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“started feeling less sick…”

I recently got word that my recent stomach sickness was Cancer and I’d have to start treatment, right away. Due to early detection I had higher odds of beating this thing. Great...Read More

“overall anxiety was less…”

So here's my story.. Fresh out of college, I was hired at this large accounting firm. I have been doing really well and getting noticed by my boss. Most people would think this...Read More

“this stuff really helped…”

Not being able to control anxiety nerve-racking. It didn’t matter how prepared I was for a test in school or if I already knew the guy I was gonna go on a...Read More

“was experiencing depression..”

I've been feeling weird and not “in the mood” to go out with my kids lately. I know this isn’t normal for me so I did some research online and found that...Read More

“feeling like my old self again”

Was dealing with a lot of depression after I lost my mom last year. My friends tried to help me through this time in my life by keeping me busy and taking...Read More

“natural and not addicting..”

Depression is something I’ve battled since I was a kid. I’m not sure how or when it started but being an overweight kid is when I can remember the earliest feelings of...Read More

“A lot less pain in my joints..”

The older I get the worse my joints feel at times. I hated how my body felt in the mornings or cold days. I would feel the aching pain in my hands...Read More

“has helped my depression…”

I'm proof that you don’t have to be a celebrity to suffer from depression. Medication always made me feel tired mostly and I didn’t feel that it was very effective for me....Read More

“CBD gummies for my anxiety..”

If anyone has ever had an anxiety attack you know that feeling of helplessness and fear coming over your whole body. Not knowing what to do, or how long this feeling was...Read More

“helped me stop smoking..”

I come from a long line of family smokers and have pretty much made it a big part of my life. Recently, my wife gave birth to our baby girl and I...Read More

“A powerful cure for my ACNE?”

As a 40 year old man it is very embarrassing to have acne that is very visible. When I was a teenager, this was something I experienced more often than I would...Read More

“It worked for me…”

Started using Cheef Botanicals CBD oil drops almost a full month ago. I have gone from being a skeptic to now a full-blown believer. Now instead of getting cortisone shots in my...Read More

“Big upgrade in my life”

I have experienced a big reduction in the pain levels from my fibromyalgia, arthritis, and CRPS almost immediately after taking my first cbd capsule. I feel great and have increased energy and...Read More

“Best vegan gummys”

I take CBD for my anxiety. When I ate my first Cheef CBD gummy, it calmed me down within 5 minutes and it didn't make me drowsy like other medications did. At...Read More

“1 pill before bed for great sleep”

Hello I've had issues with insomnia for as long as I can remember and every once in a while I just can't fall asleep for whatever reason. I've been prescribed medication but...Read More

“Giving CBD to my mom!”

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that the CBD oil drops that have been giving to my mom have helped her a ton with her arthritis. She says that...Read More

“Saves you time and money…”

I'm always happy with the quality of the product that you guys sell. I need CBD for my anxiety and joint pain in my knees. I'm a waitress so I'm on my feet...Read More

“good quality and consistency..”

I've ordered from most of the bigger name CBD brands on the net to try and find the best product with the best price point. I've done my research on google, reddit, and CBD...Read More

“Great line and good experience!”

When my wife was going through chemotherapy, I found an article on the benefits of CBD oil and after a little bit of more research I found your hemp CBD drops and decided...Read More