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What Is CBD Flower?​

CBD flower comes from the hemp plant. Hemp is part of the cannabis family and contains very high levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and low levels of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). People have started to enjoy CBD more for its mellow, soothing effects that keep them relaxed and very few side effects!

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People have utilized the hemp plant for thousands of years to take advantage of its many beneficial effects. However, in recent years the popularity of CBD has gone through the roof. Millions of people around the world take it daily to alleviate their worries and elevate their overall wellness. CBD is very well-tolerated with extremely rare instances of mild side effects.

Here at Cheef Botanicals, we partner with the finest local farmers in Oregon and Colorado to produce top-shelf premium hemp flower. They use greenhouse and light-deprivation grow technologies and select only the finest buds before hand-trimming them to perfection. The best product is a clean product. That’s why these farms we source our hemp from only use organic farming methods with non-GMO crops.

Smoking CBD flower is definitely the most popular way to consume it, but there are many more possibilities at your fingertips. We also use CBD extract to make full spectrum CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, vape cartridges, and CBD concentrates. Keep an eye out for a promo code or coupon code to get great deals on all of our products!

How To Choose The Best CBD Flower Strains?

There is no such thing as the “best” CBD flower strain. The right strain is a matter of personal opinion. There are several hemp strains with great reputations and loyal fans.

Let’s introduce you to some great CBD strains that you can find available online at our Cheef Botanicals shop. We have listed them along with their CBD content. If you want proof of their potency, any heavy metal or pesticide use, you can check out the third-party Certificates of Analysis (COA) lab reports on our website. We have third-party lab tests on all of our flower to confirm our potency claims and to make sure you’re buying CBD with confidence.

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Before we jump into strains, one important factor to note is that some of these strains can have THC levels above 0.3%, while some can contain less than 0.3%. One of the many ways to determine this is to examine a third-party lab test, which many reputable companies, like us, offer to consumers.

Any legitimate CBD company should offer customers access to the third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA) of each strain. Third-party COAs are the best option consumers have to verify the amounts of THC in a wide variety of flower. Always check for high THC levels and only purchase products that are legal in your area.

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There is no such thing as one “best” CBD flower strain. The right strain is a matter of personal opinion. There are several hemp strains with great reputations and loyal fans. These famous varieties are a great place to start but don’t rely too much on other people’s opinions. Learn what you love by sampling as many strains as possible.

If you’re a first time CBD hemp flower smoker, check out this list! →

Genetics: (Durban Poison + OG Kush)

Also known as “Girl Scout Cookies” and “GSC.” This strain is an Indica-dominant Hybrid with gentle, relaxing effects. As you might have guessed by the name, this strain has a sweet taste and smell akin to a baking sheet filled with freshly baked cookies. However, it also features earthy, citrusy, and umami flavors, creating a unique and complex flavor profile. The inviting flavors and aromas of this strain make it one of the most popular strains hemp smokers add to their first order with Cheef. Get yourself some Cookies to see what the fuss is about!

Genetics: (Chem Sister + Sour Dubb + Chocolate Diesel)

These buds have so many trichomes on the surface they’re almost as sticky as their namesake! Since trichomes are the richest source of cannabinoids, you can tell this strain is high quality. As an Indica-dominant Hybrid, Gorilla Glue delivers deep relaxation without the grogginess we associate with marijuana. Its earthy taste incorporates notes of coffee and chocolate for a one-of-a-kind smoking experience.

Genetics: (Hawaiian + Haze)

This strain captures the feeling of a chill day on the islands. It has a tropical scent and a fresh floral flavor. Oddly enough, this strain has rather subdued colors, mostly pale green, contrasting with its bold terpene profile and stimulating effects. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Hawaiian Haze offers all the energy of a sunny day at the beach so that you can experience the joys of paradise for a longer time.

Genetics: (Unknown. Thought to descend from Afghani and Thai strains)

Northern Lights holds a legendary place in cannabis lore. Its mysterious origins have led to many theories, but we do know one thing: this strain is one of the most potent and relaxing CBD products in the world. It’s no wonder that Norther Lights is one of the best hemp flower money can buy. An Indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights will soothe your body and mind. It is the perfect strain to smoke before bed or whenever you need immediate physical relief.

Genetics: (Mazar + Blueberry + OG Kush)

Skywalker OG is our most potent CBD strain, boasting nearly 21% cannabidiol concentration. This strain achieves a very complex terpene profile by combining the fruity taste of the Mazar and Blueberry strains with the earthy flavor of OG Kush. Expect bright notes of citrus and woodsy pine as well. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it delivers clarity and calm in one delightful package that are sure to please your cannabinoid receptors.

