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CBD Dog Treats Near Me: Best CBD Dog Treat Buying Guide

CBD dog treats are great-tasting snacks that can help boost your dog’s wellness and provide many therapeutic benefits. However, not all pet stores will carry CBD treats, and your local grocery store might not sell them. So if you’re looking to give your dog CBD, you might be wondering, “where do I find CBD dog treats near me?”

Finding a trusted CBD store that carries high-quality products can be hard. Here’s how you can find the best CBD dog treats and why buying online may be the smarter option!

Using Local Maps on Google to Find a CBD Dog Treats Near Me

To find stores that sell CBD dog treats, your best bet is to use the Local Maps feature on Google Maps. Here are some simple instructions to help you find CBD dog treats ASAP!

  1. Go to Google Maps on your favorite internet browser.
  2. Locate the search bar at the top-left corner of Maps.
  3. Type your current address in the search bar.
  4. Press the search button (a magnifying glass) located to the right of the bar. Google Maps should now display the location you entered.
  5. Click the “Nearby” link. It’s located under the entered address.
  6. Type in “CBD dog treats” in the search bar. If there are any CBD dog treats available nearby, the locations will pop up on the map as well as Google’s sidebar.
  7. You will see their address, hours, website link, and phone number if you click the location.

Depending on where you live, you may find multiple CBD pet stores near you or none at all. Although going to your local store is convenient and quick, you may not find everything you need or face a limited selection of products. Consider yourself lucky if you can find a store that you trust and love!

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Are There Risks to Buying CBD Dog Treats a Store from Local Merchants?

While shopping locally is convenient and you can get what you need right away, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Many local shops that sell CBD products aren’t dedicated to CBD only. Many simply carry CBD products because the market is becoming trendy over the past couple of years. This means that the employees aren’t knowledgeable about CBD and won’t be able to answer any of your questions.

Another common issue with local physical stores is that they carry lower-quality CBD products. Low-quality products tend to be ineffective, full of questionable ingredients, and potentially even dangerous for your pooch. Many stores are often looking to make a quick buck, so they buy the cheapest products available at wholesale prices.

Local retailers might also raise the prices even if the product is of low quality. Why? Because they can! If they are one of the only retailers selling CBD in your area, they can hike up the price due to limited supply. They might also be simply making up for rent costs and other factors.

The last thing to keep in mind about shopping for local CBD dog treats is the lack of variety. Stores might only carry 3-4 brands for you to choose from, and you will only be able to purchase what’s available. You might find questionable brands, brands you’ve never heard of, or treats that contain harmful preservatives or additives.

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How To Find CBD Dog Treats Online

Online shopping has made it extremely easy for you to find CBD dog treats. There are a lot more CBD companies, and varieties of CBD dog treats online, making the selection much better and cost-effective. If you can wait a few days for shipping, choosing CBD dog treats online is always a great choice.

It’s just as easy (if not easier) than finding CBD dog treats locally. Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Open your favorite web browser and go to Google.
  2. Type “CBD dog treats” in Google’s search bar.
  3. Google will generate a list of companies that sell CBD dog treats online.
  4. Keep in mind that not every website will have a store. Some websites might only be blogs or informational.
  5. Scroll through the first few pages of Google and select a website to check out their products.
  6. Look through their store to find CBD dog treats that meet your dog’s specific needs and preferences. This could be by flavor, texture, or CBD strength.
  7. Add the CBD dog treats to your shopping cart.
  8. You’ll be able to follow checkout instructions from here, providing any required information along the way.

The great thing about buying your dog’s CBD treats online is that you can do everything right from your laptop or phone. You can compare multiple brands to make an informed buying decision and not spend the time and effort to drive to the store. Online you will also find more options of treats for specific needs like joint support, immune support, calming support, and much more.  Most companies will have your order shipped out to you within just a few days!

What To Look For When Looking For CBD Dog Treats 

While the abundance of choices is definitely a good thing, it can sometimes be overwhelming how many choices there actually are online! To instantly narrow down the search, here are some things to look for when choosing the highest quality CBD dog treats.

