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Hidden deep within the loamy woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere is a little red and white mushroom that many feel holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, has served as a conduit to the farthest reaches of the mind, helping to elevate it to spellbinding dimensions of vibrant fantasy and relaxing, lucid euphoria. 

For thousands of years, enthusiasts have enjoyed the transcendent power of Amanita mushrooms. From gaining personal insights to aiding creative pursuits and much more, enthusiasts can now share in this quest by trying our premium line of Amanita muscaria mushroom products!

American-grown and harvested by mycological experts, our line of Amanita muscaria mushroom products will set one’s mind free and allow one to experience the world from a fresh, new perspective. Whether it’s dried caps from all-natural Amanita mushrooms or infused gummy cubes for a consistent experience every time, we have everything Amanita muscaria enthusiasts need to get going on their mystical journey!

What Is Amanita Muscaria?

Also known as fly agaric or fly mushroom, Amanita muscaria is a species of mushroom that contains natural euphoric compounds that offer an array of mind and body sensations. From an altered perspective, elevated euphoria, deep relaxation, and lucid dreaming, Amanita muscaria’s effects have led to its use in spiritual and religious ceremonies throughout history. Native to Northern Hemisphere woodlands, Amanita muscaria typically grows in a mutually beneficial relationship with birch and pine trees, exchanging nutrients in a symbiotic bond.

Amanita Muscaria FAQ

Amanita muscaria is a must for anyone seeking new avenues of personal and spiritual growth. From unlocking creativity to gaining deeper insights into emotions and experiences, Amanita muscaria has the potential to be a powerful tool for life-changing self-exploration and artistic expression. 

Amanita muscaria mushrooms are very safe when prepared correctly. In fact, people have been using Amanita muscaria for thousands of years, dating back to prehistoric times. However, starting slow and staying within personal comfort zones is always a good idea. 

Like any new experience, taking it easy will help avoid unwanted side effects. Our Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms and Gummy Cubes come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), so consumers know they’re receiving pure and potent products that are safe.

There are several ways one can use Amanita mushroom products. Our Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms are very versatile. To start off safely, take about ⅓ of a small-sized cap (approximately 2g) and gradually increase the dose as needed, with a 3-hour interval between each dose.

Enthusiasts can make their Amanita muscaria journey more convenient with our Amanita Muscaria Gummy Cubes! These small and discreet cubes are consumer-friendly, especially for newbies. Enthusiasts begin by taking half a gummy cube and monitoring their mind and body’s response before consuming the other half. Regular Amanita muscaria enthusiasts can savor one gummy cube a day for a satisfying effect.

Cheef Botanicals Amanita muscaria mushroom products are completely natural and made with the consumers’ best interests in mind. Our Amanita Muscaria Dried Mushrooms are grown with expert knowledge, ensuring their natural purity. While our Amanita Muscaria Gummy Cubes are entirely plant-based with no animal products, perfect for those on vegan diets. With us, everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature in every bite!

Before diving into the world of Amanita muscaria, it’s important to know that while this mushroom can provide some unforgettable experiences, overindulging may lead to potential side effects. Don’t worry, though — by consuming it responsibly, enthusiasts can easily avoid mild, temporary side effects such as gastrointestinal distress, frequent urination, excessive salivation, sweating, and lethargy. Whether one is a rookie or a seasoned enthusiast, start slow and stay within personal comfort zones. And if any side effects do occur, enthusiasts can simply relax, sip some water, and find a safe space to rest until they subside.

Yes, Amanita muscaria is 100% legal to possess and cultivate at both the state and federal levels. The only exception is the state of Louisiana, where it was outlawed in 2005. But don’t worry, fans can still use Amanita muscaria for decorative landscaping purposes in The Bayou State!