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Functional Mushrooms

For centuries, cultures around the world have embraced functional mushrooms as part of their holistic wellness traditions. Fast-forward to today, people looking for natural wellness options have begun to discover the importance of functional mushrooms. In a very real sense, all that is old is new again, and we can all benefit from learning more about these fabulous fungi. 

True to nature’s preference for harmony and balance, it’s remarkable that functional mushrooms growing in damp, dark conditions can illuminate our lives in such positive ways. At Cheef Botanicals, we’re pleased to offer functional mushrooms as part of our commitment to your health, so read on to see how they can help you.   

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What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are natural types of fungi containing unique compounds and special properties that wellness-minded individuals prize for their health benefits. With exotic names such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and more, functional mushrooms invoke a sense of culinary wonderment. However, they’re more than just an appetizing addition to your omelet, burger, or pizza.

Experienced cultivators grow functional mushrooms specifically for their many health and wellness benefits. For many, functional mushrooms are the key to providing benefits to the mind and body. Let’s examine a few of these benefits more closely. 

Benefits of Functional Mushrooms

One of the most important aspects of functional mushrooms is that while they provide specific health benefits on their own, they become a full-blown nourishing part of your wellness routine when you combine them. When blended, these functional mushroom gummies synergistically work together to provide several benefits.

The beneficial compounds in functional mushrooms are contained in the stem and the cap. These two parts of a mushroom are collectively called the fruiting body. The fruiting body is where we obtain the extracts for our various functional mushroom wellness products.

Digging into the details, functional mushrooms can help:

  • Promote better brain health and focus
  • Ease the effects of mental stress
  • Boost the immune system
  • Soothe swelling and discomfort
  • Help digestion and promote a healthy gut

Why Should I Buy Cheef Botanicals Functional Mushroom Products?

We believe a wellness company should provide premium, worry-free functional mushroom products to help our customers lead better, healthier lives. That’s why we make our functional mushrooms with:

  • Natural, plant-based ingredients
  • No artificial coloring, flavors, or fillers, EVER
  • Cruelty-free ingredients
  • Independent, third-party lab testing to ensure potency and purity

Fabulous Fungi Products Are Only Part of the Story

In addition to fantastic functional mushroom capsules, an effortless shopping experience, and top-notch customer service should go hand in hand. 

That’s why Cheef Botanicals ALWAYS provides: 

  • Free Shipping On All Orders. There’s never a minimum order to qualify for free shipping, so order what you need when you need it!
  • You Deserve Your Just Rewards! Sign up for our Rewards Program and earn points on every purchase, then use them to save money on future orders. 
  • Savings Sent Directly to Your Inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive notifications about our upcoming sales and new products.
  • Easy Returns. We want you to be delighted, so if you’re not, return your order for a money-back guarantee. 
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Functional Mushrooms FAQs

Many people are just starting to learn about functional mushrooms, and we’re happy to answer some common questions to put more fun in fungi!

A functional mushroom blend is a special combination of several functional mushroom species. These mushrooms synergistically work together to provide benefits that support your brain and body health. 

At Cheef Botanicals, we strive to provide options for what may work best for you. Here’s a quick guide about our superior functional mushroom blends:

  • Brain Boost contains Lion’s Mane and Reishi fruiting body extracts for good brain health, supporting mental clarity, and helping to reduce brain fog.  
  • Immunity includes Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail fruiting body extracts to help support a strong immune system, ease joint swelling, and help to promote a healthy gut.
  • Wellness contains Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Turkey Tail Mushroom fruiting body extracts. This super blend supports brain, immune, and gut health while also providing extra energy.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are any functional mushroom species that help us manage stress, anxiousness, or fatigue. They may also play a pivotal role in supporting our immune system response. 

Functional mushrooms that showcase adaptogenic qualities include:

  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps 
  • Lion’s Mane 
  • Reishi
  • Turkey Tail

A nootropic mushroom is a functional mushroom that specifically supports brain health and cognitive function. Some nootropic mushroom species also have adaptogenic properties, as they also help deal with the harmful effects of stress on the body. 

Some popular functional mushrooms species with nootropic properties include:

  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps 
  • Lion’s Mane 
  • Reishi

When enjoyed in moderation, functional mushrooms are safe, and most people never experience any ill effects. However, if you happen to overconsume, you may experience mild, temporary effects such as:

  • Digestive discomforts such as nausea or diarrhea
  • Dryness in mouth, throat, or nose
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping

There’s no need to worry. Any unpleasant side effects will soon pass within a few hours. 

Functional mushrooms are not the same as psychedelic mushrooms because they do not contain psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in “magic mushrooms.” Psilocybin induces hallucinogenic effects, and it’s designated as a controlled substance under federal law. Functional mushrooms contain compounds and nutrients that support brain and body health but do not alter your perception of reality.

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