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I come from a long line of family smokers and have pretty much made it a big part of my life. Recently, my wife gave birth to our baby girl and I felt like it was time to quit. I didn’t want to pass this family tradition along to her. It bothered me that I couldn’t hold her for long without handing her back over to my wife so I could go outside and smoke.

Something had to change and I was desperate to find a solution. I tried the patch, gum, and I even tried acupuncture to give up this ugly habit. They only worked for a few days or weeks and I was back to a pack a day. A friend of mine recommended looking into alternative medicine and was turned on to CBD products. After a few HARD days of taking CBD (daily), I found I was less tempted to have a smoke. It’s been 6 months and I am proud to say I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 1stbirthday, smoke-free.

Jordan H

Fort Wayne, IN