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What Are THCp Gummies? [A New Frontier in Cannabis Edibles]

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Up to 33 times more potency than THC! Try the world’s strongest edibles today!

Are you ready to discover the incredible potency of THCp, one of the newest cannabinoids on the market? With scientific studies confirming it to be potentially 33 times stronger than THC, it’s no wonder that THCp has earned the title of “the world’s most powerful cannabinoid.” As demand soars for THCp products, there’s one way to consume the cannabinoid that stands out — THCp gummies. These powerful edibles offer a controlled and convenient way to experience the benefits of THCp.


But do THCp gummies truly live up to the hype? Let’s dive in and find out. Get your THCp gummies FAQs ready because our comprehensive guide unpacks everything you need to know about these potent edibles. We’ll also reveal why Cheef Botanicals is the ultimate online destination for THCp gummies and why you should try them right away!



What Is THCp?

Before we indulge in THCp gummies, let’s first discover what THCp is. THCp (also written as THC-p, THCP, or THC-P), short for Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is an extremely rare cannabinoid in cannabis plants that’s potentially 33 times more potent than Delta-9 THC (also written as Delta 9 THC, Delta-9, Delta 9, D9, D9-THC, or THC). We’ll delve deeper into the reasons behind THCp’s high potency later on.


The THCp cannabinoid is so rare that it was thought to not exist in nature until it was recently discovered in trace quantities in 2019 by Italian scientists analyzing FM2, a medical cannabis plant strain. While THC is widely known as the world’s most popular cannabinoid, there is much buzz around THCp’s powerful euphoria. The recently discovered cannabinoid is slowly gaining popularity and has earned the title of “world’s most powerful cannabinoid” thanks to its potent effects.



scientist examining cannabis plant



Is THC-p Stronger Than THC?

Yes, THC-p is stronger than traditional THC. THC-p surpasses THC in terms of potency due to its enhanced binding affinity, up to 33 times more, to the receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This can lead to stronger and more intense euphoric effects, even with smaller doses.


What Is the ECS and How Does THC-p Interact With It?

The ECS is a vital internal system of cell-signaling receptors responsible for optimizing important biological processes that impact overall well-being and everyday health. These processes include mood, appetite, digestion, mobility, and sleep.


Your ECS consists of two types of receptors: CB1 receptors located in your central nervous system (CNS) and CB2 receptors located in your peripheral nervous system (PNS). The CB1 receptors in your brain are the main target of THCp, which binds up to 33 times more efficiently than THC. THC-p’s strong binding affinity to CB1 receptors is responsible for its powerful euphoric effects.



What Are THCp Gummies?

THCp gummies are small soft chews infused with hemp-derived THCp distillate. These bite-sized THCp edibles, typically available in the form of a gummy cube, provide a discreet and pleasurable way to experience the effects of this potent cannabinoid.


THCp gummies are popular choices for cannabis consumption due to their convenient form factor. You can consume them in different settings without attracting attention, making them ideal for discreet wellness dosing. They also come in various natural fruit flavors, making them a more palatable experience than other methods.



How Do THCp Gummies Work?

THCp gummies work by engaging with your body’s ECS. Once you consume a gummy, it is quickly broken down in your digestive tract, allowing THCp to enter your circulation and interact with your ECS.


The effects typically kick in about 45-60 minutes after consumption and can last upwards of 8 hours or more. This provides the convenience of planning your day and activities around your consumption schedule. 



person holding thcp gummies outstretched



What Are the Effects of THCp Gummies?

While the effects of the THCp cannabinoid are still under investigation, your journey in exploring THCp gummies is bound to be fascinating and unique. No two experiences are alike. So, what can you expect to feel from THCp gummies?


Here’s a glimpse of what you might encounter based on the experiences of those who have already tried THCp gummies:


  • Feel euphoria like never before, potentially surpassing traditional THC by up to 33 times!
  • Prepare for a mind-bending shift in perception as time and space take on a whole new meaning.
  • Unleash your creativity with heightened mental stimulation.
  • Say goodbye to negativity as you feel uplifted and inspired.
  • Relieve physical discomfort and melt away muscle tension.
  • Satisfy your cravings and nourish your body with a hearty appetite.


And that’s just the beginning. The benefits of THCp go beyond what we can list here. If you’re a THC enthusiast, be prepared for an exhilarating journey like never before. Delta-9 THC was just the tip of the iceberg — THCp will take you to a whole new universe!



What Are the Benefits of THCp Gummies?

THC gummies have much to offer, providing benefits beyond the desired effects. They come in a convenient and easy-to-consume form that adds to their appeal and provides an enjoyable experience for enthusiasts.


