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CBD Hemp Flower – Hawaiian Haze

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  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower
  • Total CBD: ~18%, Delta-9 THC: <0.3%
  • Strain: Hawaiian Haze
  • Glass Jar with Child Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

**Refund Policy Excludes any product size of 1 oz or greater. All sales are final for CBD flower products of 1 oz or greater.

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  • Premium CBD Hemp Flower
  • Total CBD: ~18%, Delta-9 THC: <0.3%
  • Strain: Hawaiian Haze
  • Glass Jar with Child Resistant Cap
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant

**Refund Policy Excludes any product size of 1 oz or greater. All sales are final for CBD flower products of 1 oz or greater.

Earthy in appearance, this CBD flower strain is not as subdued as its colors would make you think. It’s actually quite uplifting. Our Hawaiian Haze flower delivers a smooth, balanced, sun-kissed floral taste that’s invigorating as well as refreshing. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect solution to a social gathering or needed daily revitalization. This delicately light hemp flower is known for it’s thin leaves and its understated light green color. Sometimes you’ll see thin orange streaks around the nug, hinting at what’s actually in store for Hawaiian Haze users.


Percentage Levels: Total CBD ~18% / Delta 9 THC <0.3%

Locally Sourced From: Oregon


Hawaiian Haze CBD – Genetics

It’s not known where Hawaiian Haze was first developed, although it’s rumored that it was first cultivated on the mineral-rich volcanic soil within the state it’s named after. While this can’t be confirmed, we know that Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa hybrid strain that originated from Hawaiian and Haze.


Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Terpene Profile

The most dominant terpenes in Hawaiian Haze is what gives this strain its unique flavor blend of powerful fruity punches and pine-like undertones.


  • B Caryophyllene
  • B Myrcene
  • A Pinene
  • Guaiol
  • A Humulene
  • A Bisabolol
  • Limonene
  • Nerolidol
  • Linalool


Hawaiian Haze Strain Aroma & Flavor

As its name implies, Hawaiian Haze has a burst of tropical-citrus aroma only matched by its floral and fruity taste. The scent immediately reminds you of tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes. This is thanks to the strain’s most pronounced terpene, Myrcene, which is also found in mangoes. The strain’s supporting terpenes, like guaiol, adds a hint of guaiacum to its flavor profile. Adding to that rich aroma is an undertone of lush earthy scents, like pine and pepper, which helps with its revitalizing qualities. The overall floral and fruity taste of Hawaiian Haze is invigorating and refreshing.


Hawaiian Haze CBD Cannabinoid Profile

The high CBD content makes Hawaiian Haze an appealing strain for people looking for stronger effects. Our select cut of Hawaiian Haze contains around 18% cannabidiol. It also contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, meaning you won’t get “high” or experience any intoxicating side effects. CBG and CBC are two other minor cannabinoids found in Hawaiian Haze.


Hawaiian Haze Strain Effects

Smoking or vaping CBD hemp flower is the fastest way to feel its effects. Inhaling allows you to experience the CBD in about five minutes or less. This CBD strain of Hawaiian Haze is an energizing hemp flower that gives people an uplifted spirit and a burst of vigor.


CBD flower cannot get you high, however, its interaction with the cannabinoid receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) may promote overall wellness and homeostasis. The ECS helps control your mood, emotions, sleep, digestion, mobility, appetite, and inflammation, essentially providing balance and well being.


When you inhale Hawaiian Haze, you will feel energized and refreshed. This effect can last between one and four hours because of the strain’s high CBD content.


Suggestions for Use

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower can be inhaled using a few different techniques. Most commonly, the hemp flower is rolled into papers, loaded into a vaporizer, or smoked with a bong or pipe. We also offer convenient pre-rolls of this strain for anyone interested. 


Because of Hawaiian Haze’s revitalizing effects, this strain is often used for social occasions or gatherings. Some consumers say it makes them a bit more talkative. People who get nervous in social situations might also appreciate Hawaiian Haze before events for an added confidence boost.


Hawaiian Haze is also a popular  “start of the day” strain that may help motivate for the day ahead. Due to the energizing effects of Hawaiian Haze, many consumers avoid using it before bedtime.


Buy Cheef Botanicals Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Strains

You probably noticed that our Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower is a little different. That’s because Cheef Botanicals wanted to fulfill the need in the cannabis market for health-conscious, organic, plant-based cannabis products.


