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Soothing Actions of CBD Muscle Rub [Target Deep Relief]

Do you feel sore after strength training? Is your back aching after sitting all day at the office? If that’s the case, you’re probably in need of CBD muscle rub, also known as CBD salve! Due to the active ingredients, it’s stronger than most other CBD topicals and it penetrates deeper. You can use CBD salves just like other soreness relievers that target specific areas on your body. Try it out for yourself and feel the extra strength and comfort.

What is CBD Muscle Rub?

CBD muscle rub is a soothing ointment that contains essential oils, coconut oil, calendula flowers, vitamin E, and — of course — hemp-derived CBD. This CBD topical is applied directly to the skin where it reacts with your skin’s cannabinoid receptors, allowing the stronger topical to penetrate the surrounding tissues, providing much needed relief for any aches or discomfort you may be feeling in that area.

This particular topical has been around for thousands of years because of its ability to provide quick relief to specific areas of the body. Many people who use CBD muscle rubs, like our CBD Relief Salve, claim they can feel the effects almost immediately after contact with the skin. Typically, you’ll feel it within 15 minutes and it can provide comfort and soothe for up to three hours.

A lot of CBD applications are swallowed or smoked, meaning that the CBD ultimately enters the bloodstream and works throughout the whole body. But when you apply a CBD topical, you can target specific areas where you feel the most need for its effects. Think a sore neck or an achy back, for example.

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CBD Muscle Rub Vs Other Topicals

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is often implemented into rubs, lotions, and lip balm because of CBD’s interaction with the receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which monitors our body’s homeostasis — or sense of balance and well-being. CBD is a hemp-derived phytocannabinoid that helps us maintain homeostasis when it interacts with the ECS’ receptors.

Because of CBD’s benefits, it’s a great additional ingredient in a variety of topicals,  including body lotion. Why not experience some soothing relief while keeping your skin soft and rejuvenated with all-natural products? Unlike regular body lotion, the addition of full-spectrum CBD may also help you feel relaxed almost instantly upon application.

CBD bath bombs are another way to experience the relaxing effects of CBD while feeling revitalized. Infused with CBD oil, this is a way to get all of the CBD benefits while relaxing in a lightly scented bathtub full of warm water. CBD can also come in lip balm, helping your lips retain moisture and healing cracks.

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Which CBD Topical is the Strongest?

CBD muscle rubs or salves are the strongest of all CBD topicals, they provide a higher concentration of CBD to your targeted area. Because of the muscle rub’s added strength, it’s a favorite for recovering athletes and anyone with extra soreness that requires a bit more care.

Salves are stronger than other topicals because they also include ingredients that promote deeper penetration of CBD. In addition, salves will also include other soothing ingredients besides CBD like Calendula Flowers, Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol, and  Vitamin E.

Other CBD topicals such as CBD lotion or bath bombs provide a widespread application of CBD. These types of products are intended to nourish and protect the skin. Lotions and bath bombs may soothe minor discomforts or irritations but salves are the way to go if you are looking for deep relief.

How to Use CBD Muscle Rubs

Before applying CBD muscle rub, make sure that the targeted area’s skin is clean, as well as your hands. The skin shouldn’t be injured or irritated. You should also wait for a moment when your skin isn’t hot — so don’t apply rub directly after exercising or being out in the sun.

Once your skin has cooled, gently rub a thin layer of the CBD muscle rub over the affected area. Slowly massage the rub into the skin, promoting blood flow to that area. This can be done for the affected area up to four times a day max.

It should be noted that CBD salve is only for external use. It shouldn’t be applied near the eyes, mouth, nose, or genitals. Always remember to wash your hands after applying the muscle rub to your targeted area. You’ll soon be feeling the “synergistic effects” of CBD.

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Extra Soothing Tips

If you are feeling muscle soreness after exercise or work, hemp-derived CBD can be a great addition to your muscle cream because of the benefits it can provide. But even once you feel the effects of CBD, there are some things you can do to keep the soreness away.

Gentle Stretching

Stretching improves joint function, helping them perform much more optimally. Stretching loosens your stiff muscles and joint tissues, giving you a better range of movement. It also reduces your risk of injury, since you’ll have better circulation and your once-stiff muscles will be more relaxed. If you’re still planning to work or exercise, stretch before and after the activity.


It can be hard for motivated workers and athletes to admit they need some rest. You often want to work through the pain or fear the possible side effects of taking time off. But the sooner you heal, the quicker you’ll be back to doing what you love. Try a lighter workout, like swimming or walking. Or take a few days off while you’re still feeling soreness. That may be the only way to end the constant pain you’re experiencing.

Drink More Water

We all know that water helps us stay hydrated. But did you know that it also controls our body temperature and loosens our joints? A lack of water can lead to cramps and fatigue. Always make sure you’re drinking enough water, especially if you’re staying active.

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Muscle Massage

You can use a CBD rub up to four times per day. Each time you apply a CBD salve, make sure to massage the area as well. You can also massage the troublesome spot when you don’t apply any ointments and topicals. The goal here is to feel relaxed and rejuvenated before you get back out there.

Final Thoughts

Fast-acting and powerful, CBD muscle rub is a popular product for people looking for relief and relaxation. Just remember: everyone’s skin is different. Consult a doctor if you are continuously feeling discomfort in the area you’ve been treating.

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