Here’s why THCp gummies are considered the ultimate choice for fans:


  • Easy To Take. THC-p gummies offer a hassle-free choice for those who find other form factors like vapes, tinctures, or flower difficult to use.
  • Precise and Pre-Measured. Take the guesswork out of dosage. THC-p gummies deliver a precise and pre-measured amount of hemp-derived THC-p extract, ensuring you get the right amount every time.
  • Discreet and Convenient. THC-p gummies are small, discreet, and easy to carry, making them effortless to incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Available in Various Flavors. With a wide range of fruity and sweet flavors to choose from, THC-p gummies let you enjoy the benefits of THC-p with a tasty twist that suits your preferences.
  • Gummies for Every Need. THC-p gummies come in various formulations, offering a variety of choices to suit your specific needs. Some products include a combination of other cannabinoids such as Delta-9 THC, HHC, or CBD. Others even incorporate extracts from Amanita muscaria mushrooms into these blends.



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Are THC-p Gummies More Powerful Than Delta-8 THC or Delta-9 THC Gummies?

THC-p gummies are incredibly potent compared to gummies featuring other more popular cannabinoids like Delta-8 and Delta-9. If you enjoy these and other cannabinoids and still want to experience the benefits of THC-p, you might want to try a THC-p gummy blend. Many THC-p gummy blends are available that provide the desired effects and delicious flavors.



Is It Safe To Consume THC-p Gummies That Contain Other Cannabinoids?

Absolutely! You can enjoy THC-p gummies with a mix of other cannabinoids. Alongside the classic THC-p gummies, THC-p gummy blends are gaining popularity among those seeking an enhanced experience.


Some popular blends include THC-p gummies infused with one or more of the following cannabinoids:



These THC-p gummy blends not only contain additional cannabinoids, but they also incorporate non-hemp ingredients. One intriguing addition that is becoming increasingly popular is Amanita muscaria mushroom extracts. These extracts offer soothing relaxation and bring about vivid, lucid dreams.



What Are the Side Effects of THCp Gummies?

As with all edibles, THCp gummies may induce side effects when consumed irresponsibly or in excess. Fortunately, these side effects are minor and typically subside within a few hours of cessation.


Although THCp is a naturally occurring compound, due to its high potency, consumers need to adhere to the manufacturer’s dosage guidelines. Avoid combining THCp gummies with medications or supplements to prevent potential interactions. If you have any medical conditions that could potentially affect your experience, it is wise to consult with a healthcare provider before consuming it. 


Some side effects of irresponsible THCp gummy consumption include:


  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness


Stop consuming THCp gummies right away if you experience any of these side effects. Situate yourself in a calm environment, hydrate, and rest. These effects usually subside within a few hours. However, the key to avoiding these side effects is to prioritize responsible consumption.



person taking thcp gummy cubes out of tin



How Many THCp Gummies Should I Take?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to taking THCp gummies. A good starting point is adhering to the specific guidelines outlined on the product’s packaging, which typically suggest a serving size of one gummy. If this is your first time, start with a micro-dose of about half a gummy or less and gradually increase as necessary.


If you’re planning to try THCp gummies, there are a few key factors to consider:


  • Body Weight. Your weight plays a role in how your body may react to THCp and cannabis. Understanding this factor can help you determine the appropriate dosage for your desired effects.
  • Individual Tolerance. We all have different levels of tolerance when it comes to cannabis. Consider your personal experience with THCp and other forms of cannabis to gauge your tolerance level.
  • Desired Outcomes. What do you hope to feel after consuming THCp gummies? Whether it’s relaxation, physical discomfort relief, or a mood boost, knowing your desired outcomes can guide your dosage choices.
  • Gummy Strength and Dosage. It’s essential to consider the strength and dosage of the gummies you’re consuming. Taking into account the potency will help you find the right amount for your needs.
  • Medical Conditions. If you have any known medical conditions or undiagnosed health conditions, it’s important to be aware of how THCp may interact with them. Consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.
  • Other Medications and Hemp Products. Lastly, be sure to consider any other medications or hemp products you may be taking. Understanding potential interactions is crucial for your overall well-being.


These factors vary for each individual and can significantly impact your THCp experience. But by considering these factors, you can better understand how to make the most of your THCp gummy experience.



Are THCp Gummies Legal?

THCp gummies are federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and hemp products as long as they contain 0.3% or less THC. Although federal law has no issues with hemp-derived THCp gummies, state laws might. Before you purchase and consume THCp products, it’s important to research your local laws surrounding hemp. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase them if local laws oppose the federal government’s stance.


Do THCp Gummies Show Up on a Drug Test?

Although hemp-derived THCp gummies containing 0.3% or less THC are federally legal, it’s important to understand that consuming them could potentially result in a false positive on a drug test. It is worth mentioning that most drug tests specifically check for THC and not THCp.


