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CBD Capsules Vs Oil: Which One Is Better For Me?

You’ve probably come across the multitude of CBD products available in the market and became flabbergasted about which type of product to take. Some of the easiest and popular ways to get your daily boost of CBD is by taking either CBD capsules or CBD oil. But which one should you take? Come with us as we examine the key differences between these two CBD products to determine who wins the neverending CBD capsules vs CBD oil debate!


By understanding the difference between CBD capsules vs oil, you can determine which of these CBD products meets your personal preferences and is right for you. Read on for a deeper look at the amazing benefits and effects of CBD capsules and CBD oil!



What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are soluble capsules filled with CBD isolate – pure CBD with no THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes present. It’s important to stress that all CBD products are derived from hemp plants – a cannabis plant with THC levels less than 0.3% that is federally legal.


Taking a CBD capsule can be one of the simplest ways to get your daily dose of CBD. These easy-to-swallow capsules are similar in shape and size to vitamins or medicine, which you can easily swallow with a glass of water. Many will find taking CBD in capsule form a straightforward experience since everyone has taken some type of pill before.



How Do CBD Capsules Work?

After ingesting a CBD capsule, it goes through your digestive system, where it is dissolved, eventually making its way to the liver and then the bloodstream, where CBD can finally help support your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This effect is not immediate and takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes to kick in after ingestion, and the effects can last anywhere from 6-8 hours.


Some factors to consider when trying to attain the desired effects from CBD capsules include:

  • The specific purpose you are using CBD capsules for (i.e., appetite, mood, sleep, etc.)
  • Bodyweight
  • Metabolism
  • Amount of CBD per capsule
  • Tolerance Level



What Are the Benefits of CBD Capsules?

There are several benefits to using CBD capsules. Most of the benefits are a result of how simplistic the capsule form is to administer.



You can take CBD capsules anywhere you go. Whether taking the entire bottle, a specified amount in a pillbox, or a couple of pills in a small plastic bag, however you choose to carry your CBD capsules is entirely up to you. This is what makes CBD capsules perfect for traveling.



CBD capsules are highly discreet. You can easily incorporate capsules into your daily regimen and lifestyle for a quick and easy way to gain the benefits of CBD. The CBD capsules look just like regular vitamins or supplements, so you won’t get second looks from people in public or stares at work as you take your capsules.



Each CBD capsule contains a pre-measured amount of CBD isolate. CBD capsules provide a fixed-dose that takes the guesswork out of how much CBD product you are taking.


Won’t Ruin Your Palate

CBD capsules are both flavorless and odorless. You won’t have to worry about tastes or smells when taking this product or any resulting odors coming from your mouth. Just wash it down with a glass of water, and you won’t even know you took it!



What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also known as CBD oil tincture or just CBD tincture, is a blend of CBD extract from the leaves and flowers of hemp plants mixed with a carrier oil. Common carrier oils like olive oil, hemp seed oil, or MCT oil aid in absorption and provide additional nutrition to the consumer.


Most CBD oil tinctures come in small dropper bottles, with the dropper incorporated into the cap for convenient use. CBD oils can be administered in a variety of ways with the help of this dropper.


The two main types of oil you’ll find are full and broad spectrum CBD. Although both are very effective, full spectrum products are slightly more effective due to the entourage effect.


The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is what makes full-spectrum CBD products ideal for a lot of people. This effect occurs when all of the compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) work together to provide the full benefits of CBD products to the consumer.


Those looking to avoid THC altogether might want to take broad-spectrum CBD oil. Broad spectrum still has a strong entourage effect; however, it is not as potent as full spectrum due to the THC being removed. However, it is still quite effective at producing similar results.



How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD oil is one of the most versatile products there are! It’s usually taken by oral ingestion or sublingually – underneath your tongue. When CBD oil is orally ingested through food or drink, it slowly works its way through your digestive system and eventually ends up in the bloodstream.


Whatever you do, do not smoke or vape CBD tinctures because they can be extremely flammable! You can use CBD tinctures topically, though it is not advised due to this method being less effective at producing the benefits of CBD.


What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD oil is highly versatile with a lot of practical applications. The fluid nature of CBD oil – both literally and figuratively – is why it provides several unique benefits.



