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Guaiol: The Tropical Terpene For Your Everyday Getaway [Perks + MORE]

When you use CBD, you’re often not only experiencing the CBD itself. Many products also boast a beneficial blend of terpenes, including guaiol. Although guaiol is a lesser-known terpene, it delivers quite a punch! You’ll be amazed at the multitude of benefits packed into this fruity, piney compound.

With over 200 terpenes in hemp, research is still investigating their true potential. But there’s no denying the complex aroma and satisfying flavor of guaiol. This fragrant, uplifting terp is the perfect addition to any CBD strain. Let’s talk about all the promising qualities this compound has to offer!

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are found within cannabis and almost every other plant on earth. They are responsible for the plant’s aroma and flavor. As you might imagine, these natural compounds are an important component of cannabis products.

Since terpenes naturally occur in hemp, combining them with CBD creates a strong “entourage effect.” This reaction happens when you ingest several hemp compounds at once. These components work better together, and taking several at a time allows them to synergize.

In the wild, animals and bugs will often flock to plants because of their aroma — and humans are no different! Terpenes are extracted from plants and used in lotions, cleaning materials, and wellness products. Sometimes you can even buy pure terpene essential oils in bottles.

There are 200 different terpenes in hemp. Scientists are studying these terpenes to determine their benefits on our skin, health, and well-being. The most popular terpenes include:

  • D-Limonene: Citrus scent. Found in lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. The research discovered antibacterial activity.
  • Myrcene: Earthy, grassy taste. Naturally occurs in cannabis, bay leaves, thyme, and parsley. Helps soothe muscle discomfort thanks to anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Linalool: Lavender scent. Found in flowers. Soothing and calming effects.
  • Alpha-Pinene: Pine scent. Sources include cannabis, rosemary, and pine. Helps with breathing and intestinal problems.
  • Nerolidol: Woody scent. Naturally occurs in ginger, lemongrass, and tea tree. May have antifungal and antibacterial effects on the body.

But these are just a few. With so many terpenes to study, researchers have a long way to go. Each terpene has its own aroma and taste, and some provide therapeutic benefits to the human body. One terpene that’s gaining attention is guaiol. Let’s take a closer look at guaiol’s properties and discover which CBD strains boast the most of it.

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What is Guaiol?

Guaiol is a unique terpene. Many terpenes are oil-based, but guaiol is a liquid. Because of its lower-than-average boiling point, you must vaporize guaiol at low temperatures to fully experience its benefits.

Sometimes referred to as “champacol,” this alcohol-based terpene is fairly rare in cannabis. But researchers discovered that guaiol still has plenty of benefits. It’s definitely not a terpene to overlook!

Where is Guaiol Found?

Guaiol is most present in tropical plants. The guaiacum plant, mostly found in the Caribbean, contains guaiol in its oily timber. This terpene also occurs in cannabis, the wood of Cypress pine, and other coniferous trees and plants.

You can also find guaiol in nutmeg, cumin, lilacs, apples, and tea trees. This long list of plants doesn’t seem to have many scents or flavors in common, so that may leave you wondering what guaiol smells and tastes like. Read on!

What Do Guaiol Terpenes Smell & Taste Like?

The guaiol terpene is abundant in Cypress pine, so there’s no surprise that guaiol has a fresh, woody, and piney aroma. What makes guaiol’s scent more complex is its undertone of rose. This combination makes guaiol’s scent similar to a freshly watered woodchip garden. Others compare it to walking among large evergreen trees in a serene, quiet forest.

Guaiol has a pleasant, fruity taste. People often describe it as sweet. It’s no wonder this terpene is growing in popularity! But it’s not only its flavor and scent that makes guaiol worth trying.

What Are the Effects of Guaiol?

While research on guaiol is limited, there’s no denying its benefits on our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This structure exists within every mammal’s body, influencing our well-being and internal balance. In 2018, one study reported that guaiol had significant calming effects. According to this research, after participants used a guaiol-rich cannabis-strain, they noted a moderate decrease in stress.

