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What Is The Best Carrier Oil For CBD?

What is the Best Carrier Oil for CBD?

Have you ever noticed that different CBD companies will incorporate different oils into their CBD tinctures? Why is this? Of course, one reason is that they need a cutting agent to formulate different strengths or concentrations of CBD. But this doesn’t explain why companies use different types of oil. Is it preference? If not, what is the best carrier oil for CBD?


What is a Carrier Oil?

To understand what a carrier oil is, it helps to know a bit about CBD concentrations and dosage. First of all, CBD in its pure form is highly concentrated making it difficult for consumers to deal with. CBD concentrates like full-spectrum and broad-spectrum usually come in the form of a thick distillate (sludge-like), while pure CBD isolate is white powder in form.


Yes, technically you can use concentrates in their raw form, but measuring your dose may prove difficult. Using a carrier oil helps to dilute CBD from its raw form into a much more manageable product (for dosage purposes). Using a carrier oil can also make raw CBD forms more palatable for taste buds.


Did you know that carrier oils also help to facilitate CBD more efficiently to your endocannabinoid system (ECS)? It’s true when CBD is infused into an oil-based solution (aka carrier oil), it binds to fat molecules, which makes the CBD more compatible with your digestive tract. Therefore, adding a carrier oil to CBD makes it more efficient.


Common Types

(MCT Oil)

This type of oil mainly comes from coconuts and palm kernel oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. The fat molecules in MCT oil are shorter than normal; therefore, they are easier to metabolize.


Consequently, most MCTs are metabolized by the liver which is a concern for anyone with liver disease. Additionally, the normal use of MCTs may cause chemical ketones to build up. Ketone build-up is a concern for diabetics and pre-diabetics.


Hemp Seed Oil

This type of oil is extracted from the hemp seeds of the hemp plant. Not only is hemp seed oil from the same plant as CBD but the seeds are super nutritious for you. Hemp seed oil serves as a great source of healthy fats.


Surprisingly, it contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones. It contains essential fatty acids with the optimal ratio (3:1) of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats may help reduce cholesterol and promote a healthy heart.


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