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Does Hemp Get You High? [Full Guide for Smoking, Vaping, Consumption]

Hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are terms many people mistakingly use interchangeably. In the past this wasn’t really a problem because all of them were illegal to grow in the U.S. Recently, however, this has become somewhat of an issue. In 2014, hemp again became legal to grow in the U.S. and many people began to use it as a legal source to produce Cannabidiol oil (CBD). However, because these terms have been confused in the past many people think hemp will get you high like marijuana, but does hemp get you high? Absolutely not, allow us to explain.



Understanding Hemp: A Clear Definition

Most people are confused about hemp and many wonder if it really is a safe product to use for human consumption. It’s a good idea to have facts about any product prior to using it.


A clear and concise definition will foster informed choices and it will help people to make wise decisions. Throughout history, the hemp plant has mainly been cultivated for industrial purposes. It is a variety of Cannabis sativa species.


Hemp is a rapidly growing plant, which makes it a great renewable resource. This form of cannabis has been around for at least 10,000 years and it is one of the first plants spun into the following usable fibers:


  • textiles
  • biodegradable plastics
  • paint
  • insulation
  • biofuel
  • others


Today it still serves many industrial purposes. Although, due to recent discoveries of its beneficial properties, hemp has also become a legal source for CBD and other cannabinoids. This leads many misinformed people to believe that CBD can get you high. The fact of the matter is it can’t, as long as it comes from hemp and not marijuana. Let’s see what separates these two forms of cannabis.



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How is Hemp Different than Marijuana?

To understand the main difference between the two, just look at the intoxicating effects. Yes, they are both types of Cannabis sativa. However, the word “hemp” refers to the non-intoxicating varieties of Cannabis sativa and the word “marijuana” refers to the intoxicating varieties of Cannabis sativa.


You may wonder, what makes one intoxicating and the other not? The answer is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the key active ingredient in marijuana that gets consumers “high”. Therefore, a threshold of 0.3% THC has been mandated to regulate one from another.


Consequently, if a cannabis plant has o.3% THC or less it is classified as hemp. For cannabis plants with THC amounts higher than 0.3%, they fall into the marijuana class. It’s true that marijuana and hemp both come from the same cannabis species. However, they are both distinct in terms of the following:


  • they way they are used
  • cultivation methods
  • hemp has far less THC than marijuana
  • marijuana is illegal in many areas while hemp is legal
  • hemp has over 50,000 possible applications
  • they both have a different chemical makeup



Does Hemp Get You High?

Some people think because hemp has minuscule amounts of THC it will still get you high, like marijuana.  The truth is, it will not get you high if you consume it. Remember, hemp is very low in THC and therefore it does not induce feelings of intoxication in any way.


Hemp may offer calming and relaxing effects for many people who use it. The term “high” can be translated in a variety of ways by different people. To clarify further, hemp will not make a person feel dazed or confused. There is no known heightened sensory perception by those who consume it and euphoria is not a side effect either.


It does not get people high because it’s not marijuana. Consuming hemp is a safe way for people to gain many or all the beneficial properties of cannabis, minus the “marijuana high”.



Is It Safe for Human Consumption?

Most people will want to assure themselves that it is safe for human consumption prior to using it. And those wishing to use CBD products from hemp should have similar concerns. Keep in mind, hemp has been consumed throughout the world for thousands of years. In fact, the Chinese have consumed its seeds and oil for well over 3,000 years.


It’s healthy and rich in fatty acids, plus it’s safe for human consumption. Although, you may want to use it in moderation, as any sudden increase in fat has the ability to cause diarrhea.


It’s a Plant-Based Protein

It is important to understand that this is a plant-based protein. Hemp is a high-quality vegan protein that contains all 20 amino acids including the nine which are essential. It is easy to digest and includes the following:


  • amino acids
  • healthy fats
  • fiber
  • minerals


This plant-based item provides a concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acids and it also contains the important omega-6 fatty acid GLA. The seeds are filled with phytosterols, which may help lower the amount of cholesterol in your body and remove fat build-up within the arteries.



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Synergistic Effects

Did you know that you can consume whole-plant hemp products, such as full-spectrum CBD oil and gain many more benefits than consuming hemp seeds or hemp seed oil alone? It is important to note that there is a difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. Many people prefer to take full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp because it offers:


  • cannabinoids
  • terpenes
  • flavinoids


These beneficial properties are mainly found in the leaves and flowers of the plant. Researchers believe that there are over 400 of these elements combined in the hemp plant, each with their own unique characteristics. Furthermore, when these elements are taken together their powers increase due to an action known as the “synergistic effect”.


Some people prefer using hemp for its synergistic effects rather than a healthy protein. They value the chemical make-up of the plant. Did you know that one of the quickest ways to gain the synergistic effects of hemp is to smoke or vape it? It’s true, but will this form of ingestion get users high?



Will Smoking It Get You High?

You may have heard of people smoking hemp buds to gain its benefits. Which begs the question, will smoking hemp will get you high? Again the answer is, no. Smoking hemp and CBD flower has recently become a popular way to consume it.


One of the main reasons smoking is growing in popularity is the fact that it doesn’t get users high. Yet it still offers users many benefits marijuana is known for, just not the intoxication.


Besides smoking, you can consume CBD-rich hemp in the form of tinctures, capsules, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more. Each method of consumption may offer different benefits and rates of bioavailability. Users may prefer one over another, if you’re wondering what type best suits you, perhaps this article can be of assistance “CBD Bioavailability & Why It Should Matter to You”. Learn more here.


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