Our Hawaiian Haze CBD is 100% naturally grown in hemp farms in Oregon without the use of GMOs. Cheef Botanicals was founded by a collection of health-conscious cannabis connoisseurs with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. In addition to being non-GMO, our products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, using only the most quality ingredients — with no artificial flavors or colors.


Cheef Botanicals‘ mission is to educate the world about CBD and what benefits it this hemp flower cannabinoid offers. We strive to help our consumers understand the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and consider natural and trustworthy alternatives like CBD. We want to help you obtain homeostatic balance and overall health and wellness with naturally occurring superfoods.

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13 reviews for CBD Hemp Flower – Hawaiian Haze

  1. Lori Hood (verified owner)

    My favorite so far. Nice and smooth. Good taste, not harsh. Smells good. Does the job. I ordered a second time this morning. Fast shipping.

  2. pkmadam3 (verified owner)

    Holy moly. I’ve had CBD in the past from big chain stores and was convinced it was bs… this Hawaiian Haze just changed my whole perspective. Received my 7g today and I’ve smoked a couple bowls and just wow. Feels amazing. I’m so relaxed and upbeat buzzing. Seriously can’t believe these effects. Wild and such a relief to know Cheef Botanicals is there for me from here on out. Appreciate you all so much! Just placed my next order 😀

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS! Not just the Hawaiian Haze but Cheef Botanicals as a whole! The best CBD you will find! Hands down! Clean, great, and pure! Not like that stuff you buy at a smoke shop that gives you a headache 🤭

    Hawaiian Haze Review:
    I tried the Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower with a regular Rello Blunt, then I tried it with a Hemp Wrap, and lastly with a Metal Weed Pipe. The best way was the Metal Weed Pipe because as soon as I hit it I felt my mind and eyes just open up and feel alive. The 2nd puff my period cramps and headache instantly went away. (if you don’t know. Period Cramps have been compared to a heart attack so they are high on the pain level) On my 3rd puff all my anxiety and stress went away. I hit it one more time because they say 4 to 5 puff is what gives you the real effect. On the 4th puff all those benefits from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd puff were just heighten and it lasts about 3 hours and 30mins because that is when my period cramps came back.

    -CBD Compared to THC:
    Have smoked regular weed that has high levels of THC and now I have smoked this CBD Flower/Weed. With the CBD you get all the benefits you were getting with the regular high level THC weed but NOT the part where you feel intoxicated drunk. You still feel good and relaxed but not loopy like you had vodka shots. Which is cool with me because that’s the part I didn’t really like. The CBD makes anxiety/stress go away, the pain go away, and you feel more awake. I didn’t get the munchies really either or feel sleepy afterwards. So you could smoke this at work when you’re feeling tired, down, nauseous, and just not wanting to be there. It will help! Without the worry from the red eyes, the intoxication and paranoia of getting caught. It also looks and smells exactly like regular high THC weed.

    -Delivery and Customer Service:
    I ordered a day before Thanksgiving and for the Black Friday sale. Both took a week because the Holiday, Sale, and I live far from California. When I checked the tracking number every day because I was so excited for it, USPS website had “In Transit” most of the time. I was new to this so I called the customer service number. A man named Patrick answered and he was amazing!!! He had excellent customer service skills! He explained it all to me patiently and in detail. He told me if it wasn’t there in one day, to call back and ask for him. It was there the next day so I was good 😊 Just expect a week at the longest but TRUST me…it is worth the week. I would wait a month if I had to!

    *People say I’m high-strung, uptight, just a person who has a hard time relaxing. This helps and I get like nauseous at work or boring places sometimes hehehe 😜 and this helps! By the way I never tried regular high THC Weed EVER until like 3 months ago. I liked it but I didn’t like that intoxication drunk feeling, the low red eyes, and the munchie part. The CBD doesn’t do those things. My fiance has smoke high regular THC weed his whole life but even he likes this.*

    (I ordered the blueberry vape pen and that’s going to be here tomorrow. I’m going to leave a review on that and let you know how that goes too. I really look forward to the vape pen so I can smoke it where ever I want 😁 I also want to try the gummies for when I get pregnant in the future because I don’t want to smoke while pregnant.)

    • admin

      wow amazing review thank you so much for that!

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