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Terpenes and Their Effects: How They Improve Each Strain

Two of the best senses are arguably taste and smell — they help us enjoy delicious foods, breathe in the great outdoors, keep us safe from danger, and more. But how do things in nature get to taste and smell so good? The answer is terpenes and their effects!

They’re found throughout nature and in the cannabis plant, too. Research even suggests that in combination with cannabinoids, terpenes could have benefits similar to CBD. Not only that, but cannabis terpenes also affect how we enjoy our hemp products. But how exactly does all of this work?

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic aromatic compounds found in all plants. As we briefly mentioned above, they’re responsible for plants’ aromas and flavors. Being that they’re also classified as hydrocarbon compounds, they’re very simple and only consist of hydrogen and carbon.

In nature, terpenes exist to help protect plants from predators. Their scents can attract different predators to keep plant-loving animals and insects at bay so that plants can grow and flourish.

When it comes to product production, terpenes are often sold in essential oils and used in aromatherapy over other chemical compounds. This is because they’re all-natural, and research has even shown they can have therapeutic properties. When you combine different terpenes, they create new smells and tastes that enhance products and make them more enjoyable.

Cannabis strains naturally contain a lot of terpenes, which is why they usually have such strong scents and rich flavor profiles. You may already have a few favorite terpenes profiles without even realizing it yet!

various terpenes on white background

What is the Difference Between Terpenes Vs. Terpenoids?

Even though the terms “terpenes” and “terpenoids” are often used interchangeably, they’re not quite the same. Terpenoids are defined as a modified, secondary class of terpenes. To put it simply, they have a little more functionality because they contain oxygen. Synthetic steroids are a good example of what kinds of products can be created from terpenoids.

How Many Terpenes Are There?

There are currently over 20,000 identified terpenes! Since terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of all plants, it’s no surprise that this number is so large. They’re often found in different combinations, which is why individual plants all have such unique smells and flavors.

How Many Terpenes Are There in CBD?

Out of all the terpenes scientists have identified, there are about 400 in cannabis plants. However, not all 400 terpenes have prominent effects. Because of this, there are a handful of terpenes that are much more commonly used when formulating different hemp products.

What Are the Most Common Terpenes and Their Effects?

Though there are hundreds of terpenes found naturally in cannabis plants, there are 6 that are particularly common. Let’s learn more about them!


  • Pronounced: Carry-OFF-uh-leen.
  • Profile & Aroma: Black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. Also found in hops and rosemary.
  • Effects & Benefits: Helps reduce general comfort and ease nervousness. Because of this, it may also assist with sleep troubles.

Caryophyllene is a woody, spicy terpene. It has a punchy aroma and is responsible for the sharpness of scents like black pepper and cinnamon. Like cannabinoids, caryophyllene works and binds with our body’s CB2 cannabinoid receptors to support the ECS. In doing this, it can help reduce discomfort and inflammation. It also has soothing qualities, which is how it can help with sleep.

Featured Cheef strains with caryophyllene:

  • Purple Gas
  • Durban Diesel
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Special Sauce
  • Zkittles


  • Pronounced: LIM-oh-neen.
  • Profile & Aroma: Found in citrus fruits like lemons and limes, and found abundantly in orange peels.
  • Effects & Benefits: On its own, it has antioxidant properties and anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties. Clinical studies have also shown that it may be effective against serious diseases.

If you love lemon, you’re definitely a fan of limonene. This chemical is found in citrus fruits (particularly their rinds) and is popular in foods, cosmetics, various household products (think cleaning products and natural insecticides), and more. Since limonene has been proven to be an antioxidant, lots of research has gone into discovering and proving its many benefits.

Featured Cheef strains with limonene:

  • Cookies
  • Lifter
  • Skywalker OG
  • Sour Lifter
  • Mimosa


  • Pronounced: LIN-uh-lool.
  • Profile & Aroma: Offers lavender and rosewood floral notes; is spicy and citrusy.
  • Effects & Benefits: Eases nervous behaviors and is often used as a sedative for sleep.

Linalool is a terpene alcohol that’s in over 200 different plants! It’s very versatile and is in everything from food products to household items. Since it has a more hoppy taste, it lends its fruity, citrusy notes to many beers and fizzy drinks. Manufacturers also utilize its oil form in essential oils and skincare products.

Featured Cheef strains with linalool:

  • Ceiba Fox
  • Cherry Wine
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Northern Lights
  • OG Kush


  • Pronounced: MUR-seen.
  • Profile & Aroma: Has an earthy, peppery aroma and is reminiscent of clove. Present in lemongrass, hops, thyme, mango, and basil.
  • Effects & Benefits: Has antioxidant and soothing properties.

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes in commercial cannabis products. Its sedative properties are also so effective that the amount of myrcene in hemp strains often determines whether a strain will be more relaxing (greater than 0.5% content) or energizing (less than 0.5% content). Aside from cannabis, it has also been an herbal remedy for Central and South American natives for centuries (lemongrass tea is that good!).

Featured Cheef strains with myrcene:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Cherry Wine
  • Ceiba Fox
  • Durban Diesel
  • Gorilla Glue

pine cones pinene terpenes


  • Pronounced: PIE-neen.
  • Profile & Aroma: The scent of pine and Christmas trees. Also found in orange peels and herbs like parsley, basil, dill, and rosemary.
  • Effects & Benefits: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Offers discomfort relief.

Have you ever experienced walking through a forest in the early morning? That strong, soothing, pine-scented experience is that of pinene. Pinene is a very fragrant terpene and helps protect plants from predators in the wilderness. It’s most common use is in essential oils and household cleaning products due to its antibacterial, anti-swelling, and anti-redness abilities.

Featured Cheef strains with pinene:

  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Jack Herer
  • Sour Lifter
  • Wagyu Kush
  • Suzy Q


  • Pronounced: HOO-myu-leen.
  • Profile & Aroma: Spicy, earthy, and woody aroma. Often found in hops, sage, ginseng, black pepper, and coriander.
  • Effects & Benefits: Antibacterial properties and known for anti-swelling abilities.

Humulene is perhaps the terpene with the most research behind it. Aside from its antibacterial and abilities to help reduce discomfort, aching, swelling, and other uncomfortable ailments, it’s also been studied widely for different medical uses. Like other common terpenes, it also lends its earth and spicy aromas to many craft and microbrewed beers.

Featured Cheef strains with humulene:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Cookies
  • Grape Soda
  • Northern Lights
  • Super Silver Haze

Why Choose Cheef Botanicals for CBD?

At Cheef Botanicals, we pride ourselves in being champions for overall wellness. That’s why we work so hard to make sure all of our products are natural, organic, non-GMO, non-dairy, and gluten-free. By using natural terpenes in our CBD hemp strains and other hemp products, we’re able to create lush aromas and flavors that’ll make you feel good, too.

Interested in learning about all of our strains and their flavor profiles? Check out the Shop section of our site to view all of our Premium and Budget CBD Flower. We’ve got a strain for everyone and can’t wait for you to discover your favorite flavor.

Final Thoughts – Terpenes and Their Effects

With how many terpenes naturally exist in the wilderness, it’s no surprise that many of them have such great wellness benefits! Aside from the different aromas and flavors they provide to hemp products, they also impact how different strains affect the body and how they make you feel.

By paying attention to different strains and their benefits, you can easily find CBD hemp strains (and other products) that are just right for you and all of your needs. Want to learn more? Check out our Blog to read more about terpenes and their effects, CBD, and hemp’s many other beneficial facets.

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