Adding a few drops of CBD oil tinctures sublingually is one of the fastest ways for CBD to enter your bloodstream. CBD oil tinctures can take effect within 15-30 minutes when taken through this rapid absorption method. This method bypasses the digestive system and enters your bloodstream extremely quickly.



You can mix CBD oil with just about anything! Add a few drops to your sandwich, or your favorite soft drink, or to that stir-fry dish you plan on making for dinner; the possibilities are endless! Although CBD oils have a slightly earthy flavor, it isn’t overpowering and won’t alter the taste of the food or drink you add them to.


Adjusting The Serving Size

CBD oil allows you to adjust the dosage amount to your needs. It’s always recommended to start CBD oil use at a lower dose and gradually build it up until it reaches your desired expectations.



cbd capsules spread on table



CBD Capsules Vs Oil: What Are the Key Differences?

It might be tempting to think of CBD capsules and CBD oil as the same product but in different formats. However, both have quite a few differences that can help sway someone indecisive about which one to take.


Method of Consumption

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance absorbed into the bloodstream and actively used by the body to achieve its intended effect. Bioavailability depends on the way a substance is consumed. The main difference between CBD capsules and oil is how they can be ingested.


Capsules are ingested orally, usually with a glass of water, and have 10-20% bioavailability. You can ingest your CBD oil orally as well by adding a few drops to your favorite food or drink and the method has the same amount of bioavailability. Both CBD capsules and CBD oils ingested orally usually take effect in 45 minutes to an hour, and their effects last about 6-8 hours.


Another option for administering CBD oil is sublingually. This method has the best bioavailability of 15-25%, takes effect after 15-30 minutes, and lasts about 4-6 hours. Some people may prefer the versatility of the oil more than capsules, especially if adding CBD to their meals has become an important part of their daily routine.


Measuring Dosage

Capsules come with a fixed dose specified on the bottle. With oils, the number of drops and the total amount of oil administered can be different and inconsistent with each use, leading to underuse or overuse of the product and altering its potency.


Ease of Use

CBD capsules are simply swallowed with a glass of water. However, these capsules can be cracked open, and their isolate powder can be sprinkled onto foods and mixed into drinks.


For others, swallowing whole CBD capsules may be hard or just an unpleasant experience. CBD oils offer an alternative to those who do not enjoy swallowing capsules.



CBD capsules are flavorless. Whether you decide to swallow the capsule whole or break it open and season your food with the isolate powder, you won’t get any flavor from CBD capsules. On the other hand, CBD oils typically have an earthy flavor that might not be to everyone’s liking.


Type of CBD

CBD capsules are typically made with CBD isolate, whereas oils are usually broad or full-spectrum CBD. Always take into consideration your CBD tolerance when deciding to take either CBD capsules or CBD oil.



Why Choose a CBD Capsule Over CBD Oil?

Some might find that taking CBD capsules is the easiest way to meet their daily CBD requirements. Here are several reasons why many choose CBD capsules over CBD oils.


  • There is no need to measure out the dose, and you can rest assured knowing that you took the right amount
  • Capsules are extremely discreet because they look like regular medicine or vitamins and are easier to administer and carry around
  • Capsules are flavorless and don’t interfere with your palate
  • There is no need to worry about dealing with a leaking or broken bottle of oil. Good luck cleaning that one up, especially in public


However, both CBD products are great, and one isn’t better than the other! In fact, as you will find here, all CBD edibles can be equally beneficial.  Depending on your daily routine, lifestyle, and overall needs, you might prefer the versatility of CBD oil over CBD capsules. It’s entirely up to your personal preferences when deciding which one is right for you!



Final Thoughts – CBD Capsules Vs Oil

With a CBD product for just about everything, it can be challenging for the average consumer to determine which one is right for their specific needs. With CBD capsules and CBD oil being some of the most widely used CBD products in the market, consumers are faced with a choice about which one they should settle upon for their CBD requirements and general wellness.


By understanding CBD capsules vs oil, you can position yourself to make an informed decision when deciding which one to take. For all your other CBD needs, check out Cheef Botanicals for the best high-quality products!


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