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What is CBD Oral Spray? ​

CBD oral spray is a liquid formulation of hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol) that allows you to absorb its benefits through your mouth. When sprayed into your mouth, your mucous membranes absorb CBD, allowing it to quickly enter your circulation where its mental and physical benefits can be felt.

The CBD-rich liquid in these sprays is typically contained in a small glass spray bottle that delivers consistent CBD in every spray. The overall formulation features supporting ingredients that improve the absorption of CBD and accentuate its specific benefits. Compact, discreet, and portable, CBD oral sprays are an efficient, easy, and convenient way to enjoy CBD’s calming relief and general wellness properties anywhere, anytime. 

Benefits of CBD Oral Spray

Consuming CBD via an oral spray provides many benefits, making it an excellent addition to your wellness toolkit. The main advantages of a CBD oral spray are the following:

Oral sprays are rapidly absorbed by the mucus membranes in the mouth, delivering CBD directly into your circulation. This allows you to feel the benefits as soon as 15 minutes after application, with the benefits lasting up to 6 hours.

The small size of CBD oral sprays makes them easy to transport and consume on the go.

Delta 8 Gummies take the guesswork out of dosing because they come pre-measured with a specific amount of D8, making them very easy to take. When you consume Delta 8 Gummies, they take about 45-60 minutes to fully absorb into your circulation. Once Delta 8 becomes available to your ECS, the effects typically last 6-8 hours, more than any other type of D8 consumption method. 

Another key benefit of oral sprays is that they do not require combustion. This avoids any harsh smoke in your lungs and acrid smells on your clothes.

How To Use CBD Oral Spray

To effectively use Cheef Botanicals’ CBD Oral Sprays, ensure you have no other food or drinks in your mouth when ingesting. Here’s how to use our CBD Oral Sprays in three easy steps:

Remove the cap and point the spray bottle nozzle at the opening of your mouth or the underside of your tongue

Press the spray pump with your mouth open to imbibe a single serving of CBD

Allow the spray to absorb in your mouth for 30 seconds, then swallow any remaining liquid.

Although the spray should start working in a matter of minutes, we suggest waiting an hour to determine the full extent of the effects. Always consume responsibly and use your best judgment and previous experience to decide on the ideal serving size for your specific needs.

If you are new to CBD, we suggest starting with a single spray and gradually increasing the amount over time. This will allow you to become accustomed to CBD without overdoing it.

Ingredients of CBD Oral Spray

Our CBD Oral Sprays include a blend of supporting natural ingredients that complement CBD and give each spray its unique flavors and properties. Please check the labels of our Balance, Relief, and Sleep CBD Oral Sprays for product-specific ingredients. 

All our sprays contain the following main ingredients that help accentuate CBD’s effectiveness and provide a more pleasant experience:

  • Hemp-derived CBD isolate: This CBD-rich extract delivers purity and potency so you can benefit from CBD’s full wellness potential. Made from USA-grown, Farm Bill-compliant hemp. 
  • Olive oil: As cannabinoids are easily transported in fats, olive oil makes an excellent vehicle for CBD. Healthy fats like olive oil help your body absorb cannabinoids more effectively.
  • Peppermint oil: This minty extract helps prepare the mouth’s membranes for absorption. Peppermint oil also helps add a more pleasant flavor to the spray.

Monk fruit and stevia extracts: We flavor our CBD oral sprays with monk fruit and stevia to add sweetness without the use of artificial flavors and sweeteners.

CBD Oral Spray FAQs

As CBD oral sprays are a relatively new way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, we know you may have further questions about it. To help, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions below to help you along your wellness journey. 

The primary advantage of a CBD oral spray over other form factors is its rapid absorption and fast-acting benefits. Since the mucous membranes of the mouth can absorb cannabinoids, CBD is fast-tracked into your circulation and distributed throughout the body so your ECS can benefit, delivering relief in minutes. This gives oral sprays a similar activation time as the sublingual application of tinctures, making them one of the quickest ways to enjoy CBD.

CBD sprays and edibles have advantages, but they work in different ways. Oral CBD sprays are absorbed in the mouth and bypass the digestive system. This makes them one of the fastest-acting delivery methods for CBD. 


CBD edibles must be digested and metabolized by the liver before entering your circulation, so they are slower to take effect. However, they typically have a longer duration than oral sprays, so it depends on which advantage you consider more important.

If you overindulge in CBD oral sprays, you may experience some mild side effects. These are only temporary and will pass soon after you stop consuming. The typical side effects are:


  • Drowsiness
  • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea


Once again, you can usually avoid these side effects by ingesting an appropriate amount of CBD. For best results, please consume responsibly and carefully.

Yes, CBD oral sprays are 100% federally legal as long as they are hemp-derived and contain 0.3% or less THC. However, some states have their own regulations for hemp, so always check your local laws before purchasing any hemp-based products.

The amount of Delta 8 gummies you can eat depends upon your personal experience with D8 and how it affects you. We generally recommend starting at a low dose, typically 5-15 mg of Delta 8, and slowly working your way up to an amount that’s right for you. For more experienced Delta 8 enthusiasts, we recommend taking one gummy per day or as needed.

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