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Known to enthusiasts as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) is finally here to take your hemp experience to the next level! In its natural form, THCA is a non-euphoric cannabinoid and provides several wellness benefits, including easing bodily discomfort and swelling. But when you apply heat, THCA undergoes a natural process called decarboxylation, which converts it to Delta 9 THC, the world’s most famous cannabinoid valued for its powerful euphoria and ability to elevate mood, stimulate creativity, and calm nerves.   Cheef Botanicals is proud to offer a premium new line of THCA products to enthusiasts looking for a new spin on the classic smoking experience. All of our THCA products contain 100% Farm Bill compliant THCA Hemp Flower grown and cultivated in the USA and bred by growers with decades of experience crafting iconic and potent strains. Are you ready to experience our most potent hemp products yet? Shop our THCA line and elevate your hemp experience today!

Space Junkie THCa Flower

Fans of hemp flower, rejoice! THCA Flower brings you the familiar euphoric bliss of THC that you thought you’d never get with traditional hemp flower.

Space Junkie THCa Flower

Fans of hemp flower, rejoice! THCA Flower brings you the familiar euphoric bliss of THC that you thought you’d never get with traditional hemp flower.

THCA Flower

Fans of hemp flower, rejoice! THCA Flower brings you the familiar euphoric bliss of THC that you thought you’d never get with traditional hemp flower. That’s because growers have bred this hemp flower to contain high amounts of THCA, a cannabinoid that is the precursor to THC. When heated, THCA transforms into THC, providing consumers with its elusive euphoria.

THCA Hemp Flower is 100% Farm Bill compliant and is a revolutionary new way of enjoying the benefits of THC. So, if you’re looking for a potent experience that only THC-rich cannabis flower can provide, THCA Flower will help get you there. To learn more about our most potent hemp flower yet, let’s break down what makes THCA Flower so special.

What Is THCA Flower?

THCA Flower refers to hemp flower specifically bred to contain THCA as its dominant cannabinoid. Occurring naturally in the hemp plant, THCA is short for Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, also known as the “raw” form of Delta 9 THC. Interestingly, THCA is non-euphoric in this raw state but can be converted into euphoric THC by applying heat, like when you light up to smoke. This process, called decarboxylation, removes carbon atoms on the THCA molecule and results in THC.

What Are the Benefits of THCA? 

THCA’s benefits include reducing swelling and soreness. Many fans of THCA also feel that it helps them to focus and concentrate more effectively. Since THCA is non-euphoric, some prefer to consume it in its raw state by adding it to green juices or using it as a seasoning herb in cold dishes. As the THCA is not being heated in these applications, it can provide these wellness benefits without the shift in perception that THC brings.

 The beauty of THCA Flower is that there are various ways to enjoy what it has to offer in both its raw and heated states. For hemp lovers seeking a powerful jolt of creativity that elevates your mood, fire up some THCA Flower and feel blissful as you work on your artistic endeavors! As the THCA transforms into THC, it can help alleviate symptoms of stress and physical discomfort while stimulating your mind.

Difference Between THCA and THC

THCA is the precursor to THC, converting into the famous cannabinoid upon exposure to heat. THCA is one of the most abundant, naturally occurring cannabinoids, whereas THC is found in smaller amounts in the hemp plant. The main difference between these two cannabinoids is in the type of effect they deliver. THCA’s effects are non-euphoric, while THC typically provides euphoric sensations that many people enjoy. 

If you’re looking for similar wellness benefits to THC without the euphoria, you can enjoy THCA flower in its raw, unheated state. Conversely, you can “toast” your THCA flower to convert it into THC and unlock the mind-expanding effects. You can achieve this by cooking it into foods, using a dry herb vaporizer, or smoking some of our premium, USA-grown THCA Flower! 


THCA Flower FAQs

With all this information to digest, we know you may have more questions about THCA Flower. To help, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions that may answer your concerns.


Is THCA Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes, our THCA Hemp Flower is 100% federally legal as it contains 0.3% or less THC, in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill permits the sale of hemp-derived products as long as they meet this threshold of 0.3% THC or less.


What Is Considered High-Level THCA? 

Although each person may have their own perception of this, a “high level” THCA Flower typically refers to buds that contain around 15% or more THCA. All our flower is tested by an independent laboratory that confirms the cannabinoid content, and these results are published in a Certificate of Analysis (COA). If you want to know the THCA content of a specific strain, you can look at its COA to decide if the THCA level of that strain is right for you.


How Do I Use THCA?

There are multiple ways to enjoy THCA, depending on what you want to feel when consuming. If you are purely looking for wellness benefits without mental stimulation, you can add THCA flower to a green juice, sprinkle it over cold foods, or infuse it into an oil for a zesty salad dressing. 


For those looking to experience a soaring euphoria and get their creative juices flowing, simply heat the THCA flower to activate the effects of THC. You can vaporize the flower using a dry herb vape or smoke it, as the heat of vaporizing or combusting the flower will instantly transform THCA into THC. And if you’re a fan of edibles, you can bake them into foods to achieve the euphoria you want.


Will THCA Show Up on a Drug Test?

Generally, drug tests are designed to only look for THC, but there is a possibility that THCA may cause a false positive result. If you have to take a drug test and are concerned about compromising the results, it is best to avoid all THCA products.

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Juan Rosario


Michael Weishaar

Your product is good. I ordered Delta9 Grape Frosty THCa. I think I need to go to Delta10 and will on my next order. The weight was off a little. I ordered 4 grams and only received 3.5 grams. Not a major problem but hope to receive the correct weight next time. Over all I was satisfied and will continue ordering from you soon. Thank you!

Joe dirt
Joe dirt

Ur smoking crack at 374$ and Oz

Joseph Gilmer
Sex Panther leaf

Very, very good.

Sheila Tobias
Pineapple THCa Flower

Luv it. The best flavor you have. Really potent

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