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Sativa CBD Flower: Top-Shelf Strains That Are Perfect for Daytime Use

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Sativa, Indica, hybrid — if you’ve ever purchased a cannabis product, you’ve likely heard these terms at least once. While each of these options has its own particular highlights, many people prefer the effects of Sativa CBD flower! Simply because, in general, this type of cannabis offers a more upbeat sensation. If you would rather have your CBD with Sativa effects you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at what makes this type of cannabis so popular and check out some of the best Sativa CBD strains we offer.

What is Sativa CBD Flower?

Sativa CBD flower is a non-intoxicating hemp strain that delivers beneficial and revitalizing CBD effects to our bodies. Hemp is cannabis grown with low THC amounts (0.3% or less) and high CBD levels.

The name “Sativa” comes from the strain’s genetic classification. Although, that label may be more arbitrary than some like to believe.

Sativa and Indica are two types of cannabis plants that may produce different effects. It’s still under debate whether Sativa and Indica plants have truly diverged into separate species of cannabis. Both Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa contain CBD and THC. Some plants, commonly known as marijuana, contain high levels of THC.

To be considered federally legal, however, hemp plants must keep their THC levels at or below 0.3%. This ensures the product won’t induce any intoxicating or “high” effects. Instead, Sativa and Indica CBD strains deliver a refreshing, relaxing, and clear-headed boost in serenity and wellness.

Cheef Botanicals only uses the best CBD-rich hemp flower (cbd flower) to create all of our products.

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Popular Sativa CBD Flower Strains

There are many different strains of CBD and plenty of high-quality Sativa flower options. It’s best to try a few strains to find which one you like best. These are some of the most popular Sativa CBD strains on the market today:

  • Sour Space Candy: Sour Space Candy is one of the most popular strains available. It has a high CBD level (over 20%), a sweet & sour terpene profile, and uplifting properties.
  • Hawaiian Haze: The buds of Hawaiian Haze may have muted colors, but this strain’s effects are far from subdued. Hawaiian Haze carries refreshing and stimulating properties. With a sweet aroma and a smooth taste, get some Hawaiian Haze for a pre-workout routine or mid-day boost!
  • Sour Lifter: This is a CBD Sativa strain that is quickly rising in popularity. Sour Lifter pairs flavors of diesel and fruit with a rich earthy aroma. This strain works well for focusing on school or work.
  • Tangie: Tangie is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that smells like a tangerine with deliciously funky undertones. One of the best strains for all the morning people out there, Tangie helps boost feelings of alertness and serenity.
  • OG Kush: OG Kush is packed with tasty terpenes, which causes this flower to smell and taste like citrus. Combined with woody undertones, experiencing OG Kush is similar to a fresh walk through a lemon grove. A 60% Sativa-dominant bud, OG Kush provides a boost in feelings with a sense of calmness.
  • Sour Diesel: Similar to Sour Space Candy, Sour Diesel contains a high amount of CBD (over 20%). This flower has one of the most descriptive names, possessing the sickly-sickly sweet smell of gasoline. If you want creativity, Sour Diesel is the ideal strain for you.
  • Suver Haze: Suver Haze has a strong flavor profile with notes of black pepper and citrus. This strain is recommended for those experiencing tension and looking for some much-needed relaxation.
  • Sour Tsunami: This is one of the first buds to be bred specifically for high CBD content. If you’re a fan of Sour Diesel, you may also enjoy this flower. This is because Sour Diesel was used to create Sour Tsunami. With a musky smell and hints of sweetness, this strain’s calming traits can help ease racing thoughts!

What is Sativa Dominant CBD Flower?

CBD hemp flowers can either be Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid of both. When Sativa strains are crossed with Indica flowers, the offspring has both Indica and Sativa traits. When there is a greater Sativa presence, the plant is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Technically, all cannabis plants are classified as Cannabis sativa. That’s because Sativa means “cultivated.”

However, this doesn’t mean that all cannabis and hemp strains are going to be Sativa-dominant. Pure Sativa strains have become rare, and it is now more common to find Sativa-dominant hybrids.

