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Cannagars, CBD Cigars & CBD Blunts: Rolling With the Best Hemp


Cannagars, CBD Cigars & CBD Blunts: Rolling With the Best Hemp

If you’re a fan of smoking CBD and are looking for some potent products to increase your wellness, you’re in luck! Cannagars, CBD Cigars, and CBD Blunts are available for your pleasure. Although these full-bodied rolls contain hemp flower and are consumed in the same way, they are very different in their construction and the benefits and effects they can impart.

So what separates cannagars, CBD cigars, and CBD blunts from each other? Come with us as we examine these potent smokables and why Cheef Botanicals is the best place for you to get top-shelf CBD flower to make these doobies at home.

What Are Cannagars?

A cannagar is a rough-looking cannabis cigar. Inspired by “Thai sticks,” cannagars are made by compressing cannabis leaves around a skewer. The leaves are left to cure and then rolled in cannabis leaves. Cannagars produce a rich flavor with a slow, long-lasting burn that can last for several hours.

cannabis rolled blunt in hand

What are CBD Cigars?

CBD cigars are long, thick hemp flower joints that resemble the appearance of a cigar. Also known as CBD flower cigars or hemp cigars, CBD cigars are tobacco and nicotine-free and contain hemp flower rolled in a hemp leaf wrap. A hemp cigar is generally bigger than the average joint yet smaller than a cannagar. They’re rolled either by machine or by hand to ensure a consistent, cylindrical shape from tip to tip. A unique way to smoke hemp flower, a CBD cigar is enjoyed the same way as a traditional cigar.

What is a CBD Blunt?

CBD blunts are hemp flower joints wrapped in a blunt wrap, a rolling paper made from tobacco pulp. Also known as a hemp blunt, a CBD blunt is typically made by hand and rolled by the person smoking it. This introduces an element of personalization to CBD blunts that commercially available blunts can’t provide.

Can You Roll a CBD Blunt?

Absolutely! Rolling a CBD blunt is very simple and something that anyone can do. If you’ve ever rolled a THC blunt before, you know how simple it can be.

If you have never rolled a blunt before, don’t worry, we got you covered. Follow these simple steps to make your own CBD blunts:

  1. Grind: Take a nug of your favorite hemp flower and pick it apart, ensuring there are no stems. Place the flower in a grinder and give it a few twists to grind it into fine bits.
  2. Moisten: Take a blunt wrap and wet it slightly. You can use your saliva or a small amount of water. When using water, moisten your fingers and run them across the wrap. Moisture will help make the blunt wrap more pliable and easy to roll.
  3. Fill: Sprinkle the freshly ground flower evenly and lengthwise onto a blunt wrap.
  4. Shape: Using your thumbs and forefingers, grab the flower-filled wrap and gently roll it back and forth until it forms a tight cylinder shape.
  5. Seal: After you’re finished rolling, lick the wrap to seal your blunt.
  6. Bake: Using a lighter and running it across the length of the blunt will help dry it and rid it of excess moisture. This will also help seal your blunt and help promote an even burn when smoking.
  7. Light & Enjoy: Once dried, light up one end and enjoy!

How Do CBD Blunts Work?

CBD blunts work in the same way as most other smokable CBD products. Blunts are lit, smoked, and enjoyed the same way as hemp cigarettes, pre-rolls, and the aforementioned CBD cigars.

chef hemp flower rolling process

What is the Best Flower for CBD Blunts?

A CBD blunt is nothing without some high-quality CBD hemp flower. But which flower should you consume? That’s entirely up to you and your palate. Whatever your preferences, you can find top-shelf hemp flower right here at Cheef Botanicals! Here are some of our premium CBD strains perfect for making blunts.

Super Silver Haze (Sativa, 18.91% CBD)

Just like its name implies, Super Silver Haze will make you feel like a superhero and send you soaring through the skies! Start your morning off with this uplifting and dynamic Sativa strain to help tackle the toughest situations your day may throw at you. The energizing benefits of this strain include a spicy profile with hints of satisfying sweetness balanced by earthy, woody undertones.

Bubba Kush (Indica, 12.95%)

Long, hectic days are becoming increasingly common in our 24/7 work culture. If you want intense relaxation after a draining day, Bubba Kush is for you. This highly sedative Indica strain contains just the right amount of CBD to create the perfect balance of rest and relaxation. As you drift off into dreamland, you’ll fill your personal space filled with a delicate skunky odor. Bubba Kush will also tantalize your taste buds with lemon pepper notes followed by a burst of sweetness.

