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What is CBD Protein Powder? Getting Ripped With Cannabinoids

More and more people make healthier choices every day to improve their overall wellness. To those people: ever considered CBD protein powder? CBD protein powder combines the benefits of protein with the effects of CBD in a flavored powder form. CBD protein powders are perfect for people on the go or gym-goers looking for a boost in wellness!


Most people are familiar with protein powder but might not have a lot of knowledge on CBD and its benefits. If you ever wondered how protein powder with CBD works, read on further to learn more about the importance of protein, the benefits of CBD protein powder, and more!



What is CBD Protein Powder?

CBD protein powder combines CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from hemp plants, added to a powdered form of protein, and other ingredients to create CBD protein powders. Here is a further breakdown of both of these elements.


What is CBD?

CBD is one of nearly a hundred naturally occurring hemp plant chemical compounds, also known as cannabinoids. CBD has been around for decades but was outlawed in the United States until the 2018 Farm Bill, which made CBD products federally legal as long as the products contain less than 0.3% of THC.


THC is the active ingredient in marijuana flowers that is responsible for providing consumers with intoxicating effects. People who consume CBD protein powder don’t have to worry! Anyone can enjoy CBD protein powder without feeling any psychoactive effects due to the trace amounts of THC.


What is Protein Powder?

The main purpose of protein powder is to provide a person with a boost of protein and essential amino acids. The powder is combined with different sweeteners and flavors, mixed with water or milk to create a protein shake.


Here are some of the most common protein concentrates:


  • Whey: When cheese is made, there is a liquid leftover from the milk. That liquid is then converted into a powder form to create a whey protein concentrate. Whey protein is one of the most common sources of amino acids.
  • Soy: Soybeans go through an extraction process to create soy protein. Often used as a vegan alternative to whey, soy protein also contains minerals and vitamins.
  • Peas: Protein powder made from yellow peas. It is a popular alternative for people who might have a milk or soy allergy. Studies show that pea protein concentrate is rich in iron.
  • Hemp: Hemp protein is made from grinding and pressing hemp seeds. Hemp seeds do not contain any cannabinoids like CBD or THC. Protein powder from Hemp is highly regarded for being a complete plant protein.
  • Other Sources: Other protein powders are made from potatoes, casein (milk byproduct), brown rice, and eggs. Each one of these sources goes through an extraction process to isolate the protein concentrates.



Can I Add CBD to Protein Powder?

The majority of CBD protein powders in the market are already infused with CBD. If you are not satisfied with the products offered, you can make the best CBD protein powder with the right ingredients.


Add these ingredients to your protein powder regardless if it is a grass-fed whey protein isolate or other protein powder options. The two key ingredients required are:


  • CBD oil: CBD oil comes from the combination of CBD or hemp extract from hemp plants with a carrier oil, like hemp seed or coconut oil so the body can digest CBD more smoothly. Each CBD oil brand has its dosage charts for you to add drops to your favorite protein shake.
  • CBD isolate: CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. Its appearance is a tasteless white powder. Mix your CBD isolate with your favorite protein powder.



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How Does CBD Protein Powder Work?

When CBD protein powder is ingested, it travels through the digestion system, where the nutrients and amino acids break down in the digestive tract and then absorb into the bloodstream. The protein nutrients then travel to different parts of the body to provide different effects and benefits.


After it is absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD travels to the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid system receptors (ECS). The ECS is located throughout the body of all mammals and is responsible for maintaining overall physical and mental balance.


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What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Protein Powder?

CBD protein powder combines the benefits of CBD and protein powder. Here is a rundown of the benefits of CBD protein powders.


  • Soothes Physical Discomfort, and Soreness: As we get older, our bodies take extra time to mitigate minor aches. CBD alleviates some of those aches.
  • Promotes Muscle Growth: Studies have shown a connection between protein powder and muscle gain. People who participate in consistent muscle resistance training can help their muscles recover and grow with protein powder.
  • Balances Natural Digestion: CBD supports the endocannabinoid system receptors in the gut to promote natural digestion. CBD protein powders may also provide consumers with the feeling of being full.
  • Boosts Natural Sleep: Consumers who have trouble getting a full night’s sleep seek CBD to help promote natural sleeping.
  • Eases Nervousness: CBD protein powders offer consumers an opportunity to alleviate racing thoughts. Research has shown how effective CBD is when easing nervous behavior.



What Are the Effects of Using CBD Protein Powder?

CBD protein powder is well-tolerated, but a few side effects have been reported. CBD itself is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. There have not been any reports of an overdose from CBD.


The side effects of CBD protein powders are minor and temporary. CBD is not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 18. CBD protein powders have the following side effects.


  • Dry Mouth: Dry mouth causes an increased thirst — have your hydro flask at the ready!
  • Slight Drowsiness: Some consumers have reported feeling a little tired after consuming CBD. Make sure to have somewhere to rest after consuming CBD protein powder if you feel tired.
  • Upset Stomach: A few people with sensitive stomachs have reported minor symptoms of an upset stomach. People who are lactose intolerant and consume whey protein may experience diarrhea.



Why Choose Cheef Botanicals for CBD?

Cheef Botanicals is the leading brand in CBD products. Cheef Botanicals’ team consists of individuals with decades of combined experience in hemp and wellness. Collectively, they noticed a lack of high-quality CBD products in the market, prompting them to make some. 


Instead of CBD, the pharmaceutical industry pumps expensive medicines and come with their own set of unappealing side effects. The team behind Cheef Botanicals experienced the beneficial effects of CBD first hand and sought to spread knowledge and raise awareness of the remedies associated with CBD.


Here are some reasons to choose Cheef Botanicals.


  • Transparent: All of Cheef’s CBD products come with organic hemp from farms in Colorado. Each product comes with all-natural ingredients and does not contain artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives.
  • Certificate of Analysis: Your Hemp protein powders Each of their CBD products comes with a Certificate of Analysis. Third-party laboratories test products submitted by Cheef for cannabinoid content, pesticides, and other potential byproducts.
  • Plenty of Positive Reviews: Look at Cheef’s acclaim as a brand via their website filled with positive, honest reviews from consumers — they’re one of the best CBD protein powders on the market.



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Final Thoughts – CBD Protein Power

A shake made with CBD protein powder is not just delicious but full of nutrition too. Protein is one of the essential nutrients in maintaining healthy bodies, and CBD is a popular alternative to boosting wellness. Combining them gets you the best of both worlds!


Whether you decide to purchase protein powders infused with CBD extract or are looking to add CBD oil or isolate to your favorite protein powder and make your own concoction, the end result will not disappoint. If you want to learn more about CBD, check out Cheef Botanicals!


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