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We get it. There are too many strains to pick from. That’s why Cheef Botanicals is offering free CBD flower samples for anyone curious about specific strains. Each strain is like a fingerprint— it may look similar from afar, but once viewed individually, you will notice how different they are from each other.

Each flower is filled with terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids that contribute to the well-being of every individual. Besides scent and taste, these complexities provide many beneficial attributes to the human body. Each person has a different experience with CBD flowers but somehow linked. 

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What Kind Of Free CBD Flower Samples Can I Get?

You can choose a free 1g CBD flower strain. All of Cheef’s hemp flower come from American hemp farms. We make sure that the hemp flower is the federal Farm Bill compliant. This means that the levels of THC are 0.3% or less.

  • Hawaiian Haze is probably the most popular uplifting strain at Cheef. It contains about 18% CBD and 0.3% or less THC. This strain will take you on a tropical journey. It has a kick of sweet taste to its earthy aroma. Smoking a nug of Hawaiian Haze will revitalize you.
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Why Are We Offering Free CBD flower Samples?

Cheef Botanicals’ mission is to educate the world about the beneficial aspects of CBD. Consumers are searching for holistic alternatives to improve their wellness, and we are here to provide. Here at Cheef, we are confident that we have some of the best quality CBD flower available in the market. We understand that some may need to get a little taste before committing. With the wide variety of terpenes, each strain has its own delicious aroma and flavor. We want to show shoppers that Cheef Botanicals is a natural and ethical company. We tend each bud with love and care. We make sure that the additional stems are cut off and that each bud is high quality.

Our hemp flower comes from naturally grown hemp farms in Colorado. We are continually searching for high CBD strains to ensure the best products for our consumers.

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How to get Your free CBD flower Samples?

Getting a free CBD flower sample has never been easier! If you would like to learn more about the different flower strains we have, check out our product page for more information.

Order Your Sample Today!

A free CBD hemp flower sample could be just the thing you need to make your day a little more enjoyable. There is a wide variety of flower flavors, and although some strain names may sound goofier than others, they all taste uniquely amazing. Sometimes we have to give it the old college try to see what our preference is. At Cheef Botanicals, we want to make sure we find the perfect flower for you. So why not test some out for free?! Click the button below to get your free sample of CBD flower today or get your free cannabis seeds here!

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Why People Prefer Cheef Botanicals

There are many reasons to choose Cheef Botanicals for your CBD hemp flower. Because we want to provide our customers with a premium level of quality, we make all of our products in-house using natural ingredients. We also use the best American grown Farm Bill compliant hemp to make our products, which are third-party lab-tested to ensure quality. This gives us full control over what goes into our products and how they’re made, a rare quality to find in the world of CBD! 

This allows us to offer plenty of perks to our customers, like a free subscription service that offers up to 30% off our products! Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on huge sales up to 50% off and our extremely popular BOGO deals! 

When you purchase our products, you will also benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee, along with fast and free shipping, no matter the size of the order. When you work with us at Cheef Botanicals, you become a member of our family, so we go to all lengths to treat you as such.

Free CBD Flower Samples - FAQ

CBD flower is legal, so long as it is derived from hemp plants! The 2018 Farm Bill defines hemp as any cannabis Sativa plant containing 0.3% THC or less. This means that all legal CBD flower products should only contain this trace amount of THC. Hemp products that contain 0.3% or less THC are legal on a federal level and can be shipped all across the United States.

However, some states might have local laws that conflict with federal laws. Because of this, we always recommend you check your state’s laws regarding CBD before attempting to use or purchase any hemp-derived products.

You can not get high from consuming CBD flower. CBD is a very well tolerated substance, valued for its ability to provide beneficial effects without imparting a “high.” However, consuming too much CBD can result in minor and temporary side effects, which we will cover further below.


To buy CBD products, you need to be 21 years or older. Hemp vendors strictly follow this rule of thumb, so expect to be required to show ID anytime you are buying CBD products. This is also true for online shopping. You’ll need to verify that you’re 21 or older in order to buy CBD products or receive free CBD samples. 

One of the things we love about CBD flower is that you can use it in many different ways. You can grind CBD hemp flower and roll it into a joint or blunt. You can pack it into a bowl or bong for a less messy alternative. For a tastier method, you can make your own edibles by baking it into various confectionery treats! 

And if you own a specialized herbal vaporizer, you can vape your CBD flower for a smokeless experience! Try one or all of these different methods to enjoy CBD flower to find the one that suits you best!

When the effects hit and for how long depend on various factors. The variation in these times makes it difficult to develop a blanket answer as to how long and when the effects will last but will generally be determined by the method of consumption. 

In the case of CBD flower, inhaling it will allow you to feel the effects immediately to within 30-90 seconds of inhalation. They’ll last 4-6 hours. If consuming edibles, you’ll start to feel the effects 45-60 minutes after ingestion, and they’ll last about 6-8 hours. 

Aside from ingestion method, personal factors influencing when the effects of CBD may include your:

CBD is a very well-tolerated substance that rarely causes side effects when consumed. Most consumers should not experience any unintended effects, but this does not mean it is impossible. This is especially true when an individual takes too much! While it is rare to experience side effects, it’s important that you know how to identify them in the rare case these side effects occur. 


Some side effects associated with consumption of too much CBD beyond a person’s optimal daily amount include:


  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Stomach ache

  • Dry mouth

  • Red eyes

  • Reduced appetite


These side effects are typically mild and temporary. If the side effects rise in severity instead of reducing or are more serious than the effects listed above, immediately contact a medical professional for assistance. To limit the chances of these effects from ever occurring, it’s important that you consume CBD responsibly and never take more than what you can ideally handle.

How much to smoke depends on various factors. Your first consideration is the purpose you are taking the CBD for in the first place or the desired effect you would like from consuming it. Using CBD to promote physical relief may require a higher amount of CBD, whereas using it to maintain a state of daily equilibrium and wellness might require less. The amount you should consume also depends on the strength of the product in question; if you possess a more potent product, it might make sense to consume less of it.

Generally, regardless of the various personal factors determining how much CBD someone should consume, we have a simple recommendation for how much to take. This is a straightforward method involving a simple rule of thumb. That is to start with the lowest dose possible and only increase the dose in small increments when needed. Wait to re-dose until the effects of the previous dose have taken effect. That way, you can avoid taking too much, too fast.

Since CBD flower is mainly enjoyed via inhalation, you will be able to feel the effects immediately or within a few seconds. Depending on how you feel, you can take additional hits until fully satisfied. 

Yes, regardless of tolerance, you can smoke too much CBD flower. While it is very well tolerated by consumers, taking too much CBD can increase the likelihood you could run into unintended negative side effects of overconsumption we previously mentioned. 

Most side effects should not be severe but can be a temporary inconvenience. As we previously mentioned, knowing your CBD tolerance is important so that you can prevent these side effects of overconsumption from occurring. 

CBD flower is generally very well tolerated. However, it’s important that you see your physician before use, especially if you suffer from an underlying serious medical condition or have never consumed CBD flower before. CBD products such as our free CBD hemp flower sample are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. New customers who enjoy a free sample of any CBD product should seek their doctor’s advice to ensure there are no conflicts with any conditions or prescription medications they may be taking.

We know everyone loves a free sample, especially free CBD samples. If you’re interested in sampling some of our other CBD products, you’re in luck! We offer free samples of other products for you to try. We offer several free CBD samples: CBD capsules, gummies, and oil for free! All you’ll have to do is cover the shipping costs, and you’ll be one step closer to receiving free CBD samples for you to enjoy!


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