Sour Diesel (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, 20.17% CBD)

This high CBD hemp flower is one of the best ways to start your day. A perfect daytime strain, you’ll feel pleasantly surprised by Sour Diesel’s unique flavor. It envelops your palate with a sharp, gaseous aroma balanced by sweet and sour aromas. One puff of Sour Diesel, and you’ll be plowing through your day with ease and focus.

Cookies (Indica-Dominant Hybrid, 18.01% CBD)

These aren’t the type of cookies that cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. But if you have a sweet tooth, Cookies is the perfect strain for you. This calming Indica-dominant hybrid puts your body and mind at ease. As you sit back and relax, you’ll savor the sweet, nutty hints of this cannabis confection and cloud your surroundings with the enticing smell of fresh oven-baked cookies.

Other Smokable & Vapable CBD Products

If you’re not a fan of cannagars, CBD cigars, or CBD blunts, then you’ll be happy to know that you can find several products that are just as effective at providing a great smoking and vaping experience.

Here are some smokable and vapable CBD alternatives for your to try, all of which can be purchased from our shop:

  • Flower: CBD flower is very versatile. We already mentioned how it’s used to make CBD cigars and blunts, but you can make joints, smoke it by using a pipe or bong, or vape it using a dry herb vape pen.
  • Pre-Rolls: Expertly rolled by hand with no air pockets and wrapped in hemp paper for an even burn, pre-rolls are perfect for a fast, convenient, hassle-free smoking experience. Enjoy these at home or on the go.
  • CBD Wax: This concentrate is one of the most potent CBD products around. Containing 83.7% pure CBD, wax is best enjoyed by smoking it with the aid of a dab rig.
  • Vapes: There is no combustion or smoke produced through vaping. Instead, a heating element generates vapor to provide a smokeless experience. With several flavors to choose from, you’ll find a vape cart that satisfies your tastes. Check this out on how to find the best vape stores.

cbd product bundle with flowers

Where Can You Purchase CBD Products?

The best place to purchase CBD products is from reputable online CBD brands like Cheef Botanicals! You can also purchase CBD from local smoke shops that carry it.

However, you run the risk of buying low-quality products and dealing with pushy sales associates trying to unload their products on uninterested customers. These brick-and-mortar establishments also have limited space and stock and only carry what sells. You might end up driving quite a distance only to end up at the shop and find the product you’re looking for is sold out or no longer available.

But when you shop with us, you won’t have to worry about low-quality products, limited stock, or high prices. At Cheef Botanicals, we offer an endless stock of top-shelf CBD products to meet high consumer demand. No matter who you are, you’ll find a Cheef Botanicals CBD product to satisfy your unique needs. Even better, you’ll find these products from the comfort and convenience of your home and have them delivered directly to your doorstep for free!

Why Cheef Botanicals?

At Cheef Botanicals, we make all our products with your health and safety in mind. Our products are made with:

  • Farm Bill compliant (0.3% or less THC), USA-grown organic hemp
  • Natural ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients, additives, fillers, or harsh chemicals
  • No animal products or derivatives; 100% cruelty-free

Not only will you receive top-shelf CBD products to improve your overall wellness and help you on the path to a holistic and healthy future, but you’ll also save money with every order.

Here are the many ways you can save money by buying our CBD products:

  • Save 25-30% on every order all the time by becoming a member of our free subscription services. Choose to receive your CBD products bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive deals and special promotions on our products.
  • Create an account to join our rewards program to receive special perks, exclusive savings, and rewards whenever you shop with us.
  • Share and save! If you send someone $10 to use towards purchasing one of our products, we’ll give you $10 to use towards your next purchase!
  • If you live in a particular city or state, you may receive a special discount. Visit our city/state page to see if you qualify.
  • In the rare case that you’re not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Saving money is one thing, but reputation is another. That’s why our reputation as a CBD retailer is second to none. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit consumer review site Trustpilot to read some of the many thousands of positive reviews we’ve received from customers. We’re also an A+ accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Final Thoughts – Cannagars, CBD Cigars, & CBD Blunts

Smoking CBD doesn’t have to be a mundane experience. You can enjoy the benefits of this hemp plant compound by smoking unique creations like cannagars, CBD cigars, and CBD blunts. Although these cannabis creations might seem like they’re the same, they’re not, and their uniqueness determines how potent the benefits of CBD can be for you.

But these unique cannabis rolls are nothing without some high-quality hemp flower to make them with. If cannagars, CBD cigars, and CBD blunts are not your style, you can find various alternatives that are more suitable for your tastes. Pay a visit to our shop to see these alternatives for yourself, or pick up some top-shelf CBD flower to make your own cannagars, cigars, and blunts at home!

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