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Can you vape CBD tincture oil? Cheef Botanicals

Did you know that vaping is the quickest way to gain CBD’s benefits? However, you can’t just put any CBD product into a vaporizer and puff on it. It’s true that both CBD tincture oils and CBD vape juices are both made of human-grade consumable ingredients, but you should only vape one. You may have noticed the similarities between the two and wondered, can you vape CBD tincture oil? Well, the correct answer is no. Let us explain why.


Why Do People Vape?

Most of us are familiar with the term vaping, many people regard it as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, aka tobacco. In fact, tobacco use is what sparked the vaping revolution. Since the hazards of smoking cigarettes became clear, smokers have searched for a safer method to get their nicotine fix. What resulted from their efforts is the vaping industry, which has now led to people replacing smoking cigarettes with vaping CBD.


Vaping, however, is nothing new to the cannabis world. Cannabis users have been using plug-in vaporizers since the ’90s. However, it’s the newer portable vaping device that led to the widespread vaping we currently see. Today, many people use portable vape devices to consume nicotine, CBD, and other cannabis concentrates.

Portable vaping devices consist of a battery, mouthpiece, atomizer, and chamber. As the operator begins to puff, the atomizer heats up a small portion of the liquid or e-juice (from the chamber) to create vapors. These vapors are inhaled through the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

Why Do People Vape CBD?

Recently, vaping CBD has become quite popular. People vape CBD flower to gain all the positive benefits it has to offer. CBD is a special cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis (hemp) plant and it works by supporting, influencing, and interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Thanks to all the studies surrounding the ECS we have discovered that a healthy ECS supports proper balance and harmony throughout the body, known as homeostasis.

When you use CBD, you get the benefits of the plant without the high that normally accommodates cannabis use. If you vape CBD, you should feel the effects within 90 seconds, whereas other products can take 30 minutes to an hour. Safe to say, vaping CBD offers quick relief when you need it.

So what CBD products are safe to vape? To the newcomer, this can seem confusing. CBD tinctures and CBD vape juices are sold in similar packaging and containers. We are here to help distinguish the difference.

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Can You Vape CBD Tincture Oil?

First of all, CBD tinctures are intended for oral ingestion, not oral inhalation. You can ingest them orally or sublingually which increases its bioavailability. Some people refer to these tinctures as “CBD oils” because of their oil base. CBD tinctures are usually comprised of just CBD and a carrier oil such as hemp oil, coconut oil, or MCT oil. Carrier oils are incorporated to make the raw CBD more palatable and it allows for consumer dosage adjustments.


CBD tincture oils are safe to cook with and there are recipes that use them for making CBD infused drinks, but again, this doesn’t make them safe to vape. Studies have shown that inhalation of these oils could lead to serious health risks such as lipoid phenomena. This being said, you should only vape CBD products that are specifically intended for vaping.


can you vape CBD tincture oil

What are the Correct CBD Products to Vape?

If you are thinking about vaping CBD you will want to use a CBD e-liquid, CBD e-juice or CBD vape juice. These are terms used interchangeably, but they all refer to the same thing: CBD liquid intended for vaping. We prefer the term CBD vape juice as it is the most self-explanatory.


CBD Vape Juices

These products are similar to nicotine vape juices, but, instead of nicotine, they are infused with CBD. Common ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, terpenes or flavorings, and CBD. All of these ingredients are human food-grade, meaning they are safe for human consumption. Notice anything else? None of the ingredients are oils. Remember, vaping oil can pose serious health risks.


CBD vape juices are made to use with refillable vaping devices, such as refillable vape pens and vape mods. They’re packaged in glass or plastic containers along with a dropper, which you can use to refill your empty vape tanks.


Note to consumers: The packaging containers of CBD vape juices and CBD tinctures can be strikingly similar but only one is made specifically for vaping devices. Make sure you choose a CBD vape juice (clearly labeled as a vaping product).



Alternatively, you can avoid the confusion all together and go with a pre-filled vape cartridge or disposable CBD vape pen. Both these options still use CBD vape juice; however, they are pre-filled, thus eliminating confusion among consumers. 


CBD Vape Cartridges

If refilling empty vape tanks is something you wish to avoid or bypass, you can try using CBD vape cartridges instead. These are pre-filled vape cartridges that come filled with CBD vape juice. They come in many different flavors, like our OG Kush Vape CBD and are quite convenient.


Once you finish one cartridge you simply replace it with a new one. They are not reusable.


If you plan on using pre-filled carts, you will need a vape pen or battery that is compatible with the standard 510 thread. 90% of all vape carts use the standard 510 thread connection. 


Disposable CBD vape pen

Another convenient option for vaping CBD is to use a disposable vape pen. Disposable CBD vape pens are similar to pre-filled cartridges. Instead of replacing just the cartridge, however, the whole device is replaceable. There is no need for recharging batteries because they come pre-charged. Once the CBD finishes or the battery dies, it’s time for a new one.

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Hopefully, this article clarifies any confusion between CBD tinctures and CBD vape juices. Remember, CBD tinctures are intended for oral consumption and CBD vape juices are made to vape. If you try and vape CBD tincture oil you will be putting yourself at risk. Only vape products that are manufactured for vaping.

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