However, since THCp shares a similar chemical structure to THC, it could potentially result in a false positive if it accumulates in your system. If you undergo regular drug tests or have an upcoming test, it’s advisable to avoid consuming THCp gummies, whether hemp-derived or not. The same goes for other products containing THC or THC analogs.



thc drug test with gummy cubes



What To Look For When Buying THC-p Gummies?

When shopping for THC-p gummies online, don’t settle for less. Follow these quality indicators to ensure you get the best and safest gummies:


  • THC-p Content. The typical THC-p content usually ranges from 1-2 mg per gummy. This may seem like a small amount, but it’s enough to deliver ultimate THC-p potency and guarantees consumer safety for a positive experience that’s not overwhelming.
  • Natural Ingredients. Ensure the your THC-p gummies contain ingredients that are naturally and ethically sourced. Choose THC-p gummies that are plant-based and do not use animal-derived ingredients.
  • Third-Party Lab Tests. Verification of third-party lab tests, usually in the form of a Certificate of Analysis (COA), is vital while purchasing THC-p gummies. A COA confirms the potency of THC-p gummies and may also ensure purity by testing for trace amounts of unwanted substances.
  • Brand Reputation. Only shop with established brands within the industry. Brands like Cheef Botanicals have a history of reliability and consumer satisfaction.
  • Customer Reviews. Find reliable reviews for THC-p gummies from the brand you’re considering buying from. Validated reviews can provide insights into a brand’s reputation and a particular product’s effectiveness. 



Why Choose Cheef Botanicals for THCp Gummies?

At Cheef Botanicals, we take pride in being an industry leader in premium hemp products. And our new THCp Gummies are no exception! We carefully craft our gummies from Farm Bill-compliant hemp, ensuring a powerful and completely legal experience. 


We exclusively use plant-based ingredients that are cruelty-free and derived from Mother Nature herself. Rest assured, our gummies are free from any artificial flavors. You’ll savor a deliciously vibrant assortment of natural fruit flavors that will surely please your palate! Our THCp Gummies undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure transparency and guarantee quality. You can access the test results yourself through our website. 


And if high prices for THCp gummies from our competitors are triggering your blood pressure to spike and causing you to experience psychoactive effects, don’t worry! We offer premium product quality at competitive prices! You won’t find a better deal online from a more reputable company than with us!


Cheef Botanicals Amanita Muscaria Mushroom + Delta-9 THC + THCp Gummies

Experience the ultimate elevation with our Amanita Muscaria Mushroom + D9-THC + THCp Gummies. These gummies combine the powerful effects of THCp and Delta-9 THC to give you an unmatched experience. The relaxation provided by muscimol, the euphoric compound found in Amanita muscaria mushrooms, will have you flying to Dreamland, where you’ll enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep.


Delve into the depths of your mind and unlock your subconscious through vivid dreams. Wake up feeling refreshed and renewed after a mind-bending trip through your inner galaxy.


Our Amanita Muscaria Mushroom + Delta-9 THC + THCp Gummies contain: 


Active Ingredients:

  • Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC) from Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Extract (Aerial Parts)
  • Muscimol From Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) Extract (Fruiting Body)
  • Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCp) from Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Extract (Aerial Parts)


Other Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup, Pectin (Fruit Pectin), Citric Acid (No Sodium Citrate), Natural Kiwi Flavor, Natural Color. Does not contain animal gelatin. 



lightspeed thcp cheef amanita gummies



Final Thoughts – What Are THCp Gummies? [A New Frontier in Cannabis Edibles]

If you’re a fan of THC edibles, get ready for an even stronger experience with THCp gummies, a potent and enjoyable way to experience the effects of THCp. This newly discovered and extremely rare cannabinoid is more potent than THC, with a stronger binding affinity to the ECS receptors in your brain. This can lead to stronger and more intense euphoric effects than THC — potentially 33 times more — even with smaller doses. THCp gummies offer a convenient and discreet way to experience the elevating effects of THCp. They are more potent than edibles infused with typical euphoric cannabinoids, such as Delta-8 THC and THC.


More than just elevated euphoria, THCp gummies offer potential benefits such as relief from physical discomfort, lowered stress and anxiousness, and better periods of rest and sleep, with effects lasting up to 8 hours. Ensure you make the right choice when purchasing THCp gummies by opting for hemp-derived, Farm Bill-compliant products that are legal at the federal level. Apart from legality, consumers should also look for accurate dosages, verify third-party lab tests, and buy from reputable brands like ours to ensure quality and avoid any potential side effects. If you have never taken THCp before, it’s advisable to start with a low dose to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Curious to try THCp gummies? Check out our Shop THCp page now and indulge in these powerful edibles for an extraordinary experience.

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