any given strain have the biggest impact on how they will make the consumer feel.


Sativa CBD strains are known to make people feel energized and creative. People like taking Sativa CBD products in the morning to feel rejuvenated and inspired. They’re fantastic for work or any big project. Sativas are also great for people looking for inspiration before taking on an art concept, like a painting or song.


On the other hand, Indica CBD strains make people feel relaxed and calm. People will take Indica CBD products before bed to feel peaceful and clear-headed. These strains are for people who want to forget all the work they thought about all day and sink into a relaxed and more chill state. Whether you want to curl up with a good book or get ready for bed, Indica CBD strains are a great choice.


So if you want to feel focused, you definitely want to try a Sativa CBD flower strain. These strains are great for people who want an extra creativity boost or motivation to get things done.


Can CBD Get Me High?

No! CBD products come from the hemp plant. Hemp plants are legal because they don’t have more than 0.3% THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid that can make people high in large amounts. But 0.3% or less isn’t enough to induce any of those negative side effects.


Just remember that any CBD product with more than 0.3% THC is no longer legal. It’s always important to purchase CBD from a trusted company that sticks to these guidelines so you won’t experience unwanted side effects of THC.


CBD is actually known to reduce the side effects of THC. The way it interacts with our receptors often blocks the action of THC, meaning you may have success using CBD to reduce an unwanted high and help you get back in the zone.



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What Are the Best CBD Products for Focus?

Several CBD products can help you focus! The most popular might be CBD flower. CBD flower is great for vaping or smoking, which is the quickest way to feel CBD’s effects. You’ll often experience benefits in a matter of seconds. We even have pre-rolled CBD flower joints, which make it even faster and easier to experience CBD’s soothing effects with no effort.


Here are some popular Sativa strains that will make you feel focused and energized right away:


  • Gorilla Glue: Jump-start your day with rich coffee, chocolate-y vapors
  • Sour Lifter: Fiery Sour Lifter can get you springing from your seat in no time with its fruity, sweet taste
  • Cherry Wine: Berries and pine make the best Cherry Wine! This yummy strain gets your head right back to where it’s supposed to be
  • Ceiba Fox: The sticky-icky Ceiba Fox will zap you like a bolt of citrus electricity!


CBD tinctures are another popular way to use CBD. These can work in a few minutes, which is also pretty quick. Simply place some drops under your tongue. This is another way to take CBD with little effort.


These fast-acting CBD products let you feel focused, energized, and motivated right away. They are perfect for adding to your morning routine before work, school, or a creative project that needs a bit of extra inspiration.



How to Use CBD for Focus

If you don’t want to smoke or vape CBD, you can experience its effects in many different ways. You can use CBD flower or oil in simple, fun recipes that allow you to experience CBD’s effects after a delicious meal or snack. People add CBD to their favorite smoothies, tea, energy drinks, pancakes, baked goods, and stir-fries.


You can also buy CBD gummies, honey sticks, and lollipops if you’re not much of a chef. CBD gummies are delicious and sweet! Ours are also vegan, natural, and contain NO artificial flavors. This makes them a healthy snack to pop in your mouth before you get ready to head to work.


Maybe a sore shoulder is distracting you from your work? You can rub a CBD salve on to melt the ache and get back to the task at hand. Salves allow the CBD to penetrate deep into the dermis and interact with the receptors beneath, providing relief to any discomfort you might feel.


There are so many different ways to experience CBD. No matter your preference, you’ll find a CBD product that works for you and gets you in the zone fast!



Final Thoughts – CBD for Focus

CBD is a great choice for people looking to improve their focus. When your physical discomfort dissolves and your negative thoughts fade away, you can center your attention on your book, job, or project much easier. CBD can clear your mind and allow you to have a sense of creativity and inspiration.


CBD is legal in all 50 states, and there are so many ways to use it. From smoking CBD flower to dropping some CBD oil in your favorite pancake mix, there’s a variety of ways to use CBD to get the focus you need. This has made CBD quite popular for people looking for a boost of energy before work.


If you have any questions about which CBD product is right for you, reach out to our customer service department! Our dedicated service team is always available to answer questions, discuss your concerns, and help you find the right CBD product for your specific needs.