Guaiol has been used in natural medicine for quite some time — even before current research discovered its benefits. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought it to Europe after they conquered San Domingo. Guaiacum gum, extracted from dense wood of the imported plants, was used in the treatment of syphilis and menstruation in the 1700s.

Recently, guaiol has been used in medicine to help sore throats, coughs, gout, and rheumatism. It’s still used for those ailments today since it can potentially fight inflammation. Some studies have even shown that guaiol may strengthen the effects of chemotherapy in vivo and in vitro.

Popular Strains That Have Guaiol Terpenes

Cannabis consumers can reap the benefits of guaiol anytime with these potent flowers! Check out these popular strains containing guaiol to learn about this terpene’s sensational effects.

Wagyu Kush

Like the prized beef, this CBD-dominant hybrid strain is quite rare. But if you get your hands on Wagyu Kush CBD, you’ll quickly realize it’s just as luxurious as the meat it’s named after. Orange hairs and crystalline trichomes covering dense, sticky buds—you know how potent this strain is just by looking at it!

This strain’s flavor profile is comparable to a tantalizing blend of berries, gas, and pine. You can thank guaiol for amping up the pine scent and sweet, fruity taste. Wagyu Kush induces serene and peaceful feelings. People often use it at the end of the day to wind down and get better rest. It’s a strong strain that’s sure to ease your mind and help you leave your stressful day behind.

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This hybrid CBD-dominant strain has a diverse flavor profile that’s as eclectic as its benefits. Goliath CBD has a powerful aroma that’s strong like the Biblical figure it’s named after. This delectable strain has an earthy pine fragrance with a sweet, fruity undertone. Goliath’s flavor douses the palette with spices, foliage, and fruit.

While many people taking Goliath CBD note that they feel energetic and creative, higher amounts will have an opposing, relaxing effect. This can be a welcomed sensation after a stressful day, helping people’s anxious thoughts melt away at nighttime.


Tangie CBD has an olive-like appearance with its deep green leaves and lighter hued tendrils. Despite this resemblance, Tangie’s fragrance and flavor are more comparable to a citrusy fruit salad. Many people adore this strain’s tangerine-like aroma.

This citrusy smell and taste can make Tangie CBD consumers feel quite lively. The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain can make people feel alert with a sense of uplifting serenity. It creates a feeling of light airiness and clear-headedness. This is a soothing effect for someone looking to feel awake, alert, and clear-minded.

Other CBD Strains With Guaiol

  • Agent Orange has the aroma of fresh-cut citrus, giving it uplifting and motivating effects. This is an excellent mood enhancer.
  • Fruit Loops has an unsurprisingly super sweet smell thanks to hints of grapefruit and blueberry. Despite its kick of flavor, this CBD strain makes consumers quite mellow.
  • Cinex is a blend of sweet citrus and earthy skunk flavors. Expect to feel uplifted and clear-headed when you consume this strain.
  • Golden Pineapple has a fruity, tropical flavor and a pineapple aroma to match. This CBD strain will make you feel energetic and uplifted.
  • Royal Gorilla is a powerful, soothing strain that helps CBD consumers deal with discomfort and aches. It reduces tension while leaving consumers feeling positive and relaxed.

Final Thoughts – Guaiol Terpene

With its fruity flavor, rich pine scent, and an array of potential benefits, guaiol is a terpene that packs a punch. Though it may not be as well-known as other cannabis terpenes, guaiol should be on your radar. Guaiol features in many popular CBD strains that provide a soothing yet uplifting effect. Along with its piney, rosy scent and fruity flavor, its calming quality makes guaiol a great addition to a multitude of CBD products.

Used throughout history in a variety of natural medicines, there is no doubt about guaiol’s benefits. As more research goes into this terpene’s properties, you can enjoy the relaxing and qualities of the guaiol terpene at home with the right products.