Genetics: (Uncertain. Either Chemdawg + Skunk #1 or Chemdawg + Diesel)

Sour Diesel is another strain whose name perfectly characterizes its terpene profile. This Sativa-dominant strain has a pungent, gaseous aroma and a strong citrusy taste. Sour Diesel is one of the most popular cannabis variants in the world, renowned for its uplifting effects. The best time to consume this strain is in the morning. You can expect a slight energy boost, bringing clarity and focus without the tension and jitters associated with caffeine.

Genetics: (Grape Ape + Grapefruit + an undisclosed strain)

Candy lovers know where this one is going. Zkittles lets you taste the rainbow with a bold explosion of tropical terpene flavors. It is an Indica-dominant Hybrid, so you should expect a deep sense of relaxation. One of the great benefits of CBD is that it doesn’t create the “couch-lock” effect that comes with Indica strains of marijuana. Zkittles can help you wind down after a long day while remaining clear-headed.

Genetics: (Suver Haze #50, Early Resin Berry)

One reason why this CBD-rich strain is highly sought after is its complex cannabinoid profile. As the name suggests, Lifter is an uplifting Sativa dominant hybrid. This strain can be motivationally stimulating and may help to improve mental focus or mental clarity. Thanks to its Indica side, Lifter may also ease tension to help users relax and possibly improve sleep quality.

Lifter has a strong aroma often described as a “sweet funk” coupled with undertones of citrus and tart berry. The smoke is not as strong as the smell. Lifter will treat your taste buds to a pleasantly subtle mixture of woodsy and sweetgrass flavors.

Genetics: (Nepali indica, Thailand landris, Switzerland landris, Columbian Gold)

A cross between four strains, Harlequin is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica, making it Sativa dominant. It predates many CBD-rich strains. This strain offers a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2 with CBD content measuring between 6% and 15%. THC content can fall in between 4% and 10%.

This amount of THC may be enough to cause impairment but the CBD should counteract any THC “high”. This sativa dominate strain can ease your mind and sooth tension. It may also improve perspective and focus. Cured flowers smell musky with tropical undertones and the smoke is reminiscent of citrus and mango.

Genetics: (Cannatonic, Ruderalis)

This popular strain has earned several cannabis cup awards, thanks to its high CBD content. Typically ACDC has around 20% CBD and 0.5-1% THC. It’s 50% Indica and 50% Sativa which makes it a perfectly balanced hybrid.

Although, some people report they feel more Sativa effects rather than Indica. This explains why users feel uplifted, focused, and sociable. However, ACDC can also help you wind down, rest, and relax because it’s half Indica. The flowers smell earthy, sweet, and skunky. The smoke will envelop your taste buds with lemongrass and cherry flavor.

Genetics: (ACDC, Early Resin Berry)

Elektra is a modern CBD strain that has become quite popular among CBD enthusiasts. Elektra is sought after for its delicious aroma and taste. It boasts flavors that are reminiscent of red wine, citrus fruit, and chocolate.

Elektra flowers will usually test between 15% to 20% CBD and normally contain THC levels well below the legal limit. It’s great for those who want to enjoy using the plant and avoid any “head high”. Elektra is a Sativa dominant strain that offers users uplifting experiences along with mental clarity and motivation. Additionally, some people advocate that Elektra is a great strain for relief, relaxation, and rest when needed.

There are several other CBD flower strains and many of them are quite popular in their own right. The above 6 are just examples of popular CBD strains along with a brief description. Here are 10 other popular CBD strains, minus the descriptions.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

One of the most fascinating things about the cannabis plant is the entourage effectThis term was coined in 1999 by the famous cannabis researchers Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat. It refers to the synergistic effect in which all the compounds in the hemp plant work together to provide maximize the benefits of each other. So when you experience the full range of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids together, the benefits of CBD are much more effective.

There is some anecdotal evidence that when you smoke CBD hemp flower, it can curb cravings for cigarettes. This is one of the top reasons why CBD flower is one of the best products to help most people who smoke cigarettes finally kick their nasty habit. Furthermore, there is also research evidence that CBD itself can help with nicotine addiction via the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

It’s important to note that CBD flower is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease that you may or may not have. Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming any CBD product to determine if you have any underlying conditions or are taking any medications that might conflict with your consumption of CBD products.

The act of smoking hemp flower can be a pleasurable experience in and of itself. Some people enjoy rolling their own joints and take pride in the artful skill they develop. Many like to smoke CBD hemp flower because it delivers the pure flavor of cannabis. Other like how smoking hemp flower can help them wind down after a hard day at work. There are a wide range of reasons why people enjoy smoking hemp. It’s time you joined in on the fun, too!

Smoking hemp flower is particularly effective, especially considering that some of the products on the market deliver over 100 milligrams of CBD per cigarette/hempette. Additionally, most CBD products require additional processing after the crop is complete, but hemp flower is ready for sale once it’s pruned and trimmed. Less processing time usually entails a lower price tag.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes, CBD and all hemp products are federally legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act. This piece of legislation established clear rules differentiating CBD hemp flower from marijuana.

Any cannabis flower that comes from marijuana, no matter the THC content, is illegal (in most states). According to the DEA, marijuana is considered a schedule 1 drug. Additionally, any flower with a high THC content measuring above 0.3% is also deemed illegal no matter its source (marijuana or hemp).

Therefore, in order for CBD flower to be considered legal under federal law, it must come from the hemp plant and have a THC level no greater than 0.3%. Always make sure the hemp flower you purchase is equal to or contains less than 0.3% THC. To confirm THC content of a strain, you can always check the third-party COA.

Yes, CBD flower from hemp is 100% legal throughout the United States. When the 2018 Farm Bill passed (December 11, 2018), it became legal for U.S. farmers to cultivate, process and sell hemp. Furthermore, this bill legalized the production and sales of a wide range of hemp CBD products nationwide. As long as the flower comes from hemp and the THC content remains at or below the 0.3% limit, it is legal within the U.S. Always ensure your hemp flower is legal by checking the third-party COA to make sure it does not exceed 0.3% THC.

CBD Flower Processed
hemp flower in manufacturing facility

How Is CBD Flower Made?​

First you need seeds or clones. You can buy the best cannabis seeds online here. Once the buds (flowers) reach full maturity, the next step is to harvest and process them for retail. Processing includes “curing” the buds and “trimming” them. The quality of processing can directly reflect in the end product. Therefore, premium CBD flower should always be manicured to perfection. After all, better quality buds equal more enjoyable smoke sessions. During cultivation, most growers will cure and trim down the flowers into neat little buds for the following reasons:

Here’s how you can store your hemp products to keep them fresh for as long as possible:

Once these hemp buds are manicured and dried, they are ready to be smoked! You can do this in any number of ways, including:

If you want to get top-shelf CBD hemp flower, you need to know what to look for and what to avoid. We’ve put together a simple guide for you right here.

Signs of High-Quality CBD Hemp Flower

Signs of Low Quality CBD Hemp Flower


In addition to our quality standards, we also offer plenty of ways for our loyal patrons to save money on every order. We offer free shipping on all products with no purchase minimum! So if you want to buy one jar of our Delta 8 Gummies or several, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for shipping!

We also give customers the opportunity to save 25% on every order forever when they join our free subscription services! Members can choose from either bi-weekly or monthly deliveries. By choosing this option, you guarantee you’ll never be without your favorite Cheef Botanicals products!

Smoking and vaping are the fastest ways to get the effects of CBD because it quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier from your lungs and bypasses the digestive system. The effects usually kick in within the first minute. Some people feel them immediately! If you need rapid relief, CBD flower is the perfect product for you.

Because hemp is a cannabis plant, the aromas of the hemp buds are extremely similar to the robust scent of marijuana. In fact, the smell of CBD hemp flower can be used as an indicator to gauge its quality and distinguish two strains from one another. Different hemp strains will have unique smells!

Premium hemp flower should smell strong and flavorful, it’s usually a positive indication of a quality product. Although there are some quality CBD strains with less aroma and flavor for those who prefer a mild smoke.

Yes, CBD is well-tolerated by the vast majority of consumers and does not produce any mind-altering effects. There has never been a reported instance of a CBD overdose, and this compound is not addictive. A 2011 study found that a healthy person can take up to 1.5 grams (or 1,500 milligrams) in a single day without serious side effects to their overall health. A potentially toxic dose of CBD, if taken quickly, is approximately 20 grams (or 20,000 milligrams).

CBD does present a few mild side effects. However, adverse effects are very rare, and you should not experience any adverse reaction if you stick to the proper dose. If you do experience these rare cases of unwanted side effects, you can just sleep them off.

We know that hemp flower won’t get you high but what happens if you take a drug test after smoking some? Will the CBD show up on a drug test?

Remember, CBD hemp flowers have very high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) and extremely low concentrations of THC. The standard drug test is designed to search for THC and THC metabolites, not CBD. So it is not the CBD content we need to worry about causing a positive or false positive drug test, but rather the THC.

You can smoke CBD flower as often as you like! We actually recommend taking some form of CBD at least once a day so that it can build up in your system. CBD is lipophilic, meaning some of it gets absorbed into your body fat and stored. When you work up a strong supply of CBD in your system, you can sustain the beneficial effects for longer. Just remember to hydrate for dry mouth!

Hemp flower typically comes in grams, 1/8 ounce packages (a.k.a “eighths”), and 1/4 ounce packages(a.k.a. “quarters”). The price of hemp flower can vary depending on many factors, including:

Yes, you can vape Cheef Botanical’s CBD hemp flower. Compared with joint smoking, vaping is generally considered a smoother and safer way to experience hemp flower.