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): Trustworthy CBD companies will provide COAs with each product, including CBD dog treats. COAs verify that a third-party lab has tested the product for quality, cannabinoid content, and does not contain any contaminants or harmful ingredients.
  • Organic, Natural Ingredients: Reputable CBD pet companies almost always use all organic, all-natural ingredients that don’t contain GMOs or artificial flavors. Using healthy ingredients helps keep your dog fit, happy, and healthy!
  • Customer Reviews: Quality CBD brands won’t shy away from sharing customer reviews for their products. Listening to what other customers say about a specific product can be a great source of information on a product’s effectiveness and quality.
  • Customer Service: Companies with a dedicated and passionate customer service department will help you choose products and better understand what CBD can do for your dog.

Ingredients To Avoid

When you’re buying any product, take a few seconds to read the ingredients label. Keep an eye out for any of the following ingredients since they may be harmful for your dog.

  • White flour: This carbohydrate doesn’t have any nutritional value for your dog. Instead, it can cause your dog’s blood pressure to spike and then drop. The flour isn’t filling, and your dog will quickly feel hungry again even after eating. Overeating can lead to weight gain and other health issues.
  • Meat meal: If the treat says “meat” or “meat meal,” you should avoid the brand because it’s usually a low-quality meat source that isn’t good for your dog. It might even be expired or diseased meats!
  • Artificial colors: While food with artificial colors looks better, this can be linked to hyperactivity and other health issues. You should always avoid artificial ingredients if you want the healthiest treats for your dog.
  • Gluten: Many dogs are allergic to gluten, which can be found in grains. Others can develop digestive issues if they consume a high quantity of grains. Gluten can also sometimes cause infections, itching, and hot spots.
  • Corn syrup: Corn syrup is another ingredient that can trigger spikes in blood pressure, serious weight gain from the sugar. Corn syrup is also addictive, meaning your dog will want to eat more and more.
  • Salt: While salt is necessary for nutrition and adds flavor to food, too much salt can be harmful. High sodium levels can give your dog high blood pressure and other health conditions. Make sure the treats have 1% salt or less for a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Animal by-product: Not all animal by-products are bad, but they are heavily processed and have no nutritional value. Certain animal parts are not allowed to be used, like feathers and hooves, but sometimes animal by-products are inconsistent. Raw organs like the heart, liver, and kidney can be much more beneficial.

Quality Ingredients To Look For:

Here are some great natural, organic ingredients that have many benefits for your dog’s health!

  • Blueberries. Provides antioxidants!
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Boswellia. Repairs damaged tissue!
  • Flaxseed. Boosts immune system and promotes healthy skin and coat!
  • Hemp seed powder. Omega fatty acids and protein!
  • Turmeric root. Reduces discomfort and swelling!
  • Peanut butter.
  • L-Theanine. Decreases stress!
  • Chamomile. Reduces nervousness and stress!

small dog sleeping on a pile of treats

USA Grown Hemp CBD Vs. Imported Hemp CBD

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, you should choose CBD companies that use USA-grown hemp. Hemp grown within the United States is subject to stricter regulations for growers and manufacturers, meaning higher quality and safer CBD.

Imported hemp doesn’t follow the same strict guidelines set by the FDA. Low-quality brands use imported hemp to cut costs, which can mean the product contains harmful chemicals or has less potent CBD. It can also mean foreign substances that are harmful to your dog’s health. Typically non-imported CBD will result in a lower chance of adverse reactions or side effects from the product.

Imported hemp might also contain over the legal limit for THC. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and hemp-derived products cannot contain over 0.3% THC. Remember to look out for the hemp source in all of the CBD products you buy!

Final Thoughts – CBD Dog Treats Near Me

Sometimes finding CBD dog treats or CBD oil for dogs online is a better bet. This means more variety, better prices, and higher quality. Always look for a company you can trust with healthy ingredients, helpful customer service, and telling customer reviews!

You might have to wait a few extra days, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for delicious, healthy, and beneficial CBD dog treats (or delicious soft chews)! Be the dog owners we know you can be!

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