Each CBD flower comes with its own unique effects, and cannabis breeders love to try new combinations. The exhilaration of a Sativa strain may complement the soothing feelings that a CBD-rich Indica flower promotes.

Hybrids are a great way to find out what you like best!

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What’s the Difference Between Sativa CBD Flower & Indica CBD Flower?

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica arose in two different parts of the world. Each has evolved to suit their respective growing climates. This has resulted in slight variations in each plant’s terpenes, effects, cannabinoid content, and looks.


While Indica plants have higher CBD levels, Sativa strains promote more “energetic” feelings. Sativa flower first appeared in Central and South America. Their thin leaves, tall height, and long flowering cycles make them ideal for their native environment.

Indica plants originated in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent. They are short and bushy with dense nugs. Indica’s wide, broad leaves that soak up as much sunlight as possible, combined with its short flowering cycle, make these plants ideal for the dry climate they grow and thrive in.

Sativa CBD Flower Effects

Sativa-dominant hemp flower provides effects that are elevating, energetic, and a perfect start to the day. Consumers often report a boost in creativity and energy after use.


These strains are often recommended for work, meditation, yoga, and exercise, though they fit any time of the day.

People often experience an uplifting mood after they use this type of CBD hemp flower. Try implementing a Sativa-based CBD product into your morning routine to prepare your mind for the day. These strains can also be soothing in the evening, but they are not as sedating as Indica CBD.


Some Sativa strains might not be as rich in cannabidiol as some Indica options, but you’ll still feel the CBD.

Indica CBD Flower Effects

While many people report feeling Sativa products in their head (creative, energetic, alert), Indica CBD is usually felt in the body. High-CBD Indicas promote sedative effects that are best experienced when taking it easy or winding down. The relaxing properties of CBD combined with the full-body tranquility of Indica is perfect for nighttime.

Consider these CBD flowers next time you’re getting ready for bed. The physical relaxation and relief from racing thoughts can send you into a deep, peaceful sleep after a long day.

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Why Choose Sativa CBD Flower?

High-quality Indica and Sativa hemp strains both relieve tension and discomfort. However, Indica carries sedative properties that make it a good choice for nighttime use.


On the other hand, CBD Sativa is ideal for any scenario in which you want to be focused, energetic, creative, and clear-headed.

Sativa CBD Flower Benefits

Get some Sativa bud for your morning drive to work, a mid-day boost, or an afternoon recharge. Sativa CBD flowers do not carry the same sleepy properties that their cousin does. Still, some may find that a Sativa CBD bud also helps them wind down at the end of a long day.

Some prefer to use Sativa hemp flower for social gatherings because it makes them chattier and more interactive. This hemp strain’s energizing effects can kickstart a party and bring even the most withdrawn person out of their shell.

Even though a Cannabis sativa strain can boost activeness, you’ll still get the calming and peaceful effects of CBD.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors (known as CB1 and CB2) located throughout our bodies. These receptors communicate with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in nearly every mammal. The ECS regulates body functions such as the nervous system, digestion, heart rate, and much more.

When we introduce CBD to our cannabinoid receptors, our ECS gets a healthy boost. A properly functioning ECS is essential for our overall well-being. When we combine CBD with low levels of THC, this boost is amplified by the entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to an increase in CBD’s power when all of the compounds from hemp are ingested simultaneously. With THC levels kept at or below 0.3%, there are no intoxicating or groggy feelings. The effects are clear-headed, alert, and tranquil.

We at Cheef Botanicals extract our top-shelf CBD from the best hemp plants in the United States. Our company ensures that all of our products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, which requires that each hemp plant contain low THC levels (0.3% or less) to be federally legal.

We carry plenty of top-shelf Sativa CBD flower strains, and we can help you find your favorite!

Final Thoughts – Sativa CBD Flower

When choosing a strain, it all comes down to your own personal preference. That’s why it’s suggested you try a few strains to help you identify which you like best! Though, if you’re a daytime or morning person who enjoys a creative boost and a burst of energy while maintaining feelings of calmness, then Sativa CBD flower is for you!