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CBD Rosin: Top Uses, Benefits & Effects Explained

cbd rosin

There are a number of unique and effective ways to consume CBD! With the wide variety and vast selection, it’s no wonder everyone has their own favorites;  some consumers prefer the puff of a traditional pre roll, some like the convenience of a CBD vape or a tincture. Others like eating it in a delicious edible, for obvious reasons!


Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. In recent years, the popularity of CBD has grown (dare I say, CBD revolution?), and now it has expanded to CBD dog treats, capsules, and CBD topicals like lip balm and even hand sanitizer.  Suffice to say, CBD – the magical and healthy cannabinoid – has cemented its place in our everyday life.  However, there is one form of CBD that’s still a little niche but has the potential to become everyone’s new favorite: CBD rosin.



What is CBD Rosin

CBD rosin is a concentrate, meaning it’s made in a way that prioritizes the purity and potency of the cannabidiol.  It’s characterized by its translucent amber or golden hue and sticky texture (similar to sap). Concentrates are not just extracts; they are far denser, so a little bit goes a long way.


CBD concentrates differ in their production, consumption method, and look. Popular ones include CBD wax (usually used for dabs), shatter, and isolates. Whatever form it takes, they are guaranteed to give you the purest and most powerful CBD hit.


What truly sets rosin apart is how it’s made. While most other forms of CBD use solvents, rosin does not. It’s simply the resin that emits from hemp flower buds when they are pressed between two hot surfaces.


potent CBD concentrate with pick


Is CBD Rosin Legal?

Heck yeah, it is – all thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill! It was signed into law in December of 2018 and regulated the production of hemp as an agricultural commodity. CBD rosin is made from hemp, so it’s federally legal. Hemp, by definition, must contain 0.3%  or less THC – which sets it apart from marijuana. Without the abundance of THC typically found in marijuana, legal CBD products won’t give you the same intoxicating effects or get you high!


Hemp can legally be sold in all 50 states and online. However, you must be 18 (and sometimes 21) to buy CBD products, and some states may have restrictions on what types of CBD are allowed. You might want to double-check your state laws, but there shouldn’t be any major obstacles between you and that CBD dab.



What Are the Benefits of CBD Rosin?

Many of you are already familiar with the benefits of CBD. CBD is great for relaxing after a long day of work and does wonders for discomfort, aches, and nervousness. Also, it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana because it’s made from hemp. But what’s so great about CBD rosin? Is it better than, let’s say – CBD oil or CBD wax?


I hate to break it to you, but some CBD products get contaminated. The hemp may be high quality and natural, but in the production process, it’s often exposed to other chemicals to make the end product. For example, some products are extracted with solvents that leave a chemical residue in the final product.


Not CBD rosin, though! Rosin is natural and free from solvents, chemicals, and additives. As a result, you know it’s clean, wholesome, and above all – pure!



How Is CBD Rosin Made?

This is the cool part because it’s so simple (and effective!). Rosin production is similar to the way people have been squeezing oil from olives or coconuts for years. Hemp flower buds are pressed flat between two heated surfaces (a rosin press). The uniform pressure applied on each side squeezes the resin from the trichomes, or resin glands, of the buds and releases the sticky substance that forms CBD rosin.


It’s simple, but after this process, you get a CBD concentrate untainted by solvents and full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and everything else you love.


Make CBD Rosin at Home

The simplicity of CBD rosin is its draw; you don’t have to operate heavy machinery or be trained as a chemist. You do, however, need a rosin press. These can get fairly expensive, but it’s worth it for the satisfaction of making homemade rosin. A rosin press is designed to evenly press hemp at pressures up to 6 tons and precisely distribute heat, which is essential for making high-quality resin.


What you need:


  • Rosin press (one that controls pressure, temperature, and time is ideal)
  • High-quality hemp flower buds or materials
  • Parchment paper
  • Micron filter bags (optional)
  • Tool to collect resin, like a pick or small spoon



  1. Place the hemp between sheets of parchment paper. If you’re using filter bags, first place the hemp in the bag and then between the parchment paper.
  2. Rosin is better produced in small batches, so split the hemp into multiple batches if necessary.
  3. Place it onto the pressing surface of the rosin press.
  4. Fire up the rosin press! Follow the pressure, temperature, and time recommendations provided by the manufacturer. In general, lower temperatures retain more terpenes/flavor and longer press time results in a higher yield.
  5. As you make more rosin, you’ll develop a sense of what settings you prefer. But here’s a good starting point:
  6. Pressure: Between 300 and 1000 PSI
  7. Temperature: 180 – 220 degrees (F)
  8. Time: 60-180 seconds
  9. Watch as the resin is squeezed out onto the paper. After it’s done, collect the rosin with your tool.



What Types of CBD Rosin Are There?

The extraction process for making rosin is pretty universal, so differences in CBD rosin are because of differences in the hemp strains used. To put it simply, different hemp strains produce different CBD rosin.


Yes, all hemp is from the cannabis plant, but different strains (or breeds) of cannabis vary in their cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. These chemical variations can be categorized into 3 main types of CBD rosin:


  • Sativa: Tends to energize and uplift; good for creativity and feeling active
  • Indica: Calms you down and helps with relaxation or sleeping
  • Hybrid: Has properties of both Sativa and Indica strains for a combination of effects
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dabbing cbd


How Do You Take CBD Rosin?

CBD rosin is a versatile concentrate that can be consumed in several ways, each offering unique benefits and experiences. Here are the most common methods to take CBD rosin:

  1. Dabbing: This is the most popular method for consuming CBD rosin. Using a dab rig, you can heat the nail and apply a small amount of rosin. Inhale the vapor for a potent and immediate effect. This method is ideal for experienced users looking for fast relief.
  2. Vaping: You can use a vaporizer designed for concentrates to vape CBD rosin. Place a small amount of rosin in the vaporizer’s chamber, set it to the appropriate temperature, and inhale the vapor. Vaping provides a smooth and flavorful experience with quick onset of effects.
  3. Adding to Flower: Enhance your smoking experience by adding a small amount of CBD rosin to your flower. Sprinkle or spread the rosin on top of the ground flower before rolling a joint or packing a bowl. This method boosts the potency and effects of your usual smoke.
  4. Edibles: Incorporate CBD rosin into your favorite recipes to make edibles. Melt the rosin and mix it with a fat or oil base (such as butter or coconut oil) before adding it to your dish. This method provides long-lasting effects, perfect for those who prefer a slower onset and prolonged relief.
  5. Sublingual Use: For a discreet and convenient option, place a small amount of CBD rosin under your tongue. Hold it there for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. This allows the rosin to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, providing faster effects compared to ingestion.

By exploring these methods, you can find the best way to enjoy the benefits of CBD rosin and incorporate it seamlessly into your wellness routine.



CBD Rosin Alternatives

Are you curious about CBD concentrates but unsure if rosin is the right one for you? Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways for you to get that unfiltered CBD experience.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Wax


CBD wax is a concentrate associated with the “dab” (yes, the dance move). It has a waxy texture and is naturally brown or yellow in color. It might’ve become popular because of pop culture, but it holds its own as a concentrate and is desirable due to its ability to take on different terpene profiles.


CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is almost odorless, tasteless, and flavorless. It lacks some cannabinoids and terpenes but makes up for it with highly concentrated CBD. It’s traditionally used as a base to make other cannabis products, but is now used by people who want a mostly CBD concentrate.


cheef botanicals 1000mg cbd isolate

CBD Isolate

This is for the cannabidiol purists. Our CBD Isolate is 99+% cannabidiol and nothing else; no flavor, no scent, just a white powder. The good thing about isolate is that it’s pretty much a blank slate – ingest it, absorb it under your tongue, add it to food, drinks, or other hemp products, or take it in a dab. Check out CheefBotanicals CBD Isolate.


CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is known for its brittle, crystalline texture and eye-catching translucent amber color. It can easily be broken into smaller pieces (hence the name), making it easy to use with a dab rig. The color of the shatter indicates the quality. The lighter and more transparent it is, the better and higher the quality it is.



Final Thoughts – CBD Rosin

CBD rosin is just one of the many choices you have when choosing hemp products. And there’s a lot of good ones: CBD pre rolls, edibles, wax, and topicals all have their time and place.


But what if you want a pure CBD extraction method that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and cannabinoids? CBD rosin is the obvious choice. There are no solvents, no additives, no other chemicals or oils – just hemp cannabis flower. The CBD revolution is undoubtedly here, but I think there’s something else on the horizon…a rosin revolution, perhaps? You heard it here first!


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