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Critical Mass CBD Strain: Great Flavor & Long-Lasting Effects

The CBD Critical Mass strain has become one of the most popular cannabis flowers. It provides instant relief and offers a great herbal taste! This strain has been a favorite of the marijuana community, but now you can get the relaxing benefits of Critical Mass with lower levels of THC and higher amounts of CBD. This new version of the strain is quickly growing in popularity among connoisseurs, so we’ve gathered everything you need to know about it.

Critical Mass CBD Strain: Lineage

Critical Mass CBD is a cross between the high-THC strain of the same name and a clone that is potent cannabidiol. Combining the THC-rich version of this strain with a very low THC clone resulted in an Indica-dominant hemp flower that has a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio.

CBD Critical Mass is a popular strain among insomniacs because it is Indica-dominant. However, this is a hybrid strain, meaning Critical Mass is also partly a Sativa. There is something for everyone with this CBD flower strain, as its relieving and relaxing effects are ideal for any time of the day!

Critical Mass CBD Strain: Terpene Profile

The original, high-THC Critical Mass has a sweet, piney, and earthy flavor. This taste and aroma largely influenced the terpene profile of the strain’s CBD counterpart. However, the pure-CBD clone that was crossbred with the original Critical Mass introduced more fruit and citrus flavors, creating a whole new, delicious profile.

Critical Mass CBD has the taste and smell of fruits, lemon, and pine. Part of the relief that this plant provides comes from these natural aromas. Terpenes like limonene and pinene connect us with the Earth and promote the same peaceful feelings we experience every time we step into the great outdoors.

There are of course many more terpenes than limonene and pinene working in CBD Critical Mass. We’ve broken down the terpene profile for this strain so that you know exactly where those tastes, smells, and tranquil effects come from:


This is a common terpene that, similar to myrcene, can be found in hops. It has a strong, almost nutty flavor, which explains why B-caryophyllene can be found in cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves.


Similar to pinene and myrcene, humulene carries a woody, spicy flavor. Myrcene is present in hops, but humulene is most responsible for the unique taste of beer. In fact, humulene was named after the hops plant, Humulus lupulus.


Some terpenes have lengthy, technical names like geranyl acetate or B-caryophyllene. Others are a bit more straightforward, and limonene is the perfect example. The sweet, citrusy smell of limonene gives this strain’s flavor profile a delightful acidic kick, and the aroma reminds you of a lemon.


Also found in beer hops, myrcene has a peppery, spicy, and woody flavor. It works well with pinene and humulene, two other earthy terpenes found in this strain.


Similar to limonene, pinene has a rather descriptive name. Found in pine needles, pinene terpenes have an aroma that can be described as earthy and woody. However, they are more immediately recognizable as the smell of pine trees.


Some flavors, such as limonene, are very straightforward with their smells. Terpinolene, on the other hand, carries several aromas. This jack-of-all-trades terpene has hints of pine, flower, herbs, and citrus.


Merging the sweetness of a terpene like geranyl acetate and the spiciness of myrcene, linalool carries a floral aroma with a hint of spiciness. It is used in many soaps and shampoos. Linalool is also an effective insecticide.

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How Much CBD and THC is in Critical Mass Hemp Flower?

CBD Critical Mass has a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio, but this doesn’t mean it is legal. Cannabidiol products must have 0.3% THC or less to be considered federally legal. CBD Critical Mass typically contains 5-10% THC and the same amount of CBD.

It is always worth calling your local dispensary or wellness shop to confirm the THC amount in their Critical Mass. Although, if you want to find products that have less than 0.3% THC (meaning they will not induce any groggy or “high” effects), there are plenty of similar strains. Cheef Botanicals offers flower such as Bubba Kush, Durban Diesel, and Skywalker OG, just to name a few!

All of our CBD products contain 0.3% or less THC and are sourced from American hemp that has been grown under strict federal regulations. Moreover, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. To ensure the accuracy of our ingredients, we also provide our Certificates of Analysis for viewing at any time.

Critical Mass CBD Flower Effects

This Indica-dominant strain is most often used as a sleep aid. Since the plant is a hybrid, you can still use this CBD flower Critical Mass during the daytime. However, be prepared to feel very relaxed. This strain’s effects are best experienced closer to bedtime when you can slip into the calm, tranquil mindset that CBD Critical Mass promotes.

Similar CBD Strains

If you’re looking for strains similar to CBD Critical Mass, we’ve got some related products we know you’ll love. We’ve made sure to only include strains that have 0.3% THC content or less, making them federally legal to buy.

  • Hawaiian Haze: This strain shares many terpenes with Critical Mass, such as caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, humulene, limonene, and linalool.
  • Wagyu Kush: Wagyu is just like a warm glass of milk before bed because it can help you wind down in the evening or send you off to sleep, just like Critical Mass.
  • Special Sauce: Another heavy Indica strain, Special Sauce promotes subtle feelings of rest and relaxation without inducing outright drowsiness. When you need to take a load off, Special Sauce has you covered.
  • Sour Diesel: Containing linalool, myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, and limonene, Sour Diesel’s entire terpene profile mirrors Critical Mass.

Final Thoughts – Critical Mass CBD

The world of cannabis has something for everyone, and CBD Critical Mass is a fantastic example of hemp’s versatility. We already know that CBD works wonders for our early morning routines, providing a boost in alertness and awareness that lets us tackle the day ahead.

With the Indica-leaning CBD Critical Mass, we can also find relief at the end of the day. Easy to grow and featuring a well-balanced THC-CBD ratio, we hope that you enjoy this amazing strain as much as we do!