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Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Tucson

Getting your hands on some quality CBD oil is defiantly possible but what exactly should you look for while searching for CBD oil in Tucson? Perhaps we can help. We take pride in educating people to guide them past inaccurate information regarding CBD and what it can do for you. Before you start to implement CBD into your lifestyle it’s good to know exactly what it is.

CBD oil in Tucson

What is CBD Oil?

This is a base oil mixed with different concentrations of Cannabidiol more commonly known as CBD. This compound is naturally produced by hemp which is the non-intoxicating form of cannabis. It works by communicating with special cannabinoid receptors to initiate specific responses from the internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). People who use CBD oil claim it may:

  • Promote a healthy appetite
  • Encourage proper sleeping habits
  • Induce relaxation and ease tension
  • Promote activity and mobility
  • Increase focus 
  • Promote healthy skin and hair      

There is a common misconception about CBD, sadly some people think it will get them “high” because it comes from cannabis. These people fail to recognize that CBD oil must come from hemp and it cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. This amount is very little and it will not get users “high”.

Why Do People Prefer Cheef Botanicals CBD?

There are many factors that separate premium CBD products from average or low-grade ones. At Cheef Botanicals, we believe in giving consumers high-quality CBD products at affordable prices. Here are some of our qualifications and recommendations as to what you should look for while shopping for CBD oil.

Consistent Premium CBD Oil

We only use high-quality CBD oil from hemp grown in Colorado. Our CBD oil is not just extracted from hemp leaves. The majority of our CBD comes from hemp flowers where the cannabinoid quality peaks. We reserve special partnerships with elite Colorado hemp farmers thus we are able to maintain the quality of CBD oil we use in all of our products. Some CBD companies source their CBD from foreign sources like China or Europe. These countries don’t have to follow the same strict regulations for growing hemp as in the USA. 

Healthy Ingredients

When we develop a product we only use healthy ingredients. We are proud to say that our products contain only the best vegan ingredients. We never use any artificial additives or preservatives. Our products will never include any GMOs, gluten, or dairy. With this quality of ingredients, we are able to offer some of the most healthy vegan CBD gummies, capsules, and more.    


Quality Control & 3rd Party Testing

Unlike some other CBD companies, we manufacture our own products. This gives us complete control over the quality of our products and that’s how we like it. We carefully oversee every step of the manufacturing process and then test each batch of product to guarantee consistency and quality. We use some of the best 3rd party laboratories available to check for any heavy metals, harmful chemicals, residues, or pesticides. And of course, all results are available to consumers in the form of COAs.

Money-Back Guarantee  

One great thing about ordering CBD oil from us is that every item comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you order from us and for any reason become unsatisfied with your purchase you can easily follow our return policy to receive a 100% money-back refund. Give us a try and if you’re not satisfied you can get your money back.

Whole-Plant Therapy

Leading research suggests that CBD offers “synergistic effects” when all properties of hemp are combined. CBD increases in efficiency when you take it with terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and even THC. This is why minuscule amounts of THC are in most CBD products but it’s not enough to impair your cognitive. We manufacture full-spectrum CBD products because they provide whole-plant therapy by using all of hemp’s beneficial properties.


Something For You

With CBD oil we realize each person’s expectations and needs may vary. We strive to offer a wide variety of beneficial products in order to address a wide range of consumer needs. Some people prefer to consume their CBD. An athlete or weightlifter may benefit from some type of CBD topical. Vaping CBD e-juice and smoking CBD flower is yet another way people enjoy its effects. Whatever method you prefer we are sure to have something just for you.

Find CBD Oil in Tucson

Premium CBD Oil: Tucson, Arizona

You’re certainly in the right place if you are looking to purchase any of our CBD oil products. We do not have any stores yet in Tucson but you can shop all our products and order directly from us using our online retail CBD store.

By the way, as a special offer to ALL Tucson residents, we are giving you 15% OFF your first order! All you have to do is type in the discount code: MYCITY15 while checking out to save 15% off your total, PLUS you will get complimentary free shipping!

If you have any questions about CBD or our what product is right for you please reach out to us. We have knowledgeable customer service members available by phone (818) 839-0516 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST or you can contact us via email at

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