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What Is CBG? The Ultimate Guide

CBG, which stands for cannabigerol, is a non-intoxicating/non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It’s been gaining traction alongside its well-known cousin, CBD (cannabidiol). CBG is found in low levels (≈ 1%) in the cannabis plant but is proving itself to have benefits that make the meticulous extraction process worth it.


What is CBG?

Israeli researchers Raphael Mechoulam and Yehiel Gaoni discovered cannabigerol in 1964 while studying the active component in hashish (also known as “hash”). Since then, experts have made progress in understanding this compound, but much is still unknown about its properties.  One important discovery is cannabigerol begins as cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) – the forefather to tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). Enzymes break down CBGA and transform it into THCA and CBDA as the plants mature.

Through this process, most if not all the original CBGA is lost. But, if you harvest the plants when they’re young, you’ll find they have high CBGA levels and lower THCA and CBDA. The more CBG in a plant, the less THC and CBD, and vice versa. Many farmers don’t want to harvest early. They know that in doing so, they would be sacrificing a plant’s potential to provide high levels of CBD, which is a very valuable compound. Because of this, CBG is minimally available and quite costly.

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Cannabigerol is similar to cannabidiol (CBD). Both cannabinoids are non-psychotropic and show promise in promoting wellness. So if we have CBD, why do we want CBG?

CBG is proving itself to be a potent compound. It has naturally-energizing properties that can counteract the sleepiness sometimes felt by THC and CBD consumers. Some research is beginning to uncover the benefits of cannabigerol, but nothing is 100% confirmed yet.

When you use CBD, CBG, and other compounds of the hemp plant together, you catalyze the “entourage effect.” This is a reaction induced by combining two or more cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. All the components work together harmoniously and increase each other’s effectiveness, which provides enhanced results for the consumer.

Is CBG Legal?

Yes! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth and sale of hemp products in the United States, and CBG is an extract from hemp. The major requirement is that all products must contain 0.3% or less THC, and our CBG products comply with this standard.

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBG?

Cannabigerol shows itself to be a promising up and comer in the natural wellness and beauty industries. Several studies have drawn a conclusion between CBG use and dry skin. Sebum, the oily substance your skin produces to help hydration and other factors, plays a big role in skin health. An overproduction of sebum can lead to acne, while not enough sebum can lead to dry skin ailments. Balance is the key. Researchers are finding that certain cannabinoids, like CBG, may increase sebum for those with very dry and cracked skin, while other cannabinoids, like CBD, may help decrease sebum for those with naturally oily skin. 

Like all cannabinoids, CBG interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a network of receptors in the body that help maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is achieved by regulating such functions as body temperature, mood, sleep, appetite, and many more. Experts are exploring the potential properties of CBG that boost the ECS’s natural performance.

Eyes have several cannabinoid receptors, which sparked experts’ interest in the potential positive effects CBG may have on ocular conditions. Other sites with numerous cannabinoid receptors are the spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract, skin, and bladder.

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Studies suggest that cannabigerol may someday take part in remedying a range of ailments, but experts are far from any conclusive results. For now, here are some of the ways it may be a helpful addition to your natural wellness routine:

  • Intraocular pressure relief
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Support bone growth
  • Upset stomach relief
  • Soothe skin irritation
  • Hydrate Skin
  • Ease soreness/discomfort
  • And many more!

How Is CBG Made?

To obtain CBG flower, cultivators harvest hemp at an early age (harvest time varies depending on the strain and growth atmosphere). Extracting CBG to make a tincture, isolate, or topical requires a more delicate process. 

CO2 Extraction Process

The most common (and cleanest!) method for gathering CBG is CO2 extraction. In this process, supercritical CO2 runs through a chamber with hemp material at a set pressure and temperature. This allows the CO2 to act like a solvent and dissolve the trichomes on the plant.

CO2 extraction doesn’t leave behind any chemical residues, and it doesn’t pose a huge fire risk. Most importantly, it creates the purest products! That’s why we use this method at Cheef Botanicals.

Other Extraction Processes

Some manufacturers use questionable solvents to extract cannabigerol from hemp. This process involves soaking the hemp in substances like ethanol, butane, propane, or isopropyl to draw out the CBG. Once the solution evaporates, the cannabinoid is left behind in an oil form.

This method is the cheapest and quickest, but it can also be the most dangerous if not done correctly. These solvents are quite flammable, and in some cases, chemical residue remains in the finished product.


What Type of CBG Products Are There?

There are many different ways to consume CBG and reap all of its benefits. Each method of ingestion provides its own unique experience, and they all kick in at different rates. They also all produce effects for different amounts of time. Discover the best CBG product for you by reading the options below!

CBG Flower

Our CBG flower is premium grade, organic hemp with a high concentration (21.8%) of cannabigerol and 0.0% THC. Packing a slightly sour aroma, this product is excellent for use in any of your flower smoking apparatuses. 

CBG Pre-Rolls

If you’d like an easy and relaxing way to try CBG flower, our pre-rolls are a must. We carefully roll the same flower on-site at our facility. CBG pre-rolls provide many benefits, ranging from a relaxing smoke session to a possible alternative to cigarettes.

CBG Tincture (Oil)

A CBG tincture is one of the most convenient ways to ingest cannabigerol. It is full spectrum CBG, meaning it contains 0.3% or less THC (not enough to get you “high”). You can take tincture on its own (either on or under the tongue) or add it to any drink and certain types of food. The included dropper makes dosing easy!

Cheef Botanicals CBG Oil 3000mg

CBG Isolate

CBG isolate is cannabigerol’s purest form – devoid of any other cannabinoids and presented as powder. Like tincture, this form of CBG can be taken on its own or with food/drink. Isolate can also be vaporized, which tincture can not.

CBG Capsules

Our CBG capsules provide the longest-lasting effects of any form of cannabigerol and contain no THC. The effects will last anywhere between six and eight hours. It takes thirty minutes to an hour for the capsule to digest and absorb into the bloodstream. But hey, that’s not that long to wait for all-day effects.

CBG Gummies

CBG gummies are one of the yummiest ways to enjoy cannabigerol. Unlike some other gummies on the market, ours are 100% vegan. Infused with full spectrum CBG, these sweet candies are the perfect way to induce cannabigerol’s effects and indulge your sweet tooth.

CBG/CBD 1:1 Wax + Terpenes

The 1:1 ratio on this product means that it is one part CBG and one part CBD, and we add terpenes to make it aromatic and flavorful. Our CBG/CBD 1:1 Wax + Terpenes is the best product to use if you are trying to induce the entourage effect. Wax can be vaporized or smoked, but it cannot be swallowed.

Is CBG Safe?

Cannabigerol is well-tolerated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not cleared it yet, meaning it isn’t approved to treat or prevent any medical ailments. Experts are still exploring the potential benefits of cannabigerol and have determined that it has minimal side effects. If THC or CBD gives you side effects such as lethargy, CBG could be a beneficial companion. Its properties are simultaneously energizing and calming.

About Cheef Botanicals

At Cheef Botanicals, we take great care in how we source our hemp and extract the compounds for our products. We source our flower from Oregon and Colorado and use the CO2 extraction method for obtaining oils, isolates, and wax. We also test all our products through a trusted third-party.

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Final Thoughts

If you love CBD, we recommend giving cannabigerol a shot. Remember that the entourage effect yields the most beneficial results for the consumer. CBG is fairly new to the game, but it seems to be improving the play already.