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How To Use CBD Isolate [7 Different Methods]

How to Use CBD Isolate [7 Different Methods]

With all the debate surrounding CBD, the topic is more than commonplace. It’s headline news. If you haven’t already tried some you may be tempted to see what it’s all about. But, what product should you use? With CBD being so popular, the market is bursting with various products. From tinctures to toothpicks and salves to suppositories, what CBD product is right for you? CBD isolate may sound a bit advanced to the newcomer, but it’s not. It’s fairly easy to work with and is quite versatile. So how do you use CBD isolate? The answer is… many different ways.


CBD moleculeWhat is CBD Isolate?

Before we explore the various ways to use CBD isolate let’s first browse over what it is. CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a cannabinoid molecule that derives from the cannabis (hemp) plant.


Cannabinoids like CBD can interact with your internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). Yes, you along with every human being, and almost every animal has a built-in ECS.


The cannabis plant has over 100 different cannabinoids along with hundreds of other beneficial elements (terpenes and flavonoids). Most of us know that cannabis gets you high, but did you know CBD by itself will not? Sounds impressive, right? What a wonderful plant!


Now, imagine that you could magically separate just the CBD molecules from the rest of the plant. What you would have is 100% pure CBD. It’s white, powdery, scentless, and flavorless in appearance, it will not get you high. Essentially, this is what CBD isolate is, it’s 99%+ pure CBD.


Sounds a bit bland, right? It’s the absence of traits that help make CBD isolate so versatile when implementing it into recipes. 


Unfortunately, we do not possess magic powers to extract elements from plants, although, we do possess the technology to conquer this difficult feat. Thus, today, we have CBD isolate being made through various manufacturing processes, but how do we use it?


How to Measure CBD Isolate

Now that we’re hip on what it is, let’s learn how to use CBD isolate. First of all, you will need to know how to measure your CBD. Isolate goes a long way, many recipes will call for what seems like minuscule amounts. If this makes CBD isolate sounds potent to you, it’s because it is.


To measure out exact portions of CBD isolate you should use a quality digital scale. We suggest getting a scale that measures weights to the hundredths or even thousandths of a gram (0.01g to 0.001g).


You can get yourself a quality digital scale for under $12. Follow the directions for use and calibrate it often. You want to be as precise as possible when weighing it out. If your measurement is off by a small amount it can make a big difference.


Since CBD isolate is virtually pure it follows your standard metric measurements for weight, this makes measuring a cinch. There are 1000mg of CBD in 1 gram of pure isolate. A normal dose for a 140 lbs person is 30mg, so 1 gram of CBD isolate will provide 33 doses for this person. Now that’s some potency! So, how do we use this CBD isolate?


Try using our handy CBD dosing chart to find your personal dosing size for our most popular products.


Ingesting CBD Isolate

This method is easy and direct. It’s sort of like taking a pill but in powder form. CBD isolate has no smell or flavor so there’s no need to worry about choking down something funky.


Just weigh out your dose, put it in your mouth and swallow it. You can let it mix with some of your saliva to make swallowing easier.


How to Use CBD Isolate Sublingually

Sublingual-Bioavailability-CBDIf you are not familiar with the word “sublingual” it means to apply a substance under your tongue. Instead of swallowing it, you position your dose under your tongue for around 90 seconds. 


Every person has a pair of salivary glands under their tongue. These glands will absorb CBD into the blood system quicker and more efficiently than swallowing it into the digestive tract. Taking CBD sublingually provides a higher bioavailability rate than ingestion.


CBD tinctures are commonly administered sublingually, however, you can also gain the same effects from taking isolate sublingually. Simply weigh out your dose and place it under your tongue.


Add CBD Isolate to a Beverage

If you want to avoid a pinch of CBD on your pallet, you can always combine your isolate with any drink you prefer. This is as easy as it sounds. Weigh out your dose just as you normally would, but instead of ingesting it, add it to a drink.


Some popular choices are coffee, teas, smoothies, juices, and even alcoholic beverages. That’s right, I said alcoholic beverages, for those who fancy. Options are endless, let the creative juices and CBD drinks flow.


Want to experiment with CBD beverages? Check out these tips and 5 delicious recipes for creating you very own CBD infused drinks. Just substitute CBD isolate instead of oil in each recipe.

How to use CBD isolate Cheef Botanicals

Cooking with CBD Isolate

This method is a bit more advanced than taking CBD orally or adding your dose to a beverage. There are some general guidelines you should follow to avoid burning your CBD, aside from that, this option can lead to some delicious doses of CBD. Are those CBD brookies I smell?


Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice

When we said CBD isolate is versatile we defiantly meant it. Did you know you can make your own CBD vape juice by combining CBD isolate with a couple of other common vaping ingredients? Many people prefer to vape their CBD because it provides effects quickly (approximately 90 seconds).


Vaping CBD is super convenient, effective and flavorful. You can pick from thousands of flavors to combine your isolate with. Use caution when purchasing e-juice flavoring or cutting agents, only opt for quality, you don’t want to use cheap ingredients. Remember your putting this stuff in your body.


Add Potency to Your CBD Tinctures

Do you have a CBD tincture you want to make stronger? CBD isolate allows you to add potency to any CBD tincture. Say you have a 300mg CBD tincture you wish was twice as strong. With CBD isolate you can turn a 300mg CBD tincture into a 600mg bottle by adding 300mg of the isolate to the tincture.


However, don’t just add the isolate hoping it will automatically combine with the tincture because it won’t. What you’ll need to do is pour the 300 mg tincture bottle into a small glass (one you can cook with). Weigh out 300mg of isolate (0.3g), add it to the tincture then place the glass in a pot.


Next, fill the pot with water until the level rises up about ⅓ to ½ the height of the glass with the CBD tincture in it. Over medium heat, warm the water up to boiling temperature and let boil for 10 minutes or until the powder (CBD isolate) has fully dissolved. Be careful not to let the water bubble over into the glass and in your tincture.


If you did it right, your 300mg tincture is now a 600mg tincture. Now, just pour the mix back into the original container. You can use the dropper to suck up every last drop. Boom, there you go, your bottle is now double the strength!


How to Use CBD Isolate “Dabs”

No, we’re not talking about dance moves, we are talking about taking a “dab” of CBD isolate from a dab rig. For the outsider looking in this method may look a bit sketchy. But, before you go judging, did you know dabbing CBD isolate is probably the quickest way to gain its effects? You can intake plenty of CBD in one breath.


When someone dabs CBD isolate they are inhaling pure CBD, unlike vaping CBD e-juice, which is diluted CBD. In order to dab CBD isolate you will need four things, which are: a dab rig, a dabbing tool, a torch, and of course some CBD isolate (concentrate).


As you can see there are many ways to use CBD isolate. This list we present to you showcases the most popular methods of using CBD isolate. You may not know it but CBD isolate is commonly used in the CBD industry. In fact, most CBD products available are made from either CBD isolate or CBD distillate. It may not look powerful but trust us when we say CBD isolate is mighty in strength. Curious? Test some out and see for yourself.

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