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All About How To Use CBD For Hangovers [Highly Effective]

Can you take CBD for a hangover? Hangovers are episodes of headaches and nausea the morning after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.  According to the Urban Dictionary, a hangover:


“Can be identified by the vomit on last night’s clothes, the want to never eat or drink again, a great dislike for sunlight, and the need for a glass of water with many many aspirin.”



Does CBD Work For Alcohol Hangovers?

It can’t un-send the drunk texts from the night before, but CBD is great for reducing nausea and effectively easing the headaches caused by the hangover.


CBD is also great for many ailments and disorders the body may be experiencing.  An overwhelming number of people are taking matters into their own hands and consuming concentrated superfood nutrients like CBD.  They report experiencing positive benefits from CBD that are superior to any other superfood nutrient they can possibly get.



The research as still part of the initial findings is supporting the peoples’ conclusions, increasing the support the Cannabis industry is receiving from legislators. It helps not only people experiencing discomfort but society as a whole.  The cannabis industry is curing the diseases of society like crime rates and the lack of funds for public services by supplementing the incomes of many, including the very establishment itself. CBD is super patriotic. The first American flag was made out of hemp by Betsy Ross.


Cannabis is by the people and for the people, proving the effectiveness of truth upheld by the support of the people upon society at this moment in history. More information about CBD is coming.  Spread the word, you are part of it.



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Simply Put: How To Use CBD For Hangovers

Use it before you go to bed because it will absorb into the body and suppress nausea in the morning. Regular doses of CBD are ideal generally. Don’t take it right before you start drinking though or it might ruin your buzz! One study found that CBD actually reduced blood alcohol levels in human research participants.


Check out our selection of CBD Flower & CBD products and keep reading to learn the details of how CBD actually does all of this including detailed dosage information for using CBD for hangovers.



Hangovers can be dangerous, and medical attention may be required if excessive alcohol poisoning occurs. You can take CBD after they pump your stomach if medical attention is necessary.


How Long Do CBD Oil Effects Last?

The effects of CBD oil will last for varying times depending on the method used to ingest it. If you take your CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), then the effects will likely last somewhere between four and six hours. If you swallow the oil, the effects will last slightly longer, with an average time somewhere between six and eight hours.



Inhaling CBD During A Hangover

CBD can also be smoked or vaped to get effects similar to ingesting the oil. However, an advantage inhalation has over CBD oil is that it will kick in faster, providing you with hangover relief as quickly as possible.


And of course, you don’t have to eat anything! Stomachs are usually on the sensitive side during a hangover, and food doesn’t always sound appetizing.


As an added benefit, inhalable CBD tastes good! There are a variety of flavors and strains, allowing you to choose the flavor that suits your needs best. This is useful for sensitive stomachs that might be triggered by the more potent “plant-like” flavors associated with CBD oils.


When you inhale CBD instead of eating it, there is a minor trade-off between the onset time of effects and the duration of the benefits. Inhaled CBD has a quick onset time (almost immediately) but doesn’t last as long as digested CBD. On the other hand, edibles (including CBD oil) take longer to kick in but last longer than inhaled CBD. Still, it is easy to re-dose when needed because of the fast onset time associated with inhalable CBD. Some of our most popular inhalable CBD products are listed below.


CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD vape cartridges provide a convenient and easy-to-use form to the well-loved cannabinoid CBD. Cartridges make it easy to get your CBD dose on the go without drawing attention or creating any lingering smells. Cartridges also give consumers the ability to choose the flavor they prefer. Our CBD vape cartridges come in a variety of delicious flavors suitable for all different palettes and preferences like:


  • Blackberry Kush
  • Lychee Ice
  • Lemonade
  • Mimosa
  • Starfruit


We also offer long-lasting batteries to power your cartridge. Our batteries are compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges and function using a single button so you can get started using your cartridge right away. Our batteries come with a USB charging adapter and an LED charge indicator, so you can see for yourself when your battery is full up and ready to rip again!


CBD Flower

CBD flower is one of the most traditional forms CBD can be found in. CBD flower is highly flexible in its use as it can be smoked or vaped using various tools like a bong, pipe, wraps, or even an herbal vaporizer! Flower can also be incorporated into edible products, giving you the option to craft your own hangover cure! We offer premium quality CBD flower in many popular strains like:


  • Kush Mintz
  • Zkittles
  • Cookies
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sour Diesel
  • OG Kush


CBD Pre Rolls

CBD pre-rolls provide the great taste of flower but are conveniently pre-wrapped, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of rolling yourself! Our pre-rolls are perfect for on-the-go hangouts or those mornings where the hangover symptoms are preventing you from even getting out of bed. Light up a pre-roll and enjoy your new favorite hangover remedy!



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CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are the most potent way to inhale CBD. Concentrated CBD products take effect almost instantly and kick in with potent strength! This makes them a good option for many hangover symptoms, especially the hangover headaches and brain fog that come with an early morning recovery session.


Concentrates may also be a good option for easily getting back to sleep after a night out. After all, who wants to spend the early morning after heavy drinking awake with a headache? Most people use a glass device similar to a bong called a dab rig to consume concentrates. Concentrates can also be used in some vape devices or incorporated into food to create potent edibles.


How Long Do The Effects Of Inhaling CBD Take To Kick In?

One of the big benefits of inhaling CBD for hangovers is the fast onset time of effects. When you take CBD via inhalation, effects should kick in quickly–almost immediately after consumption! This is one of the aspects of inhalable CBD many consumers find to be useful.


With a quick onset time, you can quickly determine if you need to take more to get the desired effect, but it also allows you to relieve discomfort quickly so you can spend less time waiting for effects to kick in.


How Long Do The Effects Of Inhaling CBD Last?

The effects of inhaling CBD last for three to four hours per dosage. This is a long enough amount of time that you should not find yourself needing frequent re-dosings. Luckily, because of inhalable CBD’s fast onset time, re-dosing is still a viable and effective option in case you do find yourself needing an extra boost later in the day.



More Hangover Remedies

You can combine other methods commonly used to relieve hangover symptoms with CBD for more effective treatment! Combining these well-known methods with CBD can help relieve symptoms faster and more effectively. Some tried and true hangover remedies include:


Drink A Lot of Fluids

Consuming alcoholic drinks makes your whole body dehydrated. Try drinking plenty of fluids to replace the hydration lost on your night out, especially if you feel extra headache-y!


Balance Electrolytes

Our brains might feel foggy and slow when we are low on electrolytes. Drinking and eating products rich in electrolytes helps your body reconnect and reenergize important signal paths in the nervous system, helping us feel better and think better.


Try Liquid IV

This popular product has quickly become a well-loved cure for hangover symptoms. Liquid IV is full of beneficial electrolytes making this drink mix a great option for relieving morning headaches or painful symptoms from dehydration.


Eat Some Carbohydrates

Recovering on an empty stomach is much more difficult than when you’ve had something to eat. Carbs help us keep our energy levels up, and many sources of carbs are plain and easy on the stomach. Try eating a bagel, some rice, or plain crackers the next time you need some carbs after a night of drinking.



man after party considering life choices



Take a Pain Reliever (Not Tylenol)

Some painkillers can help reduce your overall discomfort during a hangover. However, avoid consuming Tylenol, as it can cause damage when combined with alcohol in the stomach.


Drink Tea or Coffee

The caffeine in these beverages can help give you a boost to get over your morning aches and pains. Just be sure not to overdo it; caffeinated drinks can cause an upset belly or high levels of stomach acid when taken in high amounts.


B Vitamins and Zinc

B vitamins and zinc are both great at encouraging your body to break down and metabolize alcohol, allowing the symptoms of a hangover to pass more quickly.


Visit an Oxygen Bar

Increasing your oxygen intake can be beneficial for clearing your mind and refreshing your senses. Oxygen bars typically offer 95% pure oxygen, so you can experience the cleanest air available while refreshing your mind and body from the grogginess of your nausea.



How Long Do Hangovers Last?

Most hangovers last less than 72 hours. The majority should subside within a day of proper care. Still, the amount of time you experience a hangover is largely dependent on various personal factors. These can include but are not limited to:


  • Bodyweight
  • Amount of alcohol you consumed
  • How much water you consumed while drinking alcohol
  • Frequency you drink alcohol
  • Nutrition
  • Existing health conditions
  • Age



Can CBD Help Nausea & Throwing Up?

Vomiting is not fun, even though it can provide relief from the pain of a hangover.  Vomiting before going to bed can reduce the severity of the hangover the next day.  Your body knows what it needs to do.  The same is true of CBD:


CBD absorbs through receptors in the body designed specifically to absorb cannabinoid nutrients like CBD and its psychoactive counterpart THC.  THC will get you high while CBD will not. There are over 100 different cannabinoid nutrients that research is advancing on, but CBD and THC are the most prevalent, found in the largest amounts in the cannabis plant.



CBD Is Anti-Emetic, Or Anti-Nausea & Vomiting

The anti-nausea/anti-emetic effects of CBD may be mediated by indirect activation of somatodendritic 5-HT(1A) receptors in the dorsal raphe nucleus; activation of these autoreceptors reduces the release of 5-HT in terminal forebrain regions. Preclinical research indicates that cannabinoids, including CBD, may be effective clinically for treating both nausea and vomiting produced by chemotherapy or other therapeutic treatments.”

-Department of Psychology and Collaborative Neuroscience Program, University of Guelph



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How To Ingest CBD Oil When You’re Nauseous

Often times, eating a meal of greasy fast food to cure a hangover as many claims work actually just put upchuck material into your already upset stomach.  This will only make you vomit more. You just know it already sometimes.


CBD for hangovers targets the problem at the source when you swallow it.  CBD targets the problem at the source chemically in the body, working with serotonin receptors to stimulate beneficial chemical processes to occur throughout the body.  This increases positive vibes and lowers anxiety.


Leaving CBD oil under the tongue allows it to absorb through the tissue there. Usually, dosages are not mouthfuls, so often times it’s not much to swallow or even notice. The oil mixes with your saliva and naturally gets into the stomach if the person doesn’t consciously swallow the oil.  CBD oil has a unique taste that many people love.


Many people use coconut oil or olive oil frequently just by itself.  Cheef hemp CBD tincture oils are made with hemp oil which is just like coconut oil or olive oil, but it comes from a different plant.  The body actually has its own receptors in the brain designed to intake cannabinoid nutrients from this specific plant.  Nothing against coconut oil or olive oil, take those too and use them for oil pulling.


Oils are naturally good for the gut, which makes them good for hangovers.  The gut, or gastrointestinal tract, is where the alcohol had originally poisoned the person from, so it’s an important area that CBD can help benefit.  There may be a disorder of gut bacteria in the stomach when a person has a hangover and CBD is antibacterial so it reduces the negative effects the toxins have on the body.



How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

CBD can take up to 30 minutes at most to begin taking effect.  Usually, it is taken for longer periods of time to either support general well-being or to aid with health conditions.  With hangovers, it is best to take CBD immediately when you wake up. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth out or brush your teeth to get rid of the bad bacteria that has built up in your mouth, possibly also being a horrible-smelling alcohol/ puke morning breath.  Do this before taking CBD drops. Also, puke more if you have to before taking the CBD.


You just don’t want to waste the CBD so be smart about when you can take it and let it absorb between puking sessions.  You can effectively take CBD capsules or eat CBD gummies if you are only experiencing the urge to, but not actually vomiting.



CBD Oil Dosage For Hangovers

Each product has its own specific dosage guidelines on the product label, but in general, the average person should be taking between between 0.25mg – 0.5mg of CBD for every 1 LB of bodyweight per day.


Take it all at once in the morning if you’re hungover so it’ll work effectively. The dosage recommendations on the product you select will give you the specifics of the products.  Each product varies in how much CBD content is in the dropper bottle.  For all of the tinctures, it is common for our users to take half to full droppers full. It is ideal to start with the minimum recommended dose though.  This avoids the slim chance of side effects like drowsiness to occur.  Ironically, drowsiness might be exactly what the hungover person needs so that the body can get rid of the hangover.  Hangovers luckily go away naturally, there are definitely things you can do to make the hangover go away faster.



dropping cbd oil into morning coffee



Other Benefits of CBD Oil

Another benefit of CBD oil that is relevant to hangovers is that it reduces pain.  When people get hangover, it means they had to drink A LOT the night before, possibly getting blackout drunk. Often times people who are drinking will fall or physically injure themselves somehow. CBD helps with pain management and some people even swear by it to regulate their excruciating pain that pharmaceutical medications couldn’t effectively treat. Unlike many of these prescription drugs, CBD has few if any side effects and can even be taken along with other pain medications.


CBD oil also benefits the appetite and can stimulate a person to feel like eating something when they are hungover and just don’t want to- even when it could be the best thing for them to get some food in their system.


There are many other benefits of CBD oil, but when asking, “how to use CBD for hangovers” it is all about how CBD is antiemetic, anti-bacterial, as well as how it helps ease pain and stimulate the appetite when a person really needs to feel better.



Final Thoughts – CBD for Hangover

There are other things people also try for reducing hangovers before and after they happen.  There is of course drinking large amounts of water, taking pain medicines, eating a big meal of greasy fast food, and drinking coffee.  Many of these things are good ideas to include in your game plan to beat hangovers. Especially if you party a lot and get hungover often; or for whatever reason know you’re going to get HAMMERED.


It’s important to remember that CBD for hangovers often works better than pharmaceuticals at reducing nausea and vomiting.  Especially because it absorbs fast under the tongue and ships from Cheef Botanicals free on all orders. The other answer to, “how to use CBD for hangovers?” is to buy a product and have it ready for use. It can benefit a person as a staple in their diet as protein powder, daily multi-vitamins, and